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  1. Buxton is a tough one... has played at superstar level for about 2 months of his career but it is clearly there. Guy can't stay healthy so understand the Twin's view. Not sure what the answer is. Giving him a monster deal would not be my answer. Trade him to a NL team for top prospects would be my first choice if can be done. Atlanta for Waters and Muller... would get it done for me... or something like that
  2. All three trades are "light" in return coming back as far as I am concerned. Add 2 more decent young prospects (pitching) to the Toronto trade. 2 for 2 and we give them 2 proven high end players. C'mon. HAVE to get more. Am fine with Groshans and Woods... but have to add a couple more arms in low minors... have to get arms... Can't see SD looking for Pineada... rumor today has them in the running for Berios and Taylor... Gore, Thompson and Mears... Mets... also looking for Berrios.. Got to get pitching back .. Baty, Matt Allen... and Lottery tickets from thier low minor leagues.. Is a sellers market for pitching .. controlled for another year.. better get a great haul.... !! Think Tampa Bay.. when they make trades they get quality AND quantity...
  3. This is not rocket science.... Our offense is fine.. 5th in the AL in Runs scored.. that is not the issue. We have given up 300 runs ... the most in the AL and 2nd worse overall. Overhauling the offense is not the issue. We need to improve our pitching. We have some very good prospects.. let's see if they can help.. No reason to wait. Let's let the youngster's grow up... It's time.
  4. Should have done my homework on that statement.... there are other prospects that would be better than Shoe... give him the boot!
  5. Meeting LOW expectations is a great way to be a bad team... 100% sure Duran would be much better and may even spark some wins.
  6. We are a dozen games in... complete over reaction. Catching position for us is a strength. Calm down.
  7. Like Bailey he a lottery ticket/throw away guy. If he pitchers well awesome.. but...Not likely.... if not ...they are biding time for one of their up and comers.... no lose.
  8. Just give "special K" the job and be done with it.. Not sure with Chicago as good as they appear to be we should not put our "best" out there from day one.
  9. Umm that was 5 years ago.... #2 upside? What you smokin' Willis? If it was a minor league deal I would be fine but a major league deal? With all the options out there he is the pick? Yikes! Front office has done a great job so they are due a mulligan... this is it....
  10. My guess is that Garlick won't be around that long either as teams adjust and FA are signed and players DFA'd... would guess that they will be looking for another pitcher for his spot when the dust settles....
  11. Gotta love the strength and depth of our minor leagues... especially the pitching.. SO important to continued success at the major league level....
  12. Worth a call but likely the price one way or another will be too high...
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