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  1. As has already been addressed in other threads, the rest of this month is key. Luckily a 1-0 victory similar to earlier games this season saved then from being swept by the Guardinians and got them tied for first instead of 2 games back. The Colorado series is kind of scary but may be a blessing to play on the road and loose. Then the make or break 5 games at Cleveland in 4 days to close out the month. Really is a brutal run of games with the next off day not until July 7. .500 ball through all of this is most that can be expected but it could be much worse.
  2. What is disconcerting is that the Central schedule was supposed to be the path to the Central championship. Now it seems to be the big obstacle starting with losing 4 of 5 to Detroit and now the first 2 to Cleveland at home. This could be the beginning of the end and first place already in the rear view mirror. Baldelli has wrecked the bull pen with his refusal to trust the starters to even go 5. Hey Rocco, your spread sheets don't get tired arms. And to paraphrase an ex player and White Sox broadcaster, "If the Twins lose to the Guardians (I love that name, moderator ) tonight this season is OVER".
  3. All I know is that Castro was brought in for his framing ability and it was the Twins that got framed. Why add a better pitcher or 2 when you can bring in a catcher that will improve the entire staff? That was the Falvey/Levine "pitch" to explain their big acquisition. Season tickets go on sale now.
  4. Totally off topic but, being from DC I also follow the ex Redskins, now Commanders, after being called Football Team. Maybe these "Native American" names have actually been offensive to some but the replacement names are very hard to swallow never mind get used to. As stated many times I follow the Twins as being the "Old" Senators. Now that name was offensive.
  5. Excuse me; I meant Guardians. Forgot Cleveland was an expansion team. Should not be a problem. Reconvening on 7/1 is a good idea.
  6. You are not worried about the Guardians when they are the team that is 1 game back and they play the Twins 8 games in 10 days to close out the month? Maybe you are correct but unless the Twins win at least 5 of those 8 games you may be disappointed. There is something about this Twins team that makes it seem they are always on the brink of a tail spin. The rest of June should either dispel that or confirm it.
  7. You are right, he should have read the geeks' spread sheet. That part of my post still stands including outfielders carrying cheat sheets with them when they take the field. I am totally against all of that bs as well as qbs with head phones in their helmets in the NFL. Why wasn't the Astros stealing signs considered to be analytics? They were simply using technology to gain an advantage. By the way, the best teams still seem to win, the game is what has suffered in the process and might as well be played by robots. May the best robot win.
  8. Maybe Baldelli in 2019 did instruct the players to hit as many home runs as they could. If he hadn't it never would have happened. As far as injuries and hodge podge pitching is concerned, name a manager who doesn't have to contend with either or both.
  9. 2019 doesn't count because Rocco did not "manage" the all time MLB home run record. 2020 doesn't count for obvious reasons. No question that Baldelli manages by the numbers and almost seems to detest starting pitchers in that he seems to relish yanking them before they can qualify for a win. I will say that the way the game is played today the list of pitchers in most box scores is almost as long as the "non pitchers" and more and more the non pitchers are asked to pitch. The classic example of analytics gone wild was a few days ago when Girardi intentionally walked a batter with a 1-2 count (playing the percentages as he said) to get a lefty on lefty matchup and the ensuing batter hit a game winning home run. Managers today don't seem to even watch the game, they just run the numbers sent down by the geeks behind computers many of whom have never played the game.
  10. Assuming they win the Central, we all know what the elephant in the room is; that first playoff series. The team needs to focus on the next game as in Seattle again tonight and go ahead and win the series just for kicks. As fans, we can start worrying about the first playoff series in October. Playoffs? Playoffs?
  11. Is this the same as previous thread "Is this team legit"? Legitimate contender is redundant. Contender is contender. If they split the final 101 games that gets them to 85 wins. I think what gets them to 90 is that they have yet to hit on all cylinders. I will go with the 90-94. Winning 2 of the last 3 series means a lot and could/should have won all three. Dog days lie ahead after the Indians/Guardians marathon to close out the month.
  12. I admittedly am on the senior side of the ages on this board so maybe I am simply behind the times. However, I have no clue as to the viability of this discussion and the fact that there are 100 plus replies. The Twins-Yankees thread appears to have little or no interest. So my conclusion is that this board is a vicarious GM experience for many members and actual game results and competition are of no interest. The comment that was made about Baldelli not giving starters a chance to go 6 innings is the most relevant I saw and last night was no exception if anyone was paying attention.
  13. Go ahead and win the series. Why not? Yankees outfielders looked lost last night other than the great throw to the plate. Good to see Buxton back in form.
