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  1. Per Brock Beauchamp "........But really, ownership across baseball is pretty rotten. ......." Not just baseball. Many pro sports owners seem to regard owning a "major league" franchise as simply another diversion to go with yachts and jets. The huge amounts of money now involved have totally distorted the simple mission of winning games whatever the game is. The win loss record is now nothing but a by product of huge bureaucracies and varying interests that go way beyond what takes place on the field. By the way, Sano played a great first base last night in the second game and I liked Pyrzensky's (sp) commentary. Need a couple like him on the team now.
  2. The Falvey/Levine/Baldelli Twins ARE now 63-81 thanks to yesterday's debacle highlighted by BS Colome a Falvine-Levine trade mark. Today 2 against the Indians. I wonder what the new Twins ARE will be. Really don't understand all of this historical analysis. I remember the 1959 Senators who gave the Yankees fits. Evidently that hasn't carried over and yesterday's blown 5-0 lead says more about this team and management than going back 4 or 5 years can ever do.
  3. Yankees one game out in the WC race. They are the tight team. Just play loose and win.
  4. This thread is all over the place deep in the weeds. As Bill Parcells said, "You are what you are." End of story. The Twins "are" 63-80, .441 well into the Falvey - Levine era. Going back and making comparisons does no good. This team is theirs and theirs alone and they clearly have made a bunch of incorrect evaluations. Maybe as Ron Gardenhire once famously said, "I (in this case "they") know nothing about pitching". I will say that when they set the record for home runs in 2019 and 2020 when they played the easiest schedule in the history of MLB were clearly aberrations. Their playoff results, or lack thereof, were proof of that.
  5. Let me make this perfectly clear. I hope Ryan is a mainstay for the Twins' staff long after Cruz has hung up his cleats. The Odorizzi trade, be assured, is nothing over which Rays brass has lost a second of sleep and if the Twins' pr department wants to highlight that as showing the brilliance of the FO staff, so be it. Meanwhile, how about a sweep of the Indians tonight and go for those 75 wins as a springboard for 2022.
  6. As far as Ryan is concerned, I was paraphrasing the Twins Daily post. They must think that Ryan is still in the minors and averages just over 90mph. I did think that Ryan was on the Twins roster and I do hope he does well tonight. Meanwhile, Cruz is on fire with the Rays so the "fleeced" aspect is bogus. As far as Odorizzi is concerned, I repeat what good did he do them and Twins obviously thought the same as Tampa. This year 6-7 4.28 era. Hardly a fleece job. I just thought the TD post was a feeble attempt to shed some positive light on a mediocre at best Twins FO just as this thread was active.
  7. Twins Daily just came out with a hilarious cya, "Did Twins fleece Tampa twice?" One was getting Odorizzi. Qustion, where is Odorizzi now and what good did he do them? Second was getting Ryan for Cruz. Cruz hit a tying home run for Tampa yesterday who went on to beat the Red Sox. Ryan is kicking around in the minor leagues with his 90mph fast ball so he had better be another Greg Maddox. Tampa is in first place. Twins are in last place. One of the worst cya..s I have ever seen.
  8. A classic example is the Washington Nats who traded their best pitcher to the Dodgers and can't keep their second best pitcher healthy. Yesterday they paraded a bunch of relievers out against the Mets and they all were bringing it a 95-100mph. Never heard of any of them. Where did they come from? Ask their FO. Any more the game is not about the players. Its about Rizzo vs Falvey.
  9. Signing one super free agent only messes up the club house due to one player making as much as 10 of the other players but it rarely makes a huge difference especially with a starting pitcher who "suits up" once every 5 games. (Unless, of course you find another Ohtani). Teams like the Yankees and Dodgers who sign every free agent in sight still aren't in first place. Guess who are in first place. Rays and Giants who have drafted wisely and traded wisely. The phrase "their pitching additions" could have been left off of the title. Put the ? mark after the word "misevaluate".
  10. I wonder if the current regime is even aware of the information in some of the posts on this thread. I just hope they do something that shows they are interested in chasing the White Sox in 2022 as opposed to short term first aid. The classic was the big signing of Castro as the off season move to address pitching problems because of his "framing" ability.
  11. I didn't even read the article but the fact is that baseball fandom is different than most any other sport. A true fan has to be able to enjoy a competitive team and realize that every team can't win the World Series and 162 games is a lot of games. A simple truth is that for every win there has to be a loss. Unfortunately, fans today expect their team to be a playoff team every year which is a mathematical and logical impossibility. Sloppy play, poor decisions and lack of effort should not be tolerated and that includes the entire organization not just the players. Look at the Mets situation with Baez who gave fans a thumbs down because they booed. I saw the game on TV that precipitated that after he had a very lackadaisical at bat. The Nats announcers said to just pitch the ball anywhere and Baez would swing at it which Baez did and walked back to the dugout as if he could not have cared less. The Twins seem to be playing well overall now and if fans can't simply appreciate that then they aren't real fans.
  12. So the great arms they supposedly have are connected to fragile psyches? Much better to put them in those situations next year in games that might mean something.
  13. I have a question for Rocco and the FO. Why in samhill to you keep thinking that Colome is a closer or any critical situation pitcher? The tone for this whole season was set when he blew the opener against the Brewers and he hasn't let up since.
  14. After the last 4 games (I know, they really don't make much difference) I would say that, in the remaining games, accomplish the following: Get Buxton back in the lineup and as much PT as possible Evaluate, evaluate, evaluate so that off season decisions are as productive as possible. As of now not many more games left than the Grapefruit schedule so consider that there are about 80 games to determine what to do for the 162 that follow. Keep number 11. Everyone else is negotiable
  15. If the Twins can get close to 80 wins this year after literally giving away a bunch of games and trading away their best starting pitcher and best hitter it would give reason for optimism next year. Simply showing up for the next 48 games accomplishes nothing.
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