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  1. Instead of worrying about past injuries, remember this. Byron Buxton is one of the best players in all of baseball. As noted above, Paul Molitor was very injury prone when he was younger. Nelson Cruz had a lot of injuries and was very inconsistent when younger. Sometimes, just bad luck it’s just that. I think the twins need to re-sign him, because of one thing. When he plays they are a 600 team. He has not come back from any of these injuries a lesser player. If there’s a desire to stay here, the twins should make every effort to sign him. He is a once in a generational talent, like Acuna, Tatis, Trout, Griffey, etc. Even when he doesn’t hurt, he helps them win with his defense. Despite what the fans say, the twins do have a history of signing their key players. Think Puckett, Herbek, Mauer. The Fanbase thought all of them were lost, all of them stayed. We have to ride this out, because it is so rare to get a talent like Buxton, and while Kiriloff, Larnach and Lewis look like they will make it, Buxton has. And remember how electric it was when he came back and beat out a hit, hit a homerun and made a great catch? I am willing to wait for his return.
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