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  1. If the top 7 hitters are gone at 8 hopefully the Twins don't settle for Cross. He had the 4th highest OPS on his team. That doesn't scream elite talent. Take the most upside and don't be afraid of TJ surgery.
  2. Wes Johnson could have announced he was going to LSU at the end of the season. The lack of commitment illustrates a lack of character. If you make a commitment to a team then you follow through with it. On the point that the team could fire him during the season, they would have to pay him to sit at home.
  3. I got vaccinated as soon as I could because I'm older and wanted to take away any death possibility even though I'm in very good shape and have no morbidities. Don't be upset with players making a health decision they feel is best. Be upset with Canada who don't understand that vaccinated people can get Covid and spread Covid just as likely as unvaccinated people. Follow the science.
  4. I really like the top 9. I thought Prielipp was getting knocked down too far before this week's update.
  5. I never mentioned a 5 per cent profit. The S&P 500 increased 30% last year. Stocks have averaged over 8% for decades. A 5% franchise annual increase is not good compared to stocks.
  6. If you think a 5% increase is good then I'm glad you don't manage my money.
  7. The Twins need to base their 40 man decisions based on 2023 and 2024. With Berrios gone, Maeda on IL, and the injuries to most of the top pitching prospects last year there's a slim chance of contending. Surprises can change the thinking in July but at this point protect those with upside potential in 2023 and 2024.
  8. https://www.skornorth.com/wes-johnson-on-twins-pitching-prospects/ Jordan Balazovic Q: Balazovic’s had some ups and downs in Double-A. Where do you think he’s at right now? WJ: We could have left Jordan alone, he would have low walk numbers. We challenged him to throw his changeup more, challenged him to do some different things with his breaking ball. It’s a growing process. There’s times he goes out and feels good, there’s times he’s not, he struggles, and falls behind in counts. I’m personally excited about what he’s doing. We challenged [Griffin] Jax to do some things with his slider. He did it sometimes. Gotta build on those. Same thing with Jordan. We challenged him to throw his breaking ball this way in these counts and he did, we got success with it, now we just got to get it more. We challenged him to throw his changeup 30 percent of the time in the game, he fell behind behind a lot trying to do it, but he started to get better as the game goes on. I’m excited about what he’s doing. Q: What’s Balazovic’s ceiling? Can he be a 1 or 2 starter in the big leagues? WJ: That’s a tough question anymore, especially with today’s game. I think that’d be easier to answer five years ago, three years ago even. Now, I see him being a good MLB starter. Hopefully a tick above average major league guy. If he reaches his full potential and ceiling can he be a 1 or 2? Sure. But I just see him as being a good MLB starter.
  9. He raises and lowers in a quick fashion but after that his delivery mechanics are fine. He probably opened his hips early on the downward plane early in his development and used his herky-jerky to keep weight back before going towards the plate. The Japanese pitchers use a pause in their delivery to keep their weight over the rubber. The key for every pitcher is to be repetitive and their mechanics smooth towards the plate and on time. He's fine. In addition, hitters hate something different.
  10. I will not spend three hours going through every NY Times (no agenda-please) point. Here's the first point: Voter ID (free) or Driver's License Number is required for absentee ballot. Why? Because people who want absentee ballots will sign them with their VoterID or DL instead of a signature. Why? Signature is objective to verify and takes longer. Voter ID or DL # can be verified quickly and can't be rejected for partisan reasons. I just re-read the beginning of the article and I addressed the second point. The first point changes from 180 to 78 days to request a absentee ballot. I don't know the reason and not going to spend time to research if there is a good reason. If not, then it should be changed. The point is partisan people have a agenda and Manfred did not read the bill nor talk with the Governor. If there issues then have a discussion. Please don't quote ACLU as a neutral party. The GA governor mentioned Delta Airlines and Coca Cola legislative representatives had no complaints during the process (only after the left went crazy). Good luck to all. I'm done with MLB. Last post.
  11. I just cancelled my MLB subscription. Here's my email to MLB. I would like to cancel my subscription and receive a full refund. It is MLB’s right to be political and uninformed about the GA voting law and change their policy. However, I have a right to disagree and spend my money on organizations that support the US values of equal voting access and integrity. If MLB was serious about understanding the law, Manfred should have met the GA governor on the law. It takes five minutes to set up a zoom call. At least Manfred should have read the law and point out specifically which aspects are not good. GA law: - More voting machines in minority areas - “Partisan free zone” (which includes water & food from partisan groups) in 150 feet from voting poll - Mandates mail drop off boxes in every voting district - Adds early voting days on weekends - “Sign” absentee ballots by using your Voter ID or Driver’s ID instead of your signature (faster to process absentee ballots) - Free Voter IDs I live in Florida but I find the MLB quick decision to be politically based and not fact based.
  12. Good faith has a lot of gray area. 1. AK is not the best defensive LF (Cave) 2. Rooker was up at the MLB and got injured. 3. Is AK better than a platoon of Cave/Rooker? 4. Maybe the Twins want to use AAA to improve his defensive abilities in LF and 1B. 5. Maybe the Twins are going with the hot bat at the end of ST or not. The Twins could use a few of the above to justify AK being sent down. The Rays did the same with Evan Longoria until he signed a long, team friendly contract. The Twins Front Office needs to put the TEAM ahead of any player. Getting an extra year is much more important than a few weeks.
  13. I wonder if his "knee jerk" motion provides the same benefit as the hesitation movement of Japanese pitchers?
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