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  1. I go back to sneaking into games at met stadium. The first player that I fell in love with was TONY O. However Harmon was close. Harm was already a star when they moved to Bloomington but Tony was this player that seemed to be unstopable. Glad to see him get elected to the hall.
  2. Thank you Buck, it’s gonna be fun to watch twins games for the next 7 years. Win or lose, to be treated to watch you play baseball will bring joy to twins fans everywhere.
  3. Minnesota has a chance to have 1 superstar on each of its pro teams. Jefferson on the Vikings, ANT for the wolves, and BUCK for the twins. I could add Kaprizov with the wild. I believe every team needs that star power for the joy of looking forward to watching that player. I know I watch the twins game because I can’t wait to see him play. Each game he seems to make a run saving catch,or get a big hit. For myself and I imagine thousands of other Buxton fans, if he’s traded there will be no reason to go to the games or even watch them on tv. Please don’t let this one get away.
  4. Love the idea that pat reusse is able to determine bucks feelings. He’s one of player on this team with a positive future. Trading him would be the last straw for me with regard to supporting the twins.
  5. Keep berries and Rodgers and you can draw the rest of the pitching staff. Seriously, should shoemaker and colome be part of any major league team?
  6. The only reason to watch the twins now is to see our only all star play. Please give us something to get excited about.
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