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  1. Not sure where you are going with this (should the people in charge be the same percentage as players or society?)But this pdf shows the NFL https://43530132-36e9-4f52-811a-182c7a91933b.filesusr.com/ugd/3844fb_1478b405e58e42608f1ed2223437d398.pdf
  2. What is the percentage of BIPOC people that work at TD? Don't mean any offense just asking an honest question?
  3. Not taking a side, in In 2016, baseball spent approximately $30 million on youth development for underserved communities, according to league officials. In March 2015, Manfred appointed former Angels general manager Tony Reagins, an African-American, as the league’s senior vice-president for youth programs. In the past five drafts, 20.2% of the first-round picks were African-American. Five of those 34 selections (Marcus Stroman, Touki Toussaint, Justus Sheffield, Dillon Tate and Justin Dunn) were pitchers. (from an article in 2017) The Dream Series, established in 2017, is operated by Major League Baseball and USA Baseball. This event will host a diverse group of more than 60 high school pitchers and catchers from across the country, in a special development camp atmosphere as well as a showcase for professional scouts and collegiate recruiters. If the Twins care about diversity (they sure seem to by the way they talk, create some new upper level postilions and hire BIPOC people for them, or fire some of the ones they have and hire new. Not meant for you, but quit blaming the fans that have no say in who gets hired and put the blame where it belongs, I am pretty sure 99% of Twins fans don't care about the color of someone's skin who get hired, they only care about winning.
  4. yup, that is why I wrote that part
  5. I don't care who or what the back up plan is at 2b, but I want the Front Office to have the best one possible, this season doesn't have time for the young guys to come in and figure out, or a streaky hitter to get hot. (it does help the Twins that their lineup is stacked, but still)
  6. There is 60 games this year which is approx 540 inning (60 * 9) I want the Best pitchers the most. If I am Rocco I am trying to figure out how to get something like this done to get the most out the best best pitchers Berrios 72 Odo 72 Hill 72 Maeda 72 Dobnak 48 Clippard 30 Duffey 30 Littell 30 May 30 Rogers 30 Romo 30 Others 24 Why would they be worrying about getting Bailey/Chacín/Poppen/Smeltzer/Thorpe innings if they aren't your best pitchers. The relief pitchers should have no problem pitching 1 inning every other game, I understand that that the top 4 pitchers might not average 6 innings a start, but they are smart people and should be able to figure out.
  7. Griffey was great and one of my favorites, but playing most of his career in the ERA of Bonds (7 MVPs) and Pujols(3 MVPs), doesn't it seem weird to put a lesser players name on the trophy? Going on the career WAR list. Ruth - out - I guess for many reasons Bonds - out - PED Mays - out drugs Cobb - out racist Aaron - out amphetamines Speaker - out only played with whites Wagner - out only played with whites Musial - seems like a possibility, but was he better than Williams, probably not. When you have to get this far down the list, I think you the name the trophy American League MVP & National League MVP
  8. So are you saying that players are still taking money to affect the outcome of games? That seems like something that probably should be looked into. You have taken this thread from if Landis should or should not be on a trophy (Which I think most on here agree it would be fine to remove him from an award given by the writers) to blaming him for just about everything bad in baseball.
  9. If Cruz plays 60 games, that would be great, if Sano plays 60 games that would be great as well. If those two have days off, then I think Garver could fill those spots. So no I am not taking them out just to take them out and give Garver those starts. If Garver starts 40-45 that also would be wonderful. I
  10. From my Math Kepler played around 813 innings (including fall league and major leagues) and Garver around 516 (including fall league and major leagues) I agree I want Kepler playing RF for just about every inning this year. I would like to see Garver catch around 35 games and play in close to 50, which means time at DH or 1B.
  11. good article Seth, "Arguably the most important job of a manager - a baseball manager, a store manager, any leader - is to encourage communication and support and empower those you work with" I would argue that the most important job of a Manger is winning and the things you wrote are tools to help you succeed in winning. Nobody cares about that stuff if you are consistently 70 -90.
  12. Just got off the phone with my buddy (mentioned in a previous post) I asked him if they sent out a questionnaire to everybody that is 50% native or above how they would answer a question(s) is the name Redskins offensive, is the Braves name offensive, and the same for the Chiefs, Braves, Black Hawks. He answer was 50% wouldn't respond because they don't trust the white man, 50% would say all are offensive so they could complain about the white man taking another Indian tribute away,10-20% would say the names are offensive because they thought they were, 50% would say the names that aren't their favorite team are offensive. He said he knew his math didn't add up but generally speaking that is how he believes it would come out. So you are right, change all the names and deal with the complaining that comes along with it, if people don't know what is good for them we need tell them what is. (He is a Chiefs fan and said he would never remove the license plate cover he has had for 30 years)
  13. I am going with Garver and Gonzo if it a short amount of time
  14. What if you are wrong and it isn't the right thing? Imagine if you were in charge of the naming of Florida State? I guess I don't think I am superior to the Native Americans so I would never feel I have the right to speak for them.
  15. So we shouldn't take what people say about their feeling as their word, and we should assume what they mean and project what we think they mean? Yup, don't see any issues with that.
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