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  1. All this talk about how to deal with Byron Buxton is, frankly, hilarious. What part of 1987 and 1991 don't current fans understand? My guess is that many members of this discussion group weren't even born then and even those were very unusual seasons with a great HOME FIELD advantage that was deemed to be a huge problem. Buxton will never play 7 more seasons plain and simple. Just to sign him up to keep people happy would be a huge mistake. As far as 1987 and 1991 are concerned, forget about that happening again for decades if ever. Just enjoy the game for what it is and hope for something better than a sub .400 winning %.
  2. I can't see why Buxton could possibly expect more than to be put on semi probation loaded with incentives and then go for a serious contract after the 2022 season. Knowing the Twins, they will probably buckle and make an offer he can't refuse simply because they have no roster to fall back on. Best case would be for some other team to make an offer the Twins can't refuse but that won't happen. Empathy for Buxton and his injury situation is appropriate but this is professional sports and being available to actually take the field is kind of important.
  3. I hoped they would do nothing but this is pretty close. Cruz was gone after 65 games anyway and he really was of no use to this team. There will be no accountability for the 2 pitchers they traded for even if they turn out to be a complete bust. What you would call a totally safe transaction when they felt like they should probably do something. Probably negotiated while they were waiting for a tee time.
  4. The bunch that runs this team has made bad decision after bad decision and looks like they have created a perennial loser. So now they are going to start making great moves? I think the less they try to do the better. Just go play golf.
  5. Sorry, sometimes my tongue in cheek (actually often) is misunderstood. I was trying to make a point that it was ironic that this thread would be posted the day after Berrios went out for the 7th and proceeded to go base hit, hit batter, wild pitch, home run and lose the game without getting a single out. Now that is interesting.
  6. Its all very simple. When any Twins manager wins MOY honors he should be fired immediately. I think one key managers' role is to try to set an image or attitude for a team on the field and his presence in the dugout should be kind of menacing to the other team. Most of the best managers seem to have kind of a lurking or "don't mess with me" demeanor. Baldelli has none of that; just seems to be disinterested almost from the games I have seen on TV you would never know he was there.
  7. Is that why Rocco left him in last night long enough to self destruct? Even Berrios can't go 7 because "that is the way the game is played today".
  8. After the Detroit series just completed and in particular being shut out twice, they are obviously neither contenders or even pretenders. They are "contenters" as in being content to simply run the season out. The season is now totally in the hands of the non playing employees.
  9. Good news, 1 more day's rest. Bad news less rest later. A split tomorrow is no good. Too late to tread water.
  10. It would be nice if these discussions were taking place after Buxton had actually been on the field for, say, 10 games. I know that is a lot to ask. I posted when he came off the IL the last time that I hoped he could play 50 of the remaining 85 games or so. 2 games later he sticks his left hand in front of a 90+ mph pitch after slipping and falling in the batters' box in the previous AB.. This is not injury prone. this is a walking ems training exercise.
  11. As far as "the way the game is played" now is concerned with <5 inning starts not being uncommon, launch angles and <than Mendoza line batting averages being ok as long as the 4 baggers are there, can't wait to see how the bull pens hold up in the post All Star game season. Also seems like RBIs are a very important stat now that batting averages are in the tank. What happened to the all important on base percentage? No wonder Mauer retired.
  12. I will say that baseball is probably much more difficult to evaluate young talent unless they are not just head and shoulders but head and waist above the rest. Gets back to making it simple and trying to win every game one at a time and not looking too far into the future starting Friday with 2 more against Tigers.
  13. Per Brock "... Languished" is an overstatement....." I looked up "languish" and it is a more dramatic term than I thought. There is a definition along the lines of being forced to remain in an unpleasant place. I was using the word along the lines of treading water or not really making much progress.
  14. As far as draft choices are concerned, having early picks is one thing. Making the right pick is another thing. If its been mentioned I apologize but Twins had the overall #1 pick in 2017 and that pick has languished in the minor leagues since and is now injured. I know he was right out of high school but they had the first pick in the whole draft and that was the Twins' choice.
  15. If nothing else they can play the rest of this season by trying to get used to winning again. If they can't make the playoffs themselves I hope they can mess up a couple of other team's aspirations. Being a spoiler can be fun and helps looking forward to 2022. Everyone do their best to improve their individual play.
