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  1. Yes they did. This team refuses to be swept. And pulled the starter after 4 innings and less than 70 pitches. I am beginning to think that Baldelli doesn't want his starters to get credit for a victory except for Berrios. A .333 winning % is fine, just don't get swept.
  2. Was that the play where he was deprived of a home run because he missed first base while rounding the bases? Bottom line is as long as the human element is involved don't expect perfection and more and more don't even expect logic.
  3. What is with this current breed anyway? Mickey Mantle ran over a sprinkler head in his prime and played many more years on a knee that would have this bunch whining and calling 911 because "it hurts". Look at the NBA playoffs. These guys are all over developed, over weight trained and it has destroyed their durability and if something doesn't feel right the nurses come running from all directions. The players are now viewed as huge investments with lawyers ready to go and not as professional athletes whose job it is to show up and play.
  4. All of this is/was very predictable. My question is, what is accomplished by sitting him or playing him at a lower level? Another injury is inevitable so just play him when he can play and put him back on the il when he can't. Its not that complicated. They act like this is the final injury and once it is 100% mended Buxton is good to go for the rest of the season. Ha Ha Ha. Fool me once.....you know the rest. When its contract extension time make him an offer and let him walk.
  5. So next time out maybe Maeda will get 77 pitches. Mean while 10-0 last night and on to another unheard of starter. So far the only thing the Twins have done on the winning side is avoid being swept. Can they keep the no sweep streak alive? Almost like the playoffs.
  6. So the next guy comes in and essentially loses the game. Who came up with 76 pitches? Did anyone bother asking "Hey how do you feel?" Can you at least start the 5th inning? Being a starting pitcher in MLB is the best job in all of sports. Basically be paid multi 9 figures to sit on your backside 99.9% of the time and be treated like a rare piece of pottery.
  7. Partial from rv78 ".....to pulling starters when they are still effective, probably only based on pitch counts...." Simple question for Rocco; Why did you pull Maeda after 4 innings? Or, in other words, Why did you pull Maeda after 4 innings? I assume he was asked this after the game but I missed it. It seems that only Berrios has the ability to go more than 4 or 5 innings according to Baldelli. Please, just stop managing.
  8. You can't fire the team (not saying Baldelli will be fired but he may decide he needs to spend more time with his family after this season.) so you fire the coach/manager. What else is new in pro or big time college for that matter? Its just a fact that this Twins team like several others has a knack for losing games one way or another. Even though the pitching is mediocre neither do they have the ability to put hits together or get clutch hits among the few they do get. If that isn't enough, throw in some key defensive lapses just for kicks. The hope was that the from out of no where 9th inni
  9. Then something like last night happens. Luckily Yahoo has highlights. This team should be called the 911ers. When the light at the end of the tunnel is the proverbial oncoming train then they manage to pull out a victory or sometimes even 2. Problem is you have to watch for 3 plus hours to see 10 minutes of bliss even in last night's impossible finish.
  10. Not just Twins' followers have stopped watching. MLB is in big trouble with the pitching dominance and all of the strikeouts and long low scoring games. Twins are actually 9th in team batting average but what difference does that make? Evidently none. Hard to believe they actually trail Detroit in the standings. Berrios and pray for rain. Tonight its Happ with his 5+ era which just won't cut it the way the game is today. Nothing to suggest that the Twins will not continue to hover around the .400 mark for the rest of the year. They are off of the pot.
  11. I can't (well maybe I can ) believe that 2 errors opened the gates for the Yankees and it seems that in some games Baldelli keeps running pitchers out there until he finally finds one that fails. Every game from now on, this team is hanging on the precipice and on the verge of falling off. Tonight is must win. Where is Pedro Ramos?
  12. Ok..you averted total disaster after losing the Os series and dropping a 14-5 mess to the Royals by salvaging a split in that series. Now 6 at home starting with 3 with a slumping team from New York that has their own problems. So are you going to let those Yankee uniforms scare you to death again or are you going to actually win a series and maybe even win the entire home stand? Just asking.
  13. I think a fair question to ask the decision makers in the Minnesota Twins organization is; "What was your goal for the 2021 season?" PR goals stated to the press don't count. For their sake, I bet the behind the scenes goal was simply to field a respectable team but not a serious "deep into playoffs" team. It almost seems like they are hoping that 2 AL Central titles merit a honeymoon season in which they can give the younger players enough playing time to see what they really have down the road. It is obvious that Sano and Buxton are not the mainstays they hoped they would be and free agency
  14. Pretty hard to get the work in when they have had about 1 day off in the past month and a half. The lineup is the problem. The talent level has been decimated since the '19 season and that is all on the bean counters and suit and tie (excuse me golf attire) clowns in the non playing jobs. They have assembled a cast of no names , and underachievers. Berrios is the sole player on the roster who puts the Twins in the "should win" category and that is every 5 games.
  15. Partial from Dodecahedron......"We all know this Twins team has ample talent to hold its own in the MLB, yet they are not stepping up......" And this talent is comprised of exactly which players? I watched most of the entire Os series because I get MASN in my market which carries the Os. The only established upper tier MLB player on the roster is Donaldson and he is still in the journeyman category who plays MLB level defense (as long as the shift isn't on) and has power( POTENTIAL). Name one other playoff winning talent on the entire roster. Polanco? Sano? Street clothes Buxton? (I am s
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