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  1. It will be interesting to see how Eddie does in these last 1 or 2 games since the Series is now basically even because the Braves do not want a game 7. No matter, I am sure he will always remember the 2021 season as one that took a nice turn for the better in his career.
  2. Being a hitting coach in the Major Leagues is like a pilot with a private license and a piper cub teaching Chuck Yeager how to fly a supersonic jet. All you have to do is nothing if the player is hot and say "you're due" if he is in a slump. If the offense goes in the tank it gives the brass someone to fire. Remember that 90% of baseball is half mental as some random Hall of Fame catcher once said.
  3. I actually had 4 years of Spanish in high school and 2 more after that but now my vocabulary is shot. I certainly was not being critical and last night he did it again quite possibly keeping the Braves from a game 7 against Sherzer. Easy NlCS MVP.
  4. Oops. Can't believe its been that long since Gardy days.
  5. These are the playoffs and Astros won that game pretty handily so not a bad idea to give the pen rest for the game(s) ahead. It did seem that Rocco had a very short leash on his starters in many games this season and what could have been wrong with letting them try to work out of some trouble. Many games the Twins box score looked more like a football roster than baseball. I think Rocco thinks he can manage his way to a victory. The record kind of refutes that unless he managed the home runs in 2019.
  6. My apologies to Eddie and Ron. Glad you pointed that out. Right now Braves fans could not care less if he gave his interviews in Pig Latin. As Teddy Roosevelt said, "Speak softly and carry a big stick.". I hope he doesn't break that bat that he has become so fond of. If he does, maybe the bat boy has made him another one.
  7. How about Eddie last night. 4-4, 2 homers, game icing 3 run homer in 9th. Eddie said when he hit the second homer needing a double for the cycle, there goes the double. I am surprised he still interviews through a translator. Didn't Gardenhire teach him English?
  8. All I know is that whatever moves are suggested by the would be GMs on this board, the Twins group of researchers will study their spread sheets and do none of the above. Probably sign another "framing" catcher and say "Now the entire pitching staff will improve because the square root of pitches framed and called strikes x pie with a factor of 3x the left fielders ops = 20 more wins depending on which ball parks they occur in.
  9. Last night was a joy to watch and that slide was amazing never mind the walk off hit.
  10. That is coming up with some names for sure. Red of course went on to manage. O'Connel I flat have no recollection. Chuck Cottier and Felix were classic good field (if that) no hit. Definitely a weak spot with Del Crandal, Johnny Logan and Joe Adcock rounding out a hard hitting infield/catcher.
  11. I think the performance level has little to do with metrics and a whole lot to do with athletes in all sports today being bigger, faster, stronger. Plus the days of showing up for an afternoon game with a hangover are long gone. Reminds me of the Mantle story when he showed up at game time totally wasted not planning to play that day but did have to pinch hit. Hit about a 500 foot home run and had no idea how.
  12. I am suggesting that I am having some fun with this. I do have the opinion that all of this reliance on ....metrics garBAGE has gone way too far and overall has not been beneficial to the game or acquiring the best baseball players.
  13. I know it does no good to dwell in the past. My main point is that I was glad to see Eddie in that situation. When Acuna returns to the Braves Eddie will probably be on his way to another team; that team being not the Twins. I do hope he sticks another year with the Braves. The Braves are my favorite NL team. Guess why? It is because when I was a kid they defeated the hated Yankees in the 1957 World Series and had a 3-1 lead in the 58 Series but managed to lose. Those were some teams with Aaron, Matthews, Spahn and the rest.
  14. Great to see Eddie Rosario come through with a big hit for the Braves yesterday and be with a team capable of actually winning a playoff series. Letting him go along with blowing up the pitching staff has the Twins where they are. I can hear the chuckles now; fine. There was something about Rosario in left, Buxton (when available) in center and Kepler in right that just seemed to work. Now the outfield is the result of throwing darts with players names at an outfield on the wall.
  15. I looked further and noticed that they no longer have any scouting positions on their org chart. The head of research position requires a masters in sabermetrics and proven ability to evaluate talent (or not) without ever seeing the player. Only rows and columns of numbers are available for making evaluation decisions. Previous experience necessary does not include having played the game or being knowledgeable about the game in general.
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