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  1. If we would have to expose a player in our system, I say no. If we don't, I say yes. Maybe we've had our fill of reclamation projects.
  2. The salaries of MLB will continue to rise and rise. The difference though is that the teams can charge more for tickets, etc to help make up for some of the rise. Some would argue that players are overpaid and many are- especially after a free agent to be career year and those who bat .220 or win 8 games and make 10+ million or more the next year after earning next to nothing by baseball standards. But there are some free agents who do not sign to the highest bidder. Comparing baseball salaries to private industry is ludacris IMHO. This is free enterprise and not like the days when Babe Ruth who once asked for more money than the current President. When asked why, he said "because I had a better year". Or when Mickey Mantle had a great year and the Yankees wanted to cut his salary or maybe give him a puny raise. If you want to be angry about salaries and benefits, be upset that congressmen receive full pensions after just 1 term in office- and guess who pays for that?
  3. As I said in a comment in another forum, I have seen these guys at Durham. Ryan looks like he could become a number 2 or 3 starter, if you believe in such numbers, and should have success at the major league level. Strotman might become a major league starter (maybe a 5) but seems to be able to fit closer to a long reliever. He has more potential to develop a few more mph on his fastball but does not have good enough command now and it could get worse if he tries to throw harder. Maybe he could pitch a 7th or 8th inning and rely mostly on fastballs. I guess we'll see. I was not in favor of trading Cruz and would have liked us to extend him a year but maybe we can sign him in the off-season though I doubt it. He will love playing for Tampa and they will love him.
  4. Because Cruz is the best thing the Twins have and will have. That's why you sign him again if you can. We don't have anyone else that comes close and you can't get anyone else at this point. But let's see who becomes available in the off-season. Personally, I hope we can get Marte but I doubt it.
  5. Having seen both of these guys at Durham, I can say that Ryan is a beast and has a very bright future. Strotman has command issues but when he is right, he is very tough. His future is cloudy though he could be a 4th or 5th starter or long reliever. I doubt he would be a closer though. Ryan could be anywhere from a 1 to a 3 if you believe in that stuff.
  6. I'm staying on the bandwagon to re-sign Cruz and keep Simmons. Unless we can get major league or major league ready pitchers for both of them (and that probably won't happen), I would re-sign them both for next year. You can always trade them if next year fails (though you could also convince them to re-sign after the season). I'd rather trade Sano and Kepler than Simmons and Cruz. But that's why I am not the GM.
  7. When you are losing, you find new ways to lose and vice-versa. Despite a good period just before the All-Star game, the Twins reverted back to losing to a seemingly inferior team. Maeda struggled with command but only gave up 1 key hit- to someone we let go. Then Rogers gives up a game tying hit- to someone we let go. Then the weird hit ending the game. Taking Sano out made no sense IMHO because he was leading off an inning. Yuck!
  8. When you are a contending team, you go with experience but we are not a contending team right now so we need to evaluate some other prospects to see who can help going forward. The trouble is that we have let go some people that maybe we should have kept and those who we have are not doing the job or have not been coached or evaluated properly. While I still do not believe we are as bad as our record shows, the team management has some hard decisions moving forward. Probably only 1 or 2 of those mentioned in this article will ever succeed at the ML level. If we can pick those out, it will certainly benefit us later on.
  9. We need 3 starters and 3 relievers. The hitting will be ok though if we lose Cruz it will take a hit. So start Dobnack 6 more times if he can return before August. If he fails, dump him and eat his contract. Ober looks good but we'll see how he goes the rest of the way. Even in the game he won, the team was laying off his "out" pitch after the fourth inning. We may trade Pineda at the deadline so bring up 2-3 minor leaguers (Balazovic?) to start games and a couple of relievers. We need to see where these guys are going forward but several are injured. And if they don't play Arreaz everyday, even if Polanco goes back to short, then management is dumber than a tree.
  10. I would stay away from Fabian. Wilson seems like the best player of those listed. Williams plays close to home and has been very good when ECU plays better schools. Norby is also a good player out of Pirate Nation. It's so hard to evaluate players where metal bats are used. I leave it to the experts and hope we can get 3-4 future major leaguers in any draft.
  11. Weirdo stats that may not make sense. Pressley had a high side and potential that Houston wanted. I don't think many here were happy with that deal at the time. Alcala had not yet had much experience. I don't know what everyone wants from him but I think he still has an upside that can help. He won't be a closer that saves 30 games a season but could obtain 20+ holds when needed. And if the changeup make his other 2 pitches better then look out.
  12. Glad they let Ober pitch. It was shaky but he got through it. Now let's get him that win
  13. Too bad Simmons couldn't get it down. Sano would have scored and Simmons would have been safe. However, that's what happens when teams aren't going well. I hope we don't lose this 4-3 or 5-4 because we would have lost it in the 3rd inning. I still don't see why Rocco doesn't sacrifice with Gordon and a man on 2nd with no outs. But Rorsvelt can't hit. Hoping we can get good relief pitching today. Ober has looked good but they may not let him pitch much more. I never could see that.
  14. Kaat was my favorite pitcher and is now my favorite announcer. He has a great pace and knowledge of the game. Good to see Maeda put in a good effort. Though I didn't think he would duplicate 2020, I didn't think he would struggle so much this year. And the relievers did well.
  15. I guess Buxton would have taken this spot had he been healthy but Cruz also deserves this. I still have hope that we can sign him for next year rather than trade him at the deadline.
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