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AL WIld Card Race - Who Would be Most Disappointed?


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One of these three teams (four, including Houston) will miss the playoffs. Which fanbase would be the most disappointed if their team missed out?image.png.4e0ffc3ec1e0f951d4b62fbd5b6a301e.png

Texas obviously had their blistering start to the year, how big of a let-down would it be if they watched the playoffs from their couches?

Seattle just broke their playoff drought last year - I don't think their fans want to start a new one. 

Toronto seems to have always been in Boston and New York's shadow the past decade plus. Now that the Sox and Yanks are gone, the Jays are still in a shadow, just cast by other teams.

Houston has a 1.5 game division lead and are reigning champions - surely a late collapse that knocks them out of the playoff race would be the most disappointing?

Let me know your thoughts!

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I would be disappointed if TOR doesn't make it just because I listen to many of their games (from Niagara Falls area originally), have familiarity with players, enjoy radio announcer Ben Wagner and TV Dan Shulman.

Attendance-wise suggests a tossup. Houston and Toronto avg 36,000. Seattle and TX about 32,000.

City of Arlington, big-time. They put up $500MM for the stadium. 1/2cent sales tax and 2% hotel tax (5% car rental tax).

MLB. Toss-up. Right coast/left coast draws highest ratings for more casual fans. Baltimore vs Atlanta (my expectation) won't pull in the casuals.

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