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  1. No "fixing" need to hire a TOP NOTCH pitching coach and coach these guys up. Also need to stop relying on the analytics so much ... these guys are athletes and competators... LET THEM PITCH.
  2. I think that we are talking about at least 2 different things. Choosing to have a small payroll and just making money off the MLB TV contracts and the draft are completely different animals. 1. League should have a higher floor for mimum payroll.. period. But that has to be bargained and wasn't. Players issue not bargaining that. As long as that stays in place and is not changed. The teams will continue to do what they have done and changing draft format is futile. But.... 2. I would go even further with the lottery... and suggest it for NBA also... All non-playoff teams are in the lottery. 1 ping pong ball per team. Period. Why? Teams have really no incentive to tank. If team 15 gets the top pick it helps them faster. Last place team gets it fine but if all have the same odds .... would be great TV drama watching!! Last and didn't want to go there but.. your suggestion for a draft tourney? WELL - YUCK! Watching the worst teams in baseball during playoff time battle it out? NO THANKS. In fact would promote teams to be one of the bottom teams at the end of the year to get some TV time and free publicity... Not a good idea.
  3. Rocco has dealt with a ton of injuries and that has not helped the situation... That said... his complete misuse of the bullpen and lack of understanding "when" to make a pitching change, a GLARING lack of fundamentals, terrible situational hitting, the worse in the league baserunning and basically a lack of disconnect to "winning baseball" ... his days should be numbered. Can't stand the disconnect to "real" baseball knowledge and the "metric way". Metrics are a nice tool but is not the end all with making baseball decisions. He clearly does not understand that as evidenced by his ongoing and continual choices. Argh!
  4. You have to give quality to recieve quality... I would be more inclined to deal Winder than Simion-Richardson.. he has terrific stuff and has mid to upper rotation ability. Steer has been great but he is blocked at this point .. where is he fitting in? I would do Winder, Steer and a lower level pitcher or lower level bat to go with him... both... 2 ready made MLB guys and 2 lower level guys should do it. NEED an ace which we clearly don't have... Ryan and Gray are good pitchers but are both #3 starters...
  5. Just got back from a baseball trip that included a Marlins game which Pablo pitched.. He is very good and would be a good addition to this staff ... depending on the cost.... given his injury history. Knowing that he will be high on many teams wish list it isn't going to be cheap.
  6. Am fine with him moving on... not sure who will fill in but his misuse of our bullpen drives me nuts. Hopefully the new guy will use the bullpen smarter.
  7. Completley frustrated with our use of Duran and Pegan as well as the others!! As they say "pick a lane"!! 1. Duran should be the undisputed closer... period. ONLY used 1 inning. Drives me bonkers ... use up Duran for 2 innings... 1st inning dominant... 2nd inning gets hit same with Pegan. Not only that but we hancuff our team by doing that. You burn one or both and they are not at thier best the next outing. So... can't use for the next day.. How about use Pegan as primary setup.. Duran as primary closer... move on.. PLEASE...PLEASE... this is not rocket science... Metrics .. schmetrics... this is dumb!!
  8. And with what ever we get in a trade we are not winning the WS next year... Play to win this year and let it play out...
  9. Thanks ... heading there in July... nice pregame....
  10. Hopefully he does well... that being said AAA batters vs the show... night and day. Has to hit his spots and keep the ball down...
  11. Not sure why you didn't explore trading him... Could have .. should have included him in the SD trade and taken Hosmer back... Am SURE they would have done it.. Get his name out there get what you can and move on. He may flourish somewhere else... who knows but he clearly is not getting it done here.. Cut bait...
  12. SD not giving back a top prospect as already gave up a starter (they could now use) and a decent bullpen arm. Likely a very young guy or an older prospect to clear room in their system for up and comers. Morejon would make some sense as he has not stayed healthy... lottery ticket with upside. Big young arms or older ones with 2 pitch ability for the pen would also make sense.. to many options to actually have a clue... but my shot in the dark... but... old guys that fit... Steven Wilson 27... Ray Kerr... LHP actually would make a bunch of sense for bullpen.. Young guys.. Susana would make sense and be a great get... !! Jagger Haynes.. LHP.. coming back from TJ.. projectable project...
  13. Quality Move.. both baseball wise and business wise. Paddack will be in the rotation.. period. Who gets bumped...? has to be Bundy or Archer... both have had success in the past but are coming off tough or injury years. Sorry Ted.. Ober leaving the rotation makes ZERO sense. He is one of our core pitchers for years to come.. Bundy and Archer are lottery ticket rehab guys. Bullpen will be fine... high end arms and I think Duran slots right into the closer spot and stays there for the next 5 years... and dominant.
  14. Twin's will wait for more teams to trim down and see if they can find an arm that way.. Then figure out we need to trade for a good arm and give up a few prospects... Would be good with Manea for less of a price and let the youngsters get one more year of experience. Other thing is we NEED to prove to Correa that we are serious about contending or he will walk...
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