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  1. Couldn't agree more. Not sure anyone wants to pay more than 35M for a punchin judy shortshop with a good glove though.
  2. I dislike Magill as much as anyone here, but Carlos cost us this game with the first pitch pop-up.
  3. Well said. It's pretty glaring when you have Gladden asking Rocco to bring us world series win and the team responds with their flattest most lifeless effort of the year. (and that's saying a lot) BTW, a though Correa could hit.
  4. And that as they say is that. I'll check in again when the Twins score. Hopefully before Labor Day
  5. Two singles and 65 pitches for a guy who would have trouble getting the St Paul Saints out. WTF?
  6. The whole 3rd time through the lineup thing was originally intended to be used in the context of a 7 game series. I think everyone realizes that except for Twins brass. We're seeing what happens when you try to manage a whole season that way.
  7. Anybody going to the game tomorrow? Curious if there will be any Kepler jerseys with an electrical tape 0 -
  8. Add Fulmer to the list of pitchers this staff has put their mark on.
  9. I don't mean to whip a dead horse, but I as recall, the Angels don't win because they can't pitch.
  10. Sadly I don't think last night cracks the top 5 gutwrenching losses for the Twins this season.
  11. I think the Twins are trying to become a free agent destination for middling starting pitchers. Come to MN where you'll never have to throw more than 5 innings or 60 odd pitches whichever comes first.
  12. Hopefully some of the Twins were paying attention to how the Angels just did that.
  13. 52 pitches for Archer. Better pull him Roc. You must have 6-7 bullpen guys need to get work in today right?
  14. 79-83 third place. Probably not bad enough to necessitate an overhaul of the coaching staff, but one can dream. At least all the guys they picked up at the deadline, save for Fulmer, are under contract through next year.
  15. By chance would anyone know what the record is for blown multi-run leads in the 9th for a season? Throughout the history of baseball there have been teams that have won 100+ wins in a row under those circumstances.
  16. Lopez was a guy the Orioles got in the minors and made something out of. I was hoping it would take a bit longer for the Twins staff to ruin him.
  17. This is a phenomenon that goes back to that wild card game against the Yankees in '15. Every time the Twins score they give up a run or runs in the next half inning.
  18. I'll say this, this would've been another crushing loss, but we didn't lose so...
  19. Hopefully we won't have to repeat that exercise in the 10th
  20. One thing this team is great at is wasting lead-off doubles.
  21. All the deadline deals and Pagan and Megill are the first two out of the pen? I thought the object was to win games.
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