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  1. Not correct. Only being down by 1 with no outs, it is best for Larnach to attempt to take third on the catch to put him in scoring position.... You have to remember, any capable outfielder catches that ball so I can't blame Larnach for assuming a catch and tagging up. Both runners behind him need to be heads up of that as well. Sano is really the issue, he needs to be looking at Urshela.
  2. This rotation could absolutely implode this year. Gray - Least likely but age could start to show Bundy - Oh boy...... this could be bad Joe Ryan - Should be fine but homers could become a problem Ober - Who knows, these guys seem to get figured out at some point Archer - Complete wild card. None of these guys really scream to me that we have a stopper, or even a good #2. Seems like 3 #3 starters and two #5's (generously so).... God I hope I am wrong but won't be shocked if the Twins are really bad in the pitching department.
  3. Before I say thing, I obviously understand that Buxton is all world defensively..... But man this Kirilloff guy sure makes me excited to see the outfield with or without him.... what a bat! I want him to slash .550/.600/.880 all spring so that I can really giggle when he starts the year in AA.
  4. I believe WAR is position based. So corner outfielders produce more at the plate on average than Catchers. Therefore, Kirilloff is closer to replacement level due to the higher production on the position. Could be wrong though.
  5. Or...... Or..... Hear me out here..... Go out and tell the Red Sox you will take on David Price for 27 mill a year and send them a bag of baseballs and a couple Schweigerts hot dogs and Sheboygan brats. Maybe they are pursuing this and not making noise but IMO an expensive contract on a player that had a down year and looking to give a way is just the type of upside play that can send you over the top. Even if he pitches like a #2, he is an upgrade over Gibson and Perez. It's just money and 3 years, which shouldnt impact signing any of the guys who (hopefully but no guarantee) will be due raises. Trading big pieces for Syndergaard under the assumption that Buxton and Sano are sure fire fixtures is more risky than just paying 90 mil over three years and seeing how it plays out. If he returns to Price form, we have another by low Cruz type play. Risk the cash, not the assets. Plus, just think of all the bad "price is right" puns we get to hear. Bonus
  6. The Purge: Twins Edition Looks like its finally done. Interesting to see what comes of all of this but in the end it had to be done. I don't feel like we lost anything for the future and maybe a couple of these guys pan out. Who knows. Bottom line is you cant win the lottery without a ticket. Ill take my chances when I am giving up expiring contracts. It's prudent, especially when you are selling in the face of 1.5% odds of making the playoffs. That is a pretty easy exercise in value. If one of these guys is a positive WAR guy, it would be worth all the trades if you are only giving up 1.5% chance this year. Tough to swallow but prudent. Let the tanking begin.
  7. HMPFFFF... not sure why you take forsythe back in the package unless it was a must from the dodgers... If so, then that should have enhanced the package. Looks like 19 and unranked.... odd trade. I didn't expect a ton but more than this. Forsythe is just weird.
  8. Speaking of luck. I think we are just seeing a pretty bad outlier this season and I dont believe 2019 is a bleak as others think. Think of what happened this year and the odds: - Lance Lynn has worst year of career - Morrison somehow forgets what he did last year and pulls the complete inverse - Santana comes back 2 months later than expected - Buxton gets injured again (yes, seems more probable but the guy could catch a break here at some point) - Sano still has lingering effects from leg - Odorizzi has almost a career worst year - Dozier is just not Dozier Thats quite the list and way past coming back to the mean for some of these guys. Luckily they are all on one year deals and we can try the same strategy next year. These things happen but I think if you find some FA's next year that dont completely tank out of the norm, this team is a 90+ win team. This year was just a weird year. PS - this is my only glass half full post of this year. Had to get one in
  9. While true on the Lewis luck, I like the frame of mind. It is much more likely to strike gold with these guys when you take a guy that can likely be a top 5 prospect in your system and save money to get guys like Rooker, etc.... But the brilliance is in the fact that they obviously saw the free option with Lewis and that option was that he had the ceiling of something special. It's an exercise in scenario analysis that is expected out of these analytical types. They had a feeling that at worst, Lewis was an athletic CF that could hit for average and steal bases while giving them money to pursue other talent later. This paired with the option that he may actually be the best pick and a stud. This type of thinking is what putting your money in the pot with the best odds is all about and probably why they seem to be killing drafts so far. Time will tell. So luck, maybe. But maybe the idea of putting their chips in with the best shot is actually manifesting in a way that just looks lucky. In short - I dig it
