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  1. Agreed. Even though 99.99% of my childhood baseball card collection has no value, the warm and tingly nostalgia vibes they provide are nearly priceless.
  2. Inspired by the National Baseball Card Day article, i figured I'd start a sports card thread. Did any of you get back into this during quarantine? Or have some of you never quit? I got back in during the height of covid. Mostly vintage stuff, though i bought a few boxes of newer stuff. about 90% of the stuff i got was vintage basketball, though i did delve into some Twins stuff. I picked up some cool AK rookies, as well as Royce Lewis. I also picked up some Byron Buxton stuff hoping this would be his big year (whoops!).
  3. Yuuup it would be a pretty big collection of blue chip prospects making a move. But man, talk about a statement that you're not messing around when it comes to winning a championship ASAP. I would've included Rogers in place of Theilbar but obv he's off the shelf for the foreseeable future.
  4. I'm sure it's already been discussed and I just haven't seen it, but is it possible to offer Cruz a QO?
  5. Rosario can't be on another team soon enough. Dude is just never gonna get it.
  6. Random thought, when was the last time the Twins made a trade with Cardinals of any significance? I can't think of one in recent memory.
  7. Hahaha yeah i surprised myself. But for some random reason i was thinking there was a woman from the F/M area that posted. I can't remember how to long divide, but by god i can remember BYTOers from 12 years ago lol
  8. Did you happen to live in Moorhead MN during the BYTO days?
  9. Shoot i forgot about vervehound. was he one of the guys that was kind of plugged in to the minor league teams (back when that info wasnt so readily available)? How about jwescott(sp?)? He ever show up anymore? Or Kobs?
  10. You'd better sound off or you're gonna get one non-refundable boom daddy to the chin!
  11. Can you imagine what the responses to a thread with this title would've been at BYTO?
  12. Haha whoops that was supposed to read trade Milone, not Duffey. And unless I missed something, do we not have the option to edit our posts?
  13. Sounds like the Twins found their 1st basemen for AAA next year. Here's hoping he can rip it up in the Int'l league.
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