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  1. Let's try and talk about this without jumping down each others' throats, shall we? Starting to get a little unconstructive the last couple comment pages, imo. Seeing big names leave the team hurts, absolutely. For those eternal optimists like me, we have to finally admit that we really aren't going to win the World Series this year. I like the return on this trade. As Passan said "a massive haul for a year and a half of Berriors" Will be interesting to see what's hit Woods-Richardson the past six weeks. He was having a nice season and then late June everything fell apart. Maybe the Olympics prep messed him up a bit?
  2. Got my season tickets! The question is how comfortable I'm going to be sitting in the stands pre-vaccine. Oh well. Happy to have the opportunity in my adopted home town!
  3. But who is playing where? I don't get the sense that he's saying they won't be on the team, but if there was a pool right now to pick who is starting at shortstop opening day, there'd be some favorites but no "locks" at this point.
  4. Looks like every other team is being cheap and Pohlad-ish. Rosario passed through unclaimed.
  5. "The Sox are... 18-2 against the Royals and Tigers, 12-14 against all other opponents." That is an amazing split. Let's hope it's even more pronounced after this week!
  6. It was reported negatively in 1978. Said one businessman in attendance: "made it clear that although he doesn't have anything against blacks, he sure hates the poor bastards. I can see why he has trouble with some of his players after listening to him talk". That's a quote from the Minneapolis Tribune. There was also a full length article in the StarTribune in 2014 by Howard Sinker: https://www.startribune.com/recalling-ex-twins-owner-griffith-s-bigoted-outburst/257189521/ It was also the lede in an SBNation article in 2014: https://www.sbnation.com/mlb/2014/5/1/5672616/donald-sterling-baseball-racist-owners-calvin-griffith-bowie-kuhn In that article, he is quoted as saying "Why are you writing this kind of article that is so controversial? You are really causing a lot of friction. It's not good for baseball and it's not good for the people of Minnesota. The truth hurts a lot of people. And that's it." There's a whole section devoted to this in a 2012 book: The National Pastime: Baseball in the Northstar State. Author Kevin Hennessy writes: "Personally, I have been working in Waseca the past three years, and it appears that even the most marginal baseball fan is aware of that story of that day. Few obituaries for Calvin in 1999 were run without mention of the Waseca talk being the low point in Calvin’s career, and his life." As to the "saving grace" that he had Latino players on the club, he said this in 1978: "Why do we have colored ballplayers on our club? They are the best ones. If you don't have them, you're not going to win." Yeah, really sounds like he's fighting a blow for racial equality there.
  7. "Banging the drum" might not be the best metaphor to roll out when talking about someone on the Houston Astros...
  8. Remember - Berrios' ERA+ his first season was putrid (53). He's only had three seasons to balance out that average. Since then, he's been at 114, 111, and 124.
  9. On the two-year anniversary of this trade, it was fun (in a train-wreck sort of way) to read through all the angst about Odorizzi. For those wondering, Palacios is still really struggling in the minors, with a .210/.275/.266 slash line between A+ and AA last year.
  10. I want to play the Astros in the postseason, because that means we've beaten the Yankees in the first round and moved on. Now, if the poll had asked who I wanted to play in the first round, I'd go with Yankees.
  11. No matter how many times you say it, this isn't about a "feel good story". This is about the majority of our outfield being injured. Rooker apparently is also injured (and can only play LF), and apparently they didn't feel that Kiriloff was ready.
  12. Just an update - because I haven't seen it anywhere else on here. Tyler Austin was dfa'd by San Francisco. He cleared waivers and was released. Milwaukee has picked him up on a minor league contract. All that hand-wringing when he was traded...
  13. Re: Kepler - "This was his 33rd home run of the season, which moved him closer to the single season record for a Twins outfielder, as informed by our Twins Daily own Ted Schwerzler" It also gave him the most home runs in a season by a European-born player. He beats out Bobby Thompson in that famous 1951 season. AND, is nice payback for getting plunked the night before
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