  16. What has to be considered, in my opinion, is that at the MLB/NFL/NBA level, there really is not a huge difference between winning and losing. All of the participants have talent or they wouldn't be at that level. 10% improvement in the right area can result in a bunch of wins. Every win is one less loss (how's that for analysis?). How about winning 60% of the games against Tigers, White Sox, and Royals for the rest of the month? Get to about 5 games below .500 with August and Sept. left.
  17. No question the first 89 games of the 2021 season have been disappointing. However the Twins did manage to avoid total disaster by walking back from the edge of the cliff with a 5 game streak and finishing pre All Star with a 4 game sweep of the Tigers when they absolutely had to at least win that series. So what do they do now with 73 games left and on a 72 win pace? Many trades and other moves have been suggested but the main question is do they go all out and try to salvage a .500 or better season or do they strictly look ahead to 2022? Even dealing with the possible return of Byron Buxton is not simple because it may be best to sit him for the rest of the year. I do wish they would play Sano in the great majority of games because the plan for him was not to be a platoon player. I personally would like to see them try to win every game and do what they can in the off season unless they get an offer they can't refuse. The rest of the July schedule could get them in range of the .500 mark. If not maybe go to plan B.
  18. Not complicated enough. How about UPOPSPSR. Uniform plus on base % plus slugging plus spin rate. Baseball now reminds me of an economics class I took; Money and Banking, which had terms like "marginal propensity to consume".
  19. Per Leviathian...." Arguing it's not a thing, when it quite evidently is....is foolish and strange. ....." Usually when people delve into personal insults during a discussion it means they are very defensive or have a personal investment in the side they are taking. I never said that the laws of physics don't apply to baseball which you have apparently read into my posts. I am saying that geeks sitting in front of computers creating graphs do nothing for the game and are partially responsible for another thread regarding the demise of the game's popularity. If it makes you happy, I will say "uncle". Have fun playing the game on your computer.
  20. Baseball was invented sometime in the mid 1800s. Considering that the equipment that makes it possible to measure things like spin rate wasn't even available until very recently, it truly is amazing that the game has survived for nearly 2 centuries. Too many people trying to impact the game from off the field very much to the detriment of the game on the field. Just "play ball".
  21. If they would just spend more time working on their spin rate the rest would take care of itself. Just kidding. Fact is this whole team is very erratic both on the mound and at the plate. I don't think Rocco helps by constantly changing lineups. Not really good news but this seems to be an overall year of mediocrity except for the Babe Ruth guy that plays for the Angels. Cubs just lost 11 in a row. There really is not that big of a difference between winning and losing. I don't think the Twins have had a single player get "hot" all year. They just seem to muddle their way through the games half way expecting to lose.
  22. What point? Its 3&2, 2 outs, bottom 9 bases loaded, tying run on 3rd, winning run on second. Pitcher thinks to himself, boy I better have my spin rate up on this pitch. Ever heard of paralysis by analysis?
  23. I believe they have lost the last 2 Berrios starts due to no faullt of his. If the Twins don't win today and win this White Sox series at home the season is over. I do believe that Baldelli's constant line up tinkering, over use of the bull pen and over reliance on all of the....metrics junk should have him on a very short leash.
  24. My point exactly. There is no need to have graphs and analyze the fact that water is wet. It just is. A pitcher being concerned with spin rate is like me being concerned with whether the water is my shower is wet. No benefit to be gained whatsoever. Just pitch or turn on the faucet.
  25. Brock said in regard to my last post; "Frankly, I don't even understand why you're bothering to argue this point." I am not really arguing the point, I am saying that it is a useless point to make. Do you think Nolan Ryan cared about spin rate? Do you think Walter Johnson cared about spin rate? How about Tom Glavine, Ron Guidry, Bert Blyleven, Greg Maddox, Bob Gibson. Hey Mr. Pitcher, you had a bad outing last time. We need to work on your spin rate. Just more useless geek trivia that has been sold by the geeks that make all the equipment so that it can even be measured. Maeda's spin rate must have been way up yesterday. My guess is that it wasn't. He just pitched better.
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