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  1. I wish writers would get off the vaccination gimmick. He got sick. So have others who were vaccinated. There have been dozens of worse signings but you base some of your argument with fact he got sick. 

    1. Dantes929


      Are you sure you have the right guy?    I think my only post about free agents was Rondell White.   I don't even know who you are talking about.

  2. I lost interest when they took a knee. Started watching fewer games and found other interests. The George Floyd sign in RF hasn’t helped. When I watch sports, I need no lectures or reminders about any politics, especially from players and announcers. Does every activity on TV have to have a message?
  3. Sano had his turn and is a bust. Give Rooker a decent look and go from there. Does Larnach seem disinterested to you? Poor base running, lack of basic fundamentals in the outfield, Sano-like Ks. Disappointed in him.
  4. Sano has got to go figure it out somewhere else. Except for a homer every 25 at bats he strikes out like a pitcher. Wasted spot in the lineup.
  5. I wish you would also have mentioned their ages at their signing. But thanks.
  6. The time is now! No more prospect hoarding. Any of you old enough to remember Derek Parks? I do. Falvey helped build Cleveland pitching staff. Give this a chance.
  7. They cheated! Find the guilty parties and suspend them. Cheating also prohibits HOF consideration.
  8. If they deaden the ball like it sounds, the Twins will be in trouble. 7 guys with warning track power equals a lot fewer wins.
  9. Why didn’t he bring in Rogers in the 5th? That game was on the line right there. Not in the 8th or ninth. A stop at that time could have changed everything. Think outside the box.
  10. Looks like another great excuse for why Sano had such a slow start and didn’t reach potential.
  11. Molitor is not to blame for any of the failures of Sano or Buxton. He sure got stupid a year after being named manager of the year didn’t he? Those two have been hurt or underachieved since they came up.
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