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  1. Maybe he'll get in through the writers. I wonder if playing in Minnesota for most of his career has hurt his chances since we are a smaller market team. Bert Be-Home-By-Leven took awhile to make it - maybe for the same reason. Kaat hasn't made it yet though some could argue against him (not me as he's my favorite Twin).
  2. What a wasted article....though funny. Eddie is just like every other hitter. He is on a great streak right now and will cool off- maybe even in the next 2 games- but has helped to get the Braves this far so feel good for him. We wouldn't have done much better had we kept him so nobody should feel bad for us giving him up. I like Eddie compared to some of what we have had but we didn't have the money to pay him.
  3. Gordon can play multiple positions, can hit a little and can run well. He's a keeper in my book as a utility player and medium term fill in for an injury.
  4. Relievers can be great or can blow up in your face. They also tend to run in streaks. I have always liked Rogers and hope they keep him. The injury is an issue but we'll see. My guess is they'll keep him and Colome' and spend their money on starters.
  5. 1- Not liking Lewis, I'd go for Correa (5-7 years) or Baez (3-5 years) or Iglesias for a 1 year stopgap. 2- We have some good arms but need 2 starters and 2 relievers 3- Gotta try Rogers in Spring training and bring back Colome' if we don't sign another closer. 4- Duffy has been reliable for most of the last 4 seasons. Thielbar has done ok but the rest are a big question. Get a couple of flame throwers who have command. 5- The DH doesn't/shouldn't have to be 1 man but it would be nice to bring back Cruz. Sano and/or Donaldson can be used if we get a 1b or 3b 6- Sign Buxton no matter what it takes but not for more than 12 mil a year (8 years at 96 mil) since we can't afford much more in our market.
  6. Wasn't it great to see Eddie Rosario have a great game yesterday While I like Simmonds, it looks like the team doesn't want him back. I would not touch Semien. He has had only 1 good year and someone will way overpay for him. I'd go big on Correa of those 5. I'd also take Baez over the others. But why the Red Sox just dumped Iglesias is beyond me unless he wasn't eligible for the post season. He'd be my most logical choice as a bridge to Lewis or ??? (though I am not a Lewis fan).
  7. Rooker appears to be at the end of the line with us. However, he hasn't played with any consistency so you just don't know. The stats don't look good. I don't see how his wr+ (whatever that is) could be better than the league average with a .220 average. I'm old school and don't believe those advanced stats mean much. Give me average, avg with runners in scoring position and how you move runners with less than 2 outs every time. As for Sano, I just don't know. I wouldn't overpay him but what power do we really have after him? Donaldson is getting on, Polanco will NOT hit 30 homers next year and Buxton is a health and returning question mark. We don't really know about Kiriloff and Larnach and even Garver so maybe Sano is worth a 2 year deal to be our DH.
  8. Great award for a great player. Congrats to Morneau. We've hurt the Blue Jays in this series. It really doesn't matter if we win or lose but what we are going to do for next season. Gordon certainly has shown that he deserves a good look and Colome' may be returning since his second half has been good. We also need to resign Pineda as we have limited starters for next year. The off season should be interesting.
  9. Let's look at the future and forget about the past. But we have to be careful about signing reclamation projects like Shoemaker (though I still think he could be a long reliever to go through a lineup once if he uses his sinker). Robles and Colombe had some success before but were awful for most of this year. Colombe has been good lately, however. So what happens going forward is important. However, the White Sox have the best young players in the division and will be tough to beat for the next couple of years if they can keep them all.
  10. But maybe we missed the boat by not getting Brad Hand if we could have gotten him cheap during a down season.
  11. Polanco is having a great second half and season. I'm surprised that he wasn't a player of the week in August or even player of the month. He clearly is the MVP of the Twins this season. Hopefully he can continue going forward. I don't understand pulling Ober so fast. We need to have him go deeper into his starts to really see what we have. It's also great to see Nelson Cruz doing so well at Tampa. Yesterday, he made 2 head first slides in the same inning and continues to bash the ball. So much for his age. Hopefully he can continue to play and reach the milestones ahead of him.
  12. The Twins have definitely won so far. Gratenol may develop into a top not closer or setup man or will be traded for what the Dodgers will need later. We have to hope that Maeda will be good again in 2023 and, if we aren't in the race, we can deal him for something in the future.
  13. I would rather develop the starters we have used this season who seem to show promise like Ober and Jax. We have lost too many who have gone on to become solid starters for other teams. i wouldn't be against signing Stroman or Gausman but I am not convinced that they are any better than the ones we have now or the one we have just lost (Berrios). Even just now, we lost out on David Robertson who signed with Chicago who doesn't even need relievers. So do we sign Hand now for something cheap and hope he can bounce back or go with Rogers and Colombe (who hasn't been that bad recently) next year. Or do we purge the market for someone on the list.
  14. Woulda, coulda, shoulda. This season has been a disaster and you can't fully blame it on what we should have/ could have (maybe) done. There are players on the team now (Sano, Kepler, Rogers, Maeda, etc., etc.) who did not do the job we thought they would. We should not look back but should look forward. What should we do for next year is the real question. We don't want this season to repeat.
  15. I always argue with those football fanatics who say that baseball is too slow. I tell them that football is a sport with kinetic energy while baseball is a sport with potential energy. Also football is played by the clock while in baseball a team can be way behind near the end and still win. Finally, I say football can be very predictable if you know how a team approaches the line of scrimmage. In baseball, you never know what will happen when a pitch is thrown and anything can happen whether it's a ball hit onto the field or even one hit into the stands where a fan has to quickly choose between his beer, his baby, or the baseball. Let's hope he never drops the baby.
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