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  1. Why should there be a crunch in the 40 man roster? Do you really want to keep Jake Cave on there? Sano? Thielbar? Archer, even Sanchez? C'mon. There has to be minor leaguers better than them. And cheaper too. And what does "ready" really mean? Prospect lists come and go and some of those on the team now doing ok were never top 10 prospects. If a player is that good, then play him. If not, then ????
  2. I would not consider this season as "disappointing" except the last month where our injuries finally caught up with us. We were in first place longer than any other Central division club and we did this essentially without a bullpen. I'd sign Urshella, try to keep Correa and dump Sano. I don't think we can count on Kiriloff for next year as he may be the new Buxton with getting hurt all the time. We need pitching- especially relief pitching- if we are ever going to win the division. THAT needs to be our main concern. Ryan is our top dog. Maeda may bounce back. Ober could be as good as Ryan. The other starters are fair. Archer should be a middle reliever if he returns. And Rocco is a big question.
  3. Forgot this. As far as robo umps, several are robo anyway (ooops, I mean bozos). Actually, since I have umpired several games (thankfully never with instant replays), I am all for the umps who are just human beings who make mistakes and have bad days. But even though they are evaluated often, they rarely lose their jobs or are demoted back to the minors.
  4. While I would love to see a "designated runner" rule to make the game more exciting, I could never understand why many batters could never learn to hit to the opposite way or even bunt for a hit when almost nobody is on the other side of the diamond. I like the pitch clock for speeding up the game. It's the only thing that will do it. I like the larger bases to make it a bit more safe (though I'll bet Pete Rose would call all players chicken) but wonder if it will still be 90 feet between all bases. I do not like taking the strategy of the game away so am against removing the shift rule. The game is all about strategy and if a player or team cannot adapt to the other team's strategy that's too bad (IMHO). Next they won't allow pitchers to pitch outside to a batter (just kidding). I also wonder how they will enforce the rule that limits the number of pickoff attempts by a pitcher. Does that give the runner an almost automatic steal (I admit I haven't read the full details) or is the runner limited in the lead he can then take after the pitcher reaches his limit? I think that rule won't last. As most have said, the rule eliminating shifts will help those batters who are dead pull hitters but can't hit 50+ home runs a season. But I don't expect Kepler to hit much over .250 anyway.
  5. Why give up Urshela (who can even play ss if Correa leaves) , Fullmer, Garlick and Bundy? I'd even keep Gary Sanchez to DH if we can't get another one (don't know about Cano or anyone else). I don't trust any other catcher to hit anything though Sanchez can't catch. If we don't get a good closer, Fullmer can do it if absolutely necessary. Are all those on the IL that much better? We don't even know if Kirilloff can ever play again.
  6. Plain and simple. Do your homework and stay away from previously injured pitchers. That's all I can say on this. But every team has had pitchers to go down- even unexpectedly. Blame Covid. Blame the weird pitches and grips. Blame diet. Heck, blame the President of the US if you want. But do your homework first.
  7. I'm more concerned that a reliever doesn't go more than an inning after throwing less than 12 pitches and giving up no runs. Look, you warm up throwing 20-25 pitches then you come into the game. If you get through a relatively easy inning, why take the guy out. It makes no sense to me and burns the pen faster than anything. The guy probably won't pitch the next day anyway so let him go a second inning if he has been good. That's why I like Archer as a middle reliever rather than a starter. He can do just that.
  8. How can you include Sano as a disappointment? It's actually been a positive that he hasn't played this season since Miranda and Gordon have been discovered. For some reason, the Twins have not developed a bullpen that can be counted on. In today's game, you need to have 5 dependable relievers. The Twins may have 1 or 2. Having Duffy bomb out this year didn't help. Maybe he can come back next year. Is there help on the farm? Who knows but they won't get the chance this year unless we get swept by Cleveland this weekend. Finally, look, when Tampa gives up on a pitcher, you know he can't be very good. They have a history of producing excellent pitching.
  9. Glad to see Gordon has done well and hope that Miranda will continue to grow and Duran will be the closer next year. Was too much expected of Correa? He's done fine - especially on defense and maybe could hit 20-30 points higher . However, the problem with this season has been the middle relievers who, for the most part, have been terrible. We have blown more games than any other contender and probably more than almost every team. That's too bad because we could have and should have won the division this year. We ay not get the same chance next year. Though Cleveland has no offense to speak of, I have my doubts that we can win 7 of 9 which is what it will take. They have a better bullpen and the best closer in the league. But it's still in our hands.
  10. Nick Gordon has been the sparkplug of the team this season. While he does make some baserunning miscues, it's as much as for his hustle than anything else. Without him, the Twins would be much worse off. But maybe Urshela is the top dog here. And, believe it or not, we should add Sano to this list because he has been off the field which has allowed some others to flourish.
  11. Both can be good in the 9th inning though tight now I would trust Lopez more with a 1 run lead and Duran more with a 2 run lead. Lopez has gone downhill a bit since coming here. But we got to get to the 9th inning and we haven't been very good at doing that.
  12. Everything is in the Twins hands. But their schedule is tougher than Cleveland's and our relievers must do the job. However, if they can split the Yankee series and beat Cleveland at least 5 of the games against them then beat the Sox in at least 3 of the 6 against them, we can take it. The problem may be that Cleveland finishes with KC and we finish with Chicago. However, I don't have much confidence in our bullpen or how Rocco is handling it. But maybe prayer helps. As for Arraez, I was actually hoping Cease would get his no-no since the game was lost but was glad that Arraez could get a hit. Bogey is red hot now while Luis is tired and the teams know how to play him better but I'm hoping he can get back on track. The other predictions are kinda dumb because how can the White Sox be a thorn in our side yet we win the Central? And Rocco doesn't use Duran properly and Kepler, though good, won't be considered for a gold glove because, get this, he doesn't hit enough. Happy Labor Day.
  13. The thing is- would it be a dream or a nightmare? Can we possibly keep Correa? Can we get some better pitching? Can we stay healthy- ever?
  14. While I would have rather they kept Beckham, Hamilton can steal a base or at least provide a threat on the bases. If my idea of having a designated runner were ever adopted, he would be a choice. I never cared for him and feel he's a lesser Jackie Bradley Jr whom the Twins were rumored to be after in the Spring. I'd rather they have brought up a minor leaguer to see what he can do. Hamilton has no future here while a prospect does.
  15. Why the Twins keep running Archer out there is a mystery to me. He's best as a middle reliever- if even that. The inability to beat the weaker teams like Texas has sunk the Twins. And let's face it- they aren't in the class of Houston or the Yankees. But they can still win the division or slip into a wild card. The slump seems over but we now have old hands like Cave playing full time and that doesn't bode well. So let's pray. At least they have the future in their own hands.
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