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  1. I remember that game. As you said, the last out was a pop fly to first base. What was special about that was that, Vic Power, who caught the pop fly used two hands to catch the ball. He was known for using only one hand to catch pop flys as were a lot of other players at that time.
  2. Minnesota traded Graterol to LA for Maeda. LA traded him to Boston. If Boston wants more they need to get it from LA.
  3. I love this site. The writers have differing views on most subjects. Don't go away mad........
  4. If a player is designated as a hitter are there restrictions on if and when he can pitch?
  5. I'm not in a position to interview Falvey or Levine, but some of you on Twins Daily are. Why not ask them all the questions popping up on this site. Why is Belisle still here? Why isn't Gonsalves up? Why do we keep adding has beens to the team? Why aren't we bringing up certain relievers instead? Some of you are in a position to get these answers for the rest of us. If we had the answers to these questions our subsequent questions would carry more weight.
  6. I'm confused about something. During a game it's the number of pitches thrown that matters. Why is it that for an entire season it's the number of innings thrown. What's worse on a pitcher's arm-throwing 100 pitches in 5 innings or 100 pitches in 9 innings?
  7. I'm intrigued by Jordan Gore. I see he was a 19th round draft in 2017. Another strong addition to our middle infield depth.
  8. Edward Thoma's Baseball Outsider is one of my daily reads. Points things out that I miss.
  9. Wimmers should have been pitcher of the day. He did his specific job better than any other pitcher.
  10. "From where I'm sitting, the league has figured out Kepler. He's a very good fastball hitter but can't hit a breaking ball to save his life, just like Buxton (although he can't hit fastballs either). Ditto Sano. If these are going to be "core" players for the next 5 years, they need to figure that out. Maybe they need to replace Rowson." Remember Torri Hunter had the same problem but the twins stuck with him and he became very good. Sano, Kepler and Buxton are young. Let's be patient.
  11. Relief pitchers also play an important roll in a game. Please add them to your player of the day segment.
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