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  1. Who do you think is more upset now; Twins fans or Yankees fans? I would say Yankees fans whose team just set a record for consecutive LCS losses. Not a whole lot of consolation but it is a fact that the only fans not disappointed are the WS champ's fans. The real question as the "starts at the top" thread pointed out is can there at least be a stated goal to field the best team possible and win as many games as possible? Unless there can be demonstrated proof that there is, the only solution is at the gate. Big money thrown on free agents is not necessarily the answer. Development of young talent and effective management at all levels seems to be deficient with the Twins and teams such as Tampa, Baltimore and Cleveland show that good competitive teams can be fielded if those responsible for scouting, player development and coaching/management at the Major League level are competent. By the way, hiring an analytics team is not a replacement for the ability and execution of the players on the field. They are humans, not robots in a video game.
  2. It starts with the crazy notion that Buxton, Sano and the $35mil wonder at SS would be the core of a productive lineup. That is classic off season la la land. Then the season starts and those wascally games that count are played and the whole thing falls apart almost immediately. The existing analytic centric brain trust is unable to cope with any of this and spreadsheets can't play so the lineups that are sent out to compete on a daily basis are a hodge podge of no names and minor leaguers who don't even have cards on the market. No one can name the lineups for the Twins because they don't have a lineup. Possibly the worst team in the league at seasons end. The fact that Buxton is STILL penciled in as a reliable starting center fielder for 2023 says it all. I guess he is supposed to be less injury prone as he gets older.
  3. Forget 2023. Just scrounge for the best young players they can find. Actually draft a player whatever their number in the draft that can actually play for the team at some point. Reduce prices at Target and don't try to pretend that they are actually trying to contend unless the opposition hands it to them. Fire the manager as the big move. Baldelli will never lead them anywhere unless they mysteriously set a home run record again. At least the Guardians made it past the Rays after being stated as no threat to the Twins on this board. Just goes to show what a bunch of no names can do with good leadership (see Terry Francona).
  4. Congrats to Arraez for the title but trolling the Yankees because he edged out Judge takes a little edge off. Try beating the Yankees on the field for once. I have to admit that the Arraez as a take off for the Judge "All rise" is cute but the Twins have absolutely nothing to crow about for 2022 especially where the Yankees are concerned.
  5. I originally was at the 80-85 mark but was "fooled" by the great early start and revised to 90+ because they were at a point where playing .500 ball would easily get them to 90 wins. I remember a series close to the All Star break when they lost 4 of 5 to Detroit and they were never the same after that. Won't be fooled in 2023.
  6. Will they finally realize that Byron Buxton cannot stay healthy and trade him while he has some value? Do not even consider him as the starting center fielder. Will they stop pretending that they are contending for a Central title and are in a total reconstruct starting with the lot and the foundation? Don't expect more than 60-70 wins next season. Will they fire Baldelli just to do something and let that be their big move for 2023? Don't pretend that there is a clue as far as player acquisition is concerned. No one on the current roster is untouchable. j Bring in anyone who has a chance to play and maybe blunder into a diamond in the rough. Are they willing to pay half of Correa's salary to play for another team because that is exactly what they will have to do to get rid of him. No one else will come close to $35mil a year.
  7. The fact that this thread was started over a year ago, and based upon the record and lineups they have literally pieced together in 2022 the answer is obvious. The home run argument is hilarious and proves that day to day consistency and fundamentals is what wins, not some magic formula. Twins have hit almost 50 more 4baggers than Cleveland. Check the standings.
  8. Correa is a good major league player. He is not a $35mil/year player and never should have been signed for anywhere near that amount by a team like the Twins. Did they expect him to single handedly take them to the promised land? I bet no one else claims him for what he thinks he is worth unless the Twins end up paying for a good chunk of his salary to play for another team. Kind of like paying Street Clothes Buxton I am sorry to say.
  9. I don't know why anyone would "hate" the White Sox or Guardians. Evidently everyone but me is too young to remember the 1959 Sox team with Nellie Fox, Louis Apparicio (sp) and Ted Kluzuski among others who dethroned the Yankees who were winning the AL every year. I always got a kick out of Harrelson as an announcer. He was humorous and gave the Twins and other opponents credit when deserved. Not so much when he played for the Red Sox against the Twins on the field. At least now the final series against the White Sox will probably be for second place in the Central which should make Ron "I hate second place" Gardenhire very happy. Twins still have a chance to finish 3rd.
  10. You are right; they are not MATHEMATICALLY eliminated from post season CONTENTION. They are just eliminated from playing any more baseball in 2022 after the final White Sox series. They are also realistically eliminated from actually being in the playoffs in 2023. The roster has been basically destroyed. The one bonafide major league player they have that doesn't stay on the IL and would start for another team is Correa and he has to be traded some how or the other. The entire roster has to be overhauled. Rebuild is an understatement.
  11. Fine; go into 2023 with no major changes from 2022. Just don't pretend to be anything biu a team that HOPES to stay around the .500 mark and has no serious interest in anything to do with playoffs never mind success in the playoffs. Thanks to Correa, there will be no major player acquisitions. As far as thread title is concerned, Baldelli should be fired solely on the way they have closed out this season. Just show up and play. Winning or losing makes no difference. That is all on the manager. Baldelli does seem to rely totally on the analytic numbers and is comfortable that as long as he does that winning or losing makes no difference. Next year should be interesting with the radical shifts eliminated. At least fire the entire analytics staff since they are really to blame for feeding Baldelli the wrong information.
  12. Might as well predict 162-0 for 2023. I've heard of making lemonade out of lemons or glass half full as opposed to empty but this is end all world poverty level. Funny thing about the off season; it eliminates that nasty obstacle called competition. I tried to be optimistic when they were 5 games out and big series against Cleveland ahead. Unfortunately for the Twins, those "awful" Guardians had other ideas. I don't want to hear the term "injury" and Minnesota Twins again in the same sentence. Buxton, Lewis, Sano and Correa (for other reasons) had better all be gone in 2023. Enough is enough and forget 2023.
  13. The way Baldelli uses a pitching staff there should be no rotation as such. Just have the entire 10-12 man staff take turns on who pitches the first inning. This team needs a total rebuild and should concentrate solely on run production and a position player lineup that can at least be half way reliable. There is not a single position in the entire lineup that is a player that would be substituted by another team for who they already have and that includes Correa who is being paid like a superstar and performs like a merely better than average player. Thanks Failvine.
  14. You forgot Lopez who anyone could see was just another average or below pitcher who the Orioles said thank you very much for trading for him and Carlos Correa the $105mil shortstop who was acquired out of pure desperation just to make a move and who I am convinced ruined the club house whether anyone wants to admit it or not. Failvey and Losevine have to go. Just stay on the golf course.
  15. The thread just snapped. See you in Ft. Myers as the record resets to 0-0. Twins have manged to go from first to worst in the same season. They may be the worst team in MLB playing today. Time to completely start from scratch. Sano is gone, Buxton will never play a season and a $35mil/year SS is what they don't need. I would rather see a team like the Pirates who made no bones about starting from scratch than a team like the Twins who pretends to contend every year. 2019 was an outlier and what did the geniuses do that run the team? Completely destroy the roster.
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