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  1. Be interesting to see in ththe coming weeks if theres noticeable changes to pitchers with a new pitching coach.
  2. This is my favorite article every week. Just because I'm unable to listen to every game. It gives a good breakdown the past week on whose hot and low and what we should complain about or excited for.
  3. The Twins are trying to be the Tampa Bay Rays with a bigger budget.
  4. Until Keplar proves his bat is back I would move him to 8th in the batting order. While switching Gio and and Sano as well.
  5. I'm not sure if the past two trades will be good or bad, I dont have a crystal ball. But I do like seeing the FO being aggressive in getting players they believe in. The defensive shift is going away in 2023 it's going to be important to have players up the middle to have some chops. We have 3 or 4 potential stud pitching propects coming the next two years. It's going to be important to have veterans on the pitching staff to be mentors and role models for the young guns.
  6. A good or great defensive team is very underrated in baseball. If the new guy can play at an gold glove level and hit a little over league average, this will be a win for the twins. Garver was great but the guy just couldn't stay healthy.
  7. It's taken management a few years but it finally looks like we have a bunch of homegrown talent getting ready to get their cup of coffee. Its going to fun to watch the next three years how these players progress. The twins future looks bright! Thanks Seth for the list.
  8. Before trading Buxton the Twins should negotiate in good faith with him over the winter. Hell put him LF before he can prove he can stop hitting in walls full speed. He finally proved himself at the plate this year!
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