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  1. I've long been a huge fan and sad to see him go. His truly random injuries robbed him if momentum and I wonder what might have been without Donaldson. I hope he signs with the Marlins, they need offense and have James Rowson. Plus I think he'll thrive in warm weather
  2. A note on the Montas deal, I recall seeing reports that Oak wanted a deal headlined with pitching, so I think that explains this. From a value standpoint, twins could match with Steer, Walner, Raya, Povich. Also MLB Trade Values tweeted that basically all Oak trades don't come close to their model, so Oak is using different assumptions on prospects than the majority of the league
  3. Ideal deadline 1) Trade Larnach and Miranda for Lopez and Bass from Miami 2) Trade Ober and Steer for Montas and Trivino Both these deals meet the value match on MLB Trade Values. Imagine a rotation of Montas, Lopez, Gray, Ryan. All controlable through the end of next year. We keep our top pitching prospects and Royce + Alex. Walner is close to ready and Alex can handle first or LF. We extend our RP and both can be retained for next year. This also buys time for Balazovic, Winder, and Conner and Caterino.
  4. His home road splits are interesting. If we could lead with Walner and keep the majors I'd be thrilled
  5. One of two things not listed. 1) trade Miranda and others for Montas freeing up first base time. 2) trade Nick Gordon for a RP with options
  6. MLB Trade Values two biggest changes were the increases to Steer and E Rod who are now at 14 and 15 respectfully for surplus value. I won't trade E Rod, his kind of damage in fort Myers is rare with you usually able to add 100 points to a hitters ops given the tough hitting conditions. I would be open to Steer, he is a bit of a pop up prospect and doesn't seem like he could profile at SS. Weirdly I think the biggest unknown is how Acala and Maeda are looking in recovery as if healthy they would be the top RP any team could add, Bednar not being traded.
  7. I think we take a prep player in 11. We saved money on day 2, two sign our top two of one of them doesn't sign then while we lose that bonus money we can take our day 2 savings and use it for prep player.
  8. I know some are down on Lee given comments that he may not stick at SS and not convinced by the comments that the bat will play. I would encourage those people to compare the 2015 draft profile of Alex Bergman vs Lee. Lee has same defense, arm, run, but is higher on contact and power.
  9. I see we grabbed a number of Seniors earlier than usual and that we were going with lower ranked or un ranked players, assuming most seniors sign for 10k and normalizing bonus to rank I think we have 1.3mm which would give our second round guy nearly 3mm or about rank 24 money. We can also go five percent over or about 500k and only pay tax, so all in all I am happy.
  10. I'd like Maybe RP Tenn ranked 250 with one of our next two picks.
  11. I hope we get a HS pick even if they want over slot. If we offer full slot, and they refuse to sign then we get pick 9 in a better draft next year, so we would have two first round picks plus comp a as well. Go for Lesko or one of the top 7. Twins don't usually have guys play much that first year, so him having TJ shouldn't delay him. Even if we go with Berry, maybe he becomes the Polar Bear Pete Alonso for us, so I think we'll get talent if we don't get too cute.
  12. I just saw the news of Minnesota's own, Max Meyer, has been promoted to the Marlins. Max went to HS here and college at the U, then was drafted 3rd overall in the 2020 draft. With his debut set for Saturday, I figured to make a post to see if anyone had any good baseball stories about Max. As a U alumni, I remember his freshman year as a closer with the dominating slider. In the CWS when MN was facing Oregon he even faced Larnach. I also recall during his junior year, going to watch him pitch and the movement on the pitches was really something. It was fun looking over some of the scouts shoulders and hearing their comments and exclamations of "wow" Best of luck Max, MN represent
  13. He's fine but not exciting. I know from a probability pov a Michael Cuddyer career is good, but would love upside like how Corey Seagee fell to Dodgers at 8 or 9 back in the 2012 draft.
  14. Conteras is intriguing, Gary could be gone and Jeffers is batting below 200. I think if we could get him and extend for 4 years 18 mm a year, I would do it.
  15. I would have liked Months, statcast is more favorable than Castillo, but the injury has me out. I like Ryan, Gray, Ober, Winder going forward. Next year we add back in Maeda and Padack. I think Archer could play in relief or in a piggy back if the desire is for Balzy, Garland or SWR should join the rotation. Balzy has been rough but it's a knee issue not ark so not concerned long term
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