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out call on Merrifield Blue Jay's game

So don't know if anyone said anything anywhere else on here. But yes there is a Jomboy with Rooco losing his mind about the call. Rightfully so. Anyways Jomboy calls the call horse Dookie too and said Gary Sanchez' set up was text book and exactly how he should of caught it and executed.


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I don't think Jomboy's video was posted, but plenty of comments/reactions on the site to a terrible overturn. Of course, MLB and their umpires pulled the oldest trick in the book when it comes to undermining themselves by fining Baldelli and insisting the overturn was correct. It's like Gary Bettman snuck into the MLB offices...


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Jomboy's okay in small doses.  His schtick is fun.  Lip reading, mind reading, it's all good.

I have to say, I am terribly, terribly disappointed in Rocco's lack of creativity.  Full marks to him for the F bomb, but then he let the opportunity slip away by simply repeating himself; it's fine to come back to the main motif you've chosen for your performance, but you have to mix it up.  He needs to take remedial lessons in arguing with umpires, pronto.  Can't go wrong with the following master class tutorial by Professor Emeritus Earl Weaver (Ret., RIP), who here teaches the fine points of "oh! and one more thing!"   (Do I need to warn you? NSFW language contained therein.)


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