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  1. I find myself following the Vikings' search for a new coach and GM in an oddly similar way to how I followed the hot stove in November. I'm checking Twitter and other various news and blog sites daily to see who they're interviewing and when they expect to make a hire. Only difference is, the Vikings will probably fill their empty spots before the cupboard goes bare. Anyone else channeling their wasted free agent excitement in similar ways?
  2. Let's not forget two things: One is that the offense is good now, and there's a very good chance that the pitching staff will develop around the time that the offense starts to decline. I know there is a lot of upcoming talent on the offensive side, but we know what we have now, we have no certainty of what is to come. We could have used free agency as a way to preserve the competitive window that has been open for a few years now without leveraging future prospects. We really could have had it both ways, by winning now while also keeping the future in tact. The second is that big additions like a front-end SP or a Trevor Story level SS would most likely be part of the present, and the future. If we sign Story or Correa (I know) to a long term deal they are part of the future and solidify a lineup both now and when the core shifts to the prospects. This would have been a really good reason for a #1 or #2 starter to anchor a rotation that is still in development, like the Tigers did by signing Rodriguez, or the Mariners signing Ray. I'm a little surprised that that never came up, spending money doesn't deplete our farm system, and it leaves us with pieces that could contribute for years. Watching this wait-and-see approach with the pitching staff makes me nervous that we will go from a team with good offense and bad pitching to the exact opposite.
  3. There's a lot of talk about how this team looks in 5 years if we make a move like signing Trevor Story. The offense is better now than it's going to be in 5 years, the window is open now, assuming they can build a rotation. Building a rotation from whole cloth was very doable three weeks ago. I for one am not interested in being an also-ran for as long as possible, let's win in the regular season, and the playoffs (sounds exciting right?). Let's take the next step now. If we have a declining SS in five years because we were aggressive and put our chips in the pot when we were holding good cards, I'm okay with that. This team spent a decade being good enough to be interesting, and folded in the playoffs. The game has changed a bit since then, but one thing hasn't, you can't trot out a #4 starter in Game 1 of the ALDS. We can debate the potential decline of the players we acquire this year, but next year brings a new set of free agents leaving the team and this conversation continues again, especially if we only figure out SS for one year and our in-house options prove to not pan out at SS. Let's make the moves we need to make to maximize our chances while we have a good lineup. This team will get bad again eventually, and going all in will likely expedite that, but let's try to have something to show for it. I would also argue that if we fill the SS hole via FA rather than a trade we don't give up future prospects. I don't care about individual decline if we can win a WS. Isn't that the whole point anyway?
  4. I think signing Trevor Story is the only reasonable pivot after sleeping through the SP market frenzy. They need someone with a good glove to protect this rotation, which currently stands at 1 reclamation project and 2 rookies. They provide better protection for this rotation by scoring more runs, too. Story is the only FA option left that provides both. We can wait on players like Lewis or Martin, or even take a chance on Gordon. These are unknown commodities and are not ML ready on opening day. We don't know know when they will be ready, especially since one is returning from a significant injury. There's a decent chance that none of the in-house options will ever play SS at the ML level Hoping to get Maeda back mid-season is not a strategy. Crossing fingers on lottery ticket SP options is also not a strategy, that's what you do when the question is about depth beyond your starters. This FO went into the off-season with a lot of money to spend, obvious needs, and very clear options to fill those needs without spending prospect capital. What they have after the dust is mostly settled is Baseball Blake Bortles and a whole bunch of "but maybe if..." scenarios. They forced themselves into a situation where Story is the new obvious need. I'm sure they'll offer him 3 years for $45M and act like that was actually going to do it. Then we can hear Falvey recite the word salad non-answer response he always gives. Or better yet, he'll tell us that they made offers and no one wants to come here... and act as if the organization he helms not being attractive to free agents is not his problem.
  5. This makes sense, but also provides evidence that they were nowhere close with anyone else. This deal looks an awful lot like they knew they needed to add someone before the lockout, and so they signed someone that no one else was going to look at until February.
  6. So they were "in on" Robbie Ray, and have been linked to no one else... and then they signed Baseball Blake Bortles. That tracks.
  7. I know this is the part where we all point to previous years and how this FO waits out the market and all that, but this team looks lost right now. The way this season played out they should have been formulating a plan or at least a strategy in August, meanwhile the Tigers and White Sox are executing a clear plan. I'll wait until the dust settles like some of you are advocating, but I'm not holding my breath.
  8. I'm seeing a lot about money and market value, but it seems like nobody is talking about the state of the roster around him. If I'm Buxton, I'm waiting out the front office to see if they're serious about contending before I sign anything at this point. If they get to February with no meaningful additions to SP, SS, or the bullpen, he would be well within his rights to opt for free agency after this season and spend his prime age years with a team that will not only pay him, but will show a willingness to field a competitive team. So far the only difference between this off-season and the previous ones under this FO is that none of the updates about the pitchers going off the board include some hand waving by the Twins about being "in on that guy". I know they won't do anything until after the CBA is worked out, we all know they wouldn't do anything until mid-January even without the CBA hurdle, but the lack of urgency they are showing for massive needs is a bit concerning. Not to mention the fact that every player making more than $5M seems to available in the trade market. Buck should absolutely get paid, but he should also try to win. This FO is talking a big game, just like last year...and the year before that...
  9. I listened to the podcast and fully agreed with you about the payroll. It seems suspiciously as if cutting payroll was the intention to begin with, knowing full well they couldn't openly admit it after the reaction they got last year. There's still a chance they'll spend it in future offseasons, but I'm starting to doubt it. It's funny that Target Field was supposed to bring in star players, and the All-Star Game will be all we get in that regard.
  10. I think Gardy should be given his walking papers. Not because he's a bad manager, I just think it's time for new blood throughout the organization, including the people above Gardenhire in the front office. I just think that if Gardenhire is held accountable for Ryan's complete lack of effort and is ultimately let go, it's just going to make Ryan and the Pohlads look bad, worse than they do already.
  11. This just reinforces my belief that the Twins are carrying beepers when the other teams are using smart phones.
  12. We're embarking upon the fourth year in Target Field, and it's safe to say that the veneer has worn off, which is unfortunate to see in such a beautiful ballpark. The last estimate I saw was $79 million, which means we are quickly regressing to Metrodome era numbers, which completely defeats the arguments and justifications Jerry Bell sold on the public, amid threats of contraction and relocation. I'm not going to say that the team wasn't due for a rebuild, but where exactly are the superstars that Target Field was built to attract? Joe Mauer is an excellent player, and I'm happy to see him wearing the the 'TC', but I personally feel a bit cheated that he is the only player signed or extended who exists on that level. It's one thing to save the money to spend on '14 or later, but with a systematic scaling back of spending on the team, and a general unwillingness to sign a starting pitcher that could stick around longer than 2 years to lay a base for the rotation of the future (Jackson and Sanchez come to mind), it's easier to think that the front office is lowering payroll to return to the "Twins way", which is stale and outdated at best. As a Twins fan I do appreciate the frugal nature of building a team through drafting and development, as well as the growing relationship of a player like Cuddyer and a fan base that watched him develop, but not to see them walk after we as a ticket purchasing public gave the organization what they claimed would prevent exactly that. This is getting long, but the general point here is the mounting evidence that we as a fanbase have been misled, and unless we're in for a massive shopping spree in the near future the front office got us to invest in them, the time for them to return the favor is quickly approaching, if it hasn't already passed.
  13. One thing that we all seem to be ignoring here is that Terry Ryan and the Twins FO don't have any shortage of money, and this mentality of budgeting saving and not spending the money big name free agents are worth for the sake of improvement is entirely self-imposed, and to be honest, flies in the face of the argument that deemed Target Field so necessary when they were stomping their feet and banging pots and pans together to get it. They are officially making ridiculous amounts of money off a building the state of Minnesota put up for them, all the while insisting that we need to keep giving them money by using the All-Star Game as a marketing tool to sell season tickets. Kevin Correia is a colossal waste of money, but there's no reason to think that it should hamper their ability to sign a guy like Marcum or Jackson, it's just that they choose not to spend money. They're not too stupid to figure out the White Sox and the Tigers have solid rotations because they were willing to pay for it, they just think we're stupid enough not to figure it out and just assume that injuries are at fault, or some other kind of bad break. When injuries rear their ugly head next year, is Terry Ryan going to accept responsibility for bringing in two pitchers that went under the knife so recently? It's going to be interesting to see excuses and consequences overlap next year, and I can't wait to hear Ryan and St Peter explain it away all over again. It's really time we stop paying money for this.
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