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  1. don't know if bieber comes out for the 7th, but for the series, cleveland's starting pitcher line is 18 innings, 2 runs. your minnesota twins - 10 2/3 innings, 11 runs.
  2. Paint, paint (strike!), paint, paint, oh crap 3-1, man on first nobody down, meatball, oh crap, that was aaron judge...
  3. Innings 1 - 7 Twins 49 Guardians 24 Innings 8 - x Guardians 24 Twins 9
  4. I would be pleased with any of those guys, depending on the cost of course. This is a sleeper pick, but Reyes Moronta has closer stuff can could be available.
  5. Not sure what the analytics say, but batting Kepler behind Urshela is sheer genius this game.
  6. Seems to be a very reasonable deal; a bit curious why he didn't pitch another year and then roll the dice.
  7. I was hoping someone would write up the analysis - thanks Cody. I question whether the value of the position - catcher - has increased in the Moneyball era; whether more catchers will be elected versus earlier eras.
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