  14. Hey Killebrewlover, that's where my Number3 comes from. Anyway, all I ever hoped for was not getting swept in any of the out of division games this month. So they have a game to play with after winning 2 in Toronto. Losing 4 of 5 in Detroit definitely diminished breathing room. I am much more concerned with the 8 games in 10 days they have against the Cleveland team as the month comes to an end. Please just at least split the next two against the Yankees as getting swept ruins any mojo they may have left. Rocco, throw your analytics spread sheets in the trash and play your A team all 18 innings the next 2 games.
  15. Whatever is being thrown out there won't happen. Correa has the right salary. Just teach him to pitch and install Lewis at SS where he belongs. Problem solved. Twins playing the Yankees tonight but its much more fun to play GM with some down the road trade that will never happen.
  16. I'll leave roster management to the "GMs" on the board. All I know is that everyone was concerned about the Toronto series to the tune of about 100 posts and look what happened. Meanwhile I was concerned about the Detroit series and look what happened. Sometimes its better to just look at the forest and not worry about the trees, I jokingly said that the Twins might score 10 on the Jays in game one with a depleted roster. I was wrong; they only scored 9. Thank you very much. Look out Bombers.
  17. Right now this team has no identity with a hodgepodge of lineups that are unrecognizable and a manager that absolutely will not allow a starting pitcher to go more than 5 innings even after giving up 3 hits and 1 run in a must win, yes, must win game. Losing 4 of 5 to Tigers is inexcusable and symbolic of the malaise with which this team has been playing for decades now. Only the home run barrage in 2019 interrupted that and the FO geniuses proceeded to dismantle that team. They are now fodder for the upcoming schedule and the Central lead is in jeopardy. Having said that they will probably put a 10 spot on the Jays tonight (or not).
  18. Baseball is unique because the only "matchup" that counts is pitcher v hitter. For the most part Twins can't hit their way out of a wet paper bag. The lineups are so unpredictable with the Twins that the question really is unanswerable. If it was the Twins A lineup actually performing at or near expectation the "matchups" would be very competitive. However chances are that won't happen. I just hope they avoid getting swept. Main thing is beat the Tigers this afternoon. This obsession with the out of division games is perplexing since they are now having problems with the Royals and Tigers.
  19. Instead of worrying about 3 games in a foreign country for post after post I am much more concerned about the final 2 against the Tigers today and tomorrow and 8 games in 10 days against the Cleveland Indians (excuse me Guardians) to end the month. What happens in between hopefully will be a don't get swept and move on. Rocco juggles lineups so much anyway that what happens from series to series really doesn't make much difference. If everyone was healthy and available it wouldn't change Baldellilitics.
  20. At least his .207 average doesn't glare too much in the current state of hitting in MLB. Most hitters have perfected the art of swinging at strike 3 and heading back to the dug out after a typical ab. I am afraid, however, that Buxton's best days are in the rear view mirror along with Miguel's as the 2 hopes for the Twins' future fade into the limelight.
  21. I'll put it another way. Who cares about the Toronto series? It shouldn't matter and if it does it doesn't make any difference. I wonder what the price of tea in China will be next week.
  22. Minnesota Twins Bullpen Minneapolis, Minnesota Ask Rocco, he uses more relievers than a bottle of Tums. Bottom line is the staff has over achieved for the most part and its time for the bats to catch up. The 1-0, 2-1 games are over. If they don"t split today/night at a minimum the season is over. Now is time for the good teams to start getting better and the others to find their rightful place in the pecking order. Injuries, Correa (who loves $105mil, excuse me, Minnesota) with Covid not good signs for this team that could come unraveled very easily. Today will be a great indicator.
  23. How they do in the 5 games in Detroit determines how important the Jays series is. Simple as that. I would like to think that winning 1 game in Toronto is perfectly fine. This is a tough run of games period and no off day including a double header makeup until a week from today. Then its to some team in NY for 4. I just hope they win at least 3 of the 5 in Detroit and have some breathing room. They probably need to essentially sacrifice one of the Jays games depending how the pitching staff holds up in Detroit.
  24. Twins are right at the top of the big heap that exists below the short list of elite teams. The scary thing is that their margin of victory is very slight and easily converted to losses as in the last 2 games. 2 runs seems to be a norm other than a few outliers. Last night 2 runs on 12 hits. Correa has not been clutch whatsoever though his average has crept up. Then Rocco steps in and pulls the starter after giving up 2 hits and 80 pitches. KC scores 3.... ball game. Real answer to the thread is ...remains to be seen.
  25. The time line is there for all to see. Buxton pre injury and Buxton post injury. From mid .300 average (can't expect that to last anyway) to current .202. I guess the notion that just having him available leads to wins is a little exaggerated. Put him on the IL and be done with it. Up comes Lewis.
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