  10. I get the SSS approach for Krilloff, but the big league club can't turn away impact bats. Im not paid to make these decisions but I would move the kid to AA and see if he continues to rake. See if he adjusts in Aug and crushes for the remainder of the season. If so, push the kid up to the bigs for the back half of September. I never understand why we think struggling at a level ruins a kid. Krilloff obviously is a kid that can handle adversity. Push him until he struggles and then reassess. Who knows, this kid just may be that fast mover. But we will never know if he HAS to stay at a level for a set time. FO has been aggressive but the kid obviously isn't being challenged. Every night its 2 or 3 for something with XBH and RBI's. FREE KRILLY - (thats obviously his Molitor nickname when he gets up)
  11. 1.) Where are you from? Small town an hour west of the Twin Cities 2.) Age Range? Early 30's 3.) What brought you to Twins Daily? Wanted a place to read more than just box score recaps. Sarcasm of the site sucked me right in 4.) Highest level of baseball/softball played? High School (Is amateur ball higher? Debatable) 5.) Favorite Twins Player, and favorite underappreciated Twins player, and if you want, favorite current Twins player? Johan/Chili Davis/La Makkkkkina 6.) Favorite non-Twins Daily site/authors? Blasphemy 7.) Favorite Twitter follows? Barstool 8.) Other interests outside of baseball. Golf, Fishing, 9.) Favorite part of Twins Daily... forums, blogs, articles, topics... wahtever you like. Daily Minor Report 10.) Tell us what we can do better. What features or other topics would you like to see in-season or out of season? I would like to see more talk of firing Molitor 11.) Have you been to any of the Twins Daily "events?" Unfortunately no
  12. You lose quite a bit of value and punch with him at 1B. His bat could be elite 3B and would probably be a little above average 1B. (I think) Absolutely you could do it. But I think Escobar will push to start somewhere and likely deserves to. I just do not think its here. You can contingency plan for sure, but I would rather have a go next year with Sano at 3rd and a FA bat at 1B/DH versus just outright moving him. If it doesn't work out, then move him to 1B 2020 and see what you have for 3B options. I have to believe you can find an Escobar replacement in FA. Just for the record, I wouldn't be mad if the Twins kept Escobar. I just do not see him starting here and us being a title contender. We need these young bats to really push the bar.
  13. Understandable, but this isn't a life or death situation. You go into 2019 with the thought process that he will be at 3rd base and you can possibly spend extra money at 1B & DH with Mauer (& probably Morrison) coming off the books. My confusing thesis was, You roll into 2019 with the thought process that Sano is 3B and one of your prospects takes over at 2B/SS with Polanco. You hopefully take your extra money and fortify 1B/DH/RP/SP. You QO Dozier for a comp pick (assuming he does his normal 2nd half bit) and you trade escobar now to maximize value. If Sano doesn't pan out, I think you have a pretty sizable hole in your window. Sano would have been a cost friendly bat to a mid budget team. In the end, you arent making a 5 year commitment to anything, nor have I suggested that. I just meant to say that if your plan to be a contender for years to come is to happen, I have to believe Sano is a very vital cog in that wheel. Otherwise you are stuck waiting for other prospects or spending large at the hot corner..... One of these is nearly impossible as we have seen. So long story longer, I don't believe you should try to keep any of these guys. You roll with your window and I dont think either of these two move the needle. I get keeping Escobar purely as insurance. But if you can get something like a lottery ticket for him. I take it
  14. So maybe this is the wrong area for this, but in looking at this from a perspective of either/or I would look at it this way. I don't want either for 2019.... (GASP) Here is the way I see the year playing out: - Dozier catches fire, as he seems to be getting a groove here. If he continues up to the deadline, I keep him. Rental package wont be much and I would risk the QO path that he declines and signs a bigger deal. I just don't think the package we get back for him for 3 months is going to be better than a comp pick. Teams will always be able to leverage the first half of the year for a discount. - I trade Escobar immediately. His value is high and probably higher than it will ever be. See Ya. Awesome value player but not long term piece. The fact is, this team will only really be a contender for the next 5 years if Sano is at third and some prospect is at second/Short (Gordon or whoever). We are going to need the salary relief since our ownership isnt going to a 200M dollar payroll. Dozier is far to streaky to be taking up long term payroll. I get it, he is a fantastic hitter in the 2nd half but man is it tough to be 8 games back by AllStar week every year. I know we are worried about 3rd base, but if Sano truly is a flop we have much larger issues. This whole window was largely pegged on him being a top 25 hitter. In the event that we would need Dozier and Escobar around in the future would tell me we are very close to blowing the whole thing up anyways. But if you are gonna force me to pick one, Escobar. The flexibility he brings is a huge asset and allows the team to be creative with lineups (whether or not they properly utilize it)
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