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Minnesota Wild Thread



Dumba is a good player, I don't get the hate on him.  

If I had to guess, a lot of the hate on Dumba is because when he does screw up, it has a tendency to be dumb turnovers, which is something that is very visible to everyone. Where as if you have a player who is making small positioning mistakes or other low visibility stuff like that, a lot of fans simply aren't going to realize its happening. It's kind of like the inverse of Brodin, who often quietly plays great defensive games but a lot of people don't realize it because he's just consistently playing solid D and generally isn't doing anything flashy that a casual fan would really notice.


Also, I think there are probably a lot of people who got fed up with Dumba in seasons past when his stupid mistakes and turn overs were a much more regular occurrence, and they've simply stuck with that opinion of him, and feel validated in that opinion because he does still make some of those stupid mistakes (albeit, a lot less often than he used to).

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I'd agree that he isn't the same defensive liability that he was a few seasons ago. I feel like offense first defenseