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  1. I think we need a closer more than mediocre starting pitchers. I would be checking in with Baltimore for there closer!
  2. Really nice article about Dick. Love listening to him and a wealth of knowledge. Visited with him twice at Ft Myers, true professional and true gentleman!
  3. The Giants trade chips would all help Twins, Madison Baumgartner, Will Smith and Sam Dyson. They would cost a lot but you have to give up good players to get good players back!
  4. The Twins have been paying Buxton major league salary to be one of the worst hitters in baseball! Also he’s been on the DL way to much which used up MLB time and the Twins have to eat it! I don’t think the Twins have treated him unfairly. Start producing and EARN a spot on the roster. At this point he hasn’t earned anything.
  5. If he would learn to bunt like Rod Carew, good things will happen for him and the Twins! He should attempt to bunt once a game. Infielders play in more making bigger holes in infield. Infielders hurry there throws resulting in more errors. When he gets on base in a blink he could be standing on 3rd!
  6. You die hard Viking fans don’t let anything go! The way the Vikes play in big games you’ll be mad at the rest of the league!
  7. Thanks Tom and all the TD people for making this a excellent site to keep up with our favorite team, even with tough times for the Twins, you guys keep writing! We may not have the best team in baseball but we have the best and most informat site! Thanks a lot and keep us fans posted going forward!
  8. 5 years at 160 - 175 million should be a good offer! Last season owners were reluctant to spend huge on the players available, maybe a little common sense is entering the system. There are few rich teams that need a ss or 3rd baseman! Philadelphia could pursue him hard!
  9. Great article, explains why it takes so long to recover. Thanks
  10. He should have 2 option years remaining and I think the Twins will be using 1 this year, he needs time at AAA to get some things worked out. He didn't have a great spring, trouble with MLB pitchers breaking ball!
  11. Agree with twinssporto, Eddie can be great! If he can learn to layoff bad pitches and make the pitcher pitch to him his ceiling is very high. Most players hit way better with a 2-0 count instead of 0-2. If he can get some plate discipline he could hit .300 with 28-30 HR and 20 steals. Rosario, Buxton, Kepler should make an excellent defensive OF which will help are meager pitching staff.i
  12. Buxton had a good spring. The ball seemed to jump off his bat. If he bunts a little more to draw in the infield he could hit .290 or better, 25 HR and 25 steals. Looks like gold glove in center with speed and good arm. If all starts to come together for him he could be annual all star. His RBI' S will depend where he bats in lineup.
  13. Berries didn't pitch good at major league level a year ago. He didn't pitch good in world games. Why would he be ready to pitch in the majors now? Give him .time at AAA to work things out and bring him up the end of June if he deserves it! You will also gain a year of control which is important to small market team.
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