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  1. I think the Twins should play this all the way to the deadline. This team is an enigma with great offense (that sometimes doesn’t show up), two frontline starters (but the rest are sketch), and a weak bullpen (that at times has over performed). Right now- they are probably the ninth or tenth best team in the league, and we need more information on where this team will go before we push the chips in. That being said, if we can open up long term extension talks with Correa, I would be all for it. 8/280 I would think would get the deal done and he’s young enough where we will get plenty of prime years.
  2. Getting rid of the juiced ball of 2019 was a terrible idea. The two basic "renaissance" seasons for baseball in the past 25 years were 1998 (Home run race) and 2019 (juiced ball season) where fans across baseball were actively engaged. For a sport that is becoming increasingly unpopular, it's unimaginable that you can't see that more home runs means more money for MLB.
  3. I just don't see them being active in the pitching trade market unless a no-brainer hits them in the face like in the Odorizzi deal. We have an over abundance of 2B/3B's right now, but I dont think anyone is trying to bail on any of them right now so who could really give us back anything meaningful? I'm very curious if we could see stacked starters next year with some of the young guys. The minor leaguers I think will be plagued for a second year with lack of workload, but could see valuable experience in there rookie seasons potentially being stacked in the same game with another guy. 1) FA/Trade Acquisition (I would not be shocked if they did a one year deal with Pineda since next year is probably a washg anyways). 2)Bailey Ober 3)Joe Ryan 4)Dobnak 5)Jax (5 innings)/Barnes (4 innings) for all nine innings OR Jax/Winder for all nine innings I think the stacked starts could be really beneficial for young guys to get controlled innings each game, while also giving the bullpen some relief. It's also pro analytics considering it would limit young pitchers from going three times through the order. Balazovic could be ready by the middle of next year as well, which could shake some things up.
  4. I think it's hard to speculate on Polanco's raw leadership skills since so much of the spotlight has been drawn on Cruz for the past few years. That being said, he has a chance to shine being the offensive leader of the team right now. Also, the critics who wanted to trade him this trade deadline are out of there minds. Polanco may be on one of the most team friendly deals in all of baseball over the next few seasons. At this point, there's little reason to suggest he cannot maintain a 3-4 WAR average per year. For the people worried about Arraez, I think you'll see Donaldson either moved to another team or to DH. Arraez will probably be your long term 3B.
  5. It sounds as though there was no market for Simmons at the deadline, which does not come as a surprise with a .560 OPS. My thoughts on Pineda is that Falvine stuck to there high return guns similar to how they handled Cruz and Berrios. This totally worked in those cases where the Twins received premium returns. My guess is the Twins were asking for a 6-12 prospect and no one wanted to keep giving the Twins an overpayment for Pineda. My initial reaction was similar to yours in that this could be a miss. In reflection though, the overall strategy Falvine had at the deadline was excellent, so I don't blame them for keeping it consistent.
  6. I think these points are not anything to be too worried about at this point. Contact: I don't think it's overly surprising for Martin's strikeout rate to increase being thrust straight into AA. He's more than held his own at AA as a 22 year old and think his offensive profile as an OBP machine has not changed. Let's get more of a minor league sample size without the injury before we worry too much here. Impacting the Baseball: This to me will be something to keep an eye on, but I think it's still too limited of a sample size (including the hand injury), to overly speculate with. If he can get to Starling Marte level power then he will be a very helpful player. His college exit velos were excellent, and there's no reason one year away should change that perception too much. Keith Law mentioned that his swing with the injury has caused more of an inside out swing, which naturally would create less power. Let's see where things go once the hand injury heals in the offseason. Defense: I think we have a tendency to over analyze defense on these forums to the point where we begin playing a player who can't hit just for the sake of SS defense. I think Martin has a lot of utility (like Arraez) to have defensive flexibility at CF/2B/3B/LF. He does not profile well as a corner outfielder, but would still be a great addition for days where Kepler/Larnach need a day off. Polanco and Arraez will probably be in the ballpark of 3+ WAR players for the forseeable future, but leveraging where they play with Martin could create an incredible top of the lineup. Even if we re-sign Buxton, we know he will miss time so this is a nice player to have who can be a 2-3 WAR swiss army knife who may be a slightly better version of Arraez. In my opinion, Martin (like Arraez) fits a huge need for the future offense in having table setters for our power hitters. The 2020 and 2021 Twins have had issues with having to out-homer there competition, which to me is not good baseball. I think Arraez, Polanco, and Martin will be excellent future compliments to the way Falvine wants to build out the middle of the order, and I don't think these shortcomings listed by scouts are anything to be too worried about at this stage.
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