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  1. I don't think the Twins would consider trading Correa and trading Arreaz could be suicidal (remember the Lou Brock trade you oldsters). Arreaz could be a league leader for several years along the lines of Wade Boggs or even Tony Gwynn. I think the Twins lead is on very shaky ground and the White Sox will pass them if they ever get healthy. I'm not worried about the Indians though their young players have done well. I'm more worried about the East and West teams who could make the wild card and knock us out of that contention.
  2. Well we didn't hit well and lost 2 of 3. Let's hope things get better this week. Winning out west is tough.
  3. I'm not a Montas fan and think he is over-rated because of the hype. I hope we don't over-pay for him. I'd like Ober and Ryan to get healthy and maybe add someone like Hendricks from the Cubs who might cost less and still help. There should be other starters who will be made available as we move into July. I'd also move Archer to the pen to help with long relief.
  4. Lopez or Bard would help but would cost the most. I don't worry about Thielbar having 1 bad outing. He's fine. Duffy has to be better which he could. Others have to get and stay healthy. Robertson could have been had in Spring training but we passed. I'd rather see us get a starter - but NOT Montas who IMHO is over-rated and clubs will pay too much for him. If the Cubs are willing to trade Hendricks, I'd check him out though he's older. Fullmer would be good if the Tigers want to deal. Maybe move Archer to the bullpen when Ober and another starter get well. Archer can't go more than 3 inning anymore. But it's nice to see us in first place- even if the Sox and others aren't doing well.
  5. I was surprised that Duffy was there in the 9th. I would have swapped his spot with Joe Smith or come back with Alcala or maybe Winder. However, a pitcher should be able to get 3 outs without giving up any runs but Duffy put too many pitches in the middle of the plate. Waqs the new reliever we got available? We may not know. At least the team battled back but needs to put hits together. Maybe today??? And get Sano down in the lineup. He is a big, BIG, hole.
  6. I didn't like this deal when I first heard about it but I was biased as I liked Rogers as one of my favorite Twins. I think, however, that this is a good deal for both teams. But most of our deals and signings have big "Ifs" attached to them. Paddack joins Bundy and Archer as reclamation projects and we lose a big time closer. So does Dhuran now close? Joe Smith who has limited experience? Winder? Archer- who could probably be very good but will he be durable. I think they should give it to Archer with Dhuran in the wings but they may make another deal or sign a free agent closer. Too bad they let Colombe walk.
  7. With the way teams are managed today, you need 12 pitchers around to survive a week of games. However, I would like to see a middle reliever go more than just 1 inning if he throws 18 or less pitches and doesn't get hit hard. Having 3-4 pitchers warm up then come in for just 1 inning per game can wear out a staff by late summer. Of course, managers don't let starters go much more than 5 innings anymore or pitch on consecutive days - except for a closer. Speaking of closers, will Dhuran now become our go to guy? Maybe Joe Smith to start and let Dhuran get his feet wet.
  8. Lets face it. The White Sox are the team to beat and should win the division by 6 or more games. Cleveland could be in a battle with the Twins for a wild card due to the expansion of the number of teams. Detroit has some good young arms and could sneak into a battle as well. And then there is Kansas City who will probably struggle to get out of the cellar. I can see the Twins going 81-81 and maybe even win as many as 84 games if they don't have any major injuries to key players. Depth could be a problem for us.
  9. While I would rather have Pineda, Archer could be a nice surprise if he can start 22 games and win 10. His health is the big question and he hasn't had much of a team behind him recently. I don't like the incentives deal since the team can control that to not have to pay him and that could cause hard feelings. If Archer doesn't do well, we still have some good young arms to count on. I like Archer who is a local, central NC product whom I saw in high school and at Durham briefly.
  10. I like the deal though it would have been nice if the Yanks had thrown in a Luis Gil or similar. Sanchez though is NOT a major league catcher. He's more of a DH though somewhat similar to Sano in stats. Urshela never hit in the minors but has done well in the majors. He can play short and do it well so maybe Miranda can be given a full shot at third. But the real value of this trade will depend on what the Twins do with the extra money they now have. Should it go to Buxton? To get pitching? Or ???
  11. Isn't it interesting when people say today that paying a pitcher 10-12 million a year is a team friendly contract. In my youth, that was the total team contract for 3 teams COMBINED. No wonder we pay 50-150 per ticket per game.
  12. I never liked Gray when he was with the Yankees and I'm not going to like him with us. He is an over-rated pitcher who is not any better than even Ober or even Ryan even though they are just kids. Even Petty could turn out better in the long run. However we definitely need pitching to make a run at the White Sox. At least Gray has a friendly option for the Twins in '23. I wish we'd have traded for Bassett or even Castillo rather than Gray.
  13. I don't like this trade for several reasons. Garver, when healthy, is a darn good hitter with very good power and an improved catcher who could have even played first had we dealt Sano. We get no pitching help at all which is what we need. We give up on Lewis (whom I'm not crazy about anyway but is our top prospect if you believe the press). We get a decent short stop who has no power (this is not the 1950s- shortstops today can hit). Yuck!
  14. I am wondering why Jax was not on anyone's lists of top 25 prospects in the Twins organization. He has begun to show that he should have a role on the 2022 team. An opener or first 2-3 innings pitcher may make sense from what this article says. Ober is another who sometimes seemed to struggle going through a lineup more than once. Maybe the Twins could start a Triplicate of 3, 3 inning pitchers to pitch in a game.
  15. Like trying to compare players from different eras, it's tough to say one was better than the other. Each had greatness in certain aspects of the game. I'll say it's a tie though I might pick Carew over Kirby if I was starting a team since there are more center fielders better than Kirby than there are second basemen better than Rod. But I'd like to have them both.
  16. Please list those "prospects" and how many are there? I'd guess 6, maybe 7. You just don't know where they will wind up but, if they are true prospects, then either we will have them or someone else will- assuming they don't get hurt. With relievers making 50-60 appearances, it won't take more than 3-4 seasons to get there. The innings part will be more difficult.
  17. I just wonder about prospects with higher than maybe a 20% rate of striking out. That's a lot of times to strike out- even in minor league parks with slightly poorer lighting. But these are somewhat lower prospects or still young kids.
  18. First of all, you talk as if E-Rod is Randy Johnson. he is NOT- nowhere even close. Second, the off-season is on hold so it's almost impossible to determine what will happen going forward. Thirdly, the White Sox may lose at least 1 major starter and could lose one big reliever. Finally, I think the Twins starters and bullpen will be more improved than you have them listed. However, we will see how it all shakes out. After a poor year in 2021, many are looking at a .500 season as being a possible target. We are still in a very weak division (except for the White Sox) so improvement can come quickly. But I do agree that there are key pieces that need to be added.
  19. Buxton could appear in anywhere between 90-135 games but I expect him to hit higher than the projected average here. He may reach 500 plate appearances and hit 25-30 home runs. His defense is great but I wonder if using him as a DH sometimes would save his career some. Here's hoping for him playing in at least 130 games and being healthy all year.
  20. Depends what you mean by "shine". Probably 3-4 will make the roster and 1-2 will shine. By shine, I would say either wins 10 games, saves or holds 25 games, and has an ERA of less than 3.50 (2,50 for a reliever) or a whip of less than 1.20 and a reliever doesn't allow more than 10% of inherited runners to score. I don't believe they will fade after 100 innings either (40 for relievers). Pitchers are babied today and don't get to pitch more than 6 innings as a starter or a single inning as a reliever. While I believe that is poor managing (especially if a reliever has an easy inning), that's the way things are.
  21. It's more interesting to look back at the last 3-4 year lists of "prospects/suspects" and see how many were traded or lost or dropped out all together. Most of those that we have kept have not yet made it to the majors but 2-3 have. Is that the problem with the current team? We bring prospects along slower than many teams and maybe that's a mistake. However, we have been a contender for several years so there was no need to rush them. Now that has changed so we'll see where we go from here. My top 3 are Ober (still), Ryan and Miranda- all pitchers but that is where we need to rebuild the most.
  22. Every year we lose some of those that made the team (and the sport) what it is today. Thanks for the memories. May we all have a happy, healthy and safe 2022. And a winning team would help as well. RIP Betty White. I wonder if she was a Twins fan when she lived in St Olaf on The Golden Girls. But of course she was.
  23. AJ is close to being on the bubble for HOF consideration but I don't think he will make it. He may get up to 40% at some point but I don't see him going higher.
  24. Nothing you have said excites me at all. Grienke is a veteran but what does he have left. Rodon will cost too much off a single season. Montas may cost too much in a trade but is worth looking at. I'd rather have Pineda back and maybe Iglesias for a year. Otherwise, I'd try to find a different gem for a starter. I never liked Gray. I'd have to look at the pitchers still available before commenting further. I'd also raise the amount spent to 150 mil and see what we can get for Sano and Donaldson but don't give them away.
  25. Rodriguez and Gsellman appear to be the best of this bunch and maybe Kuhl. Boyd will get signed by someone. The others - who knows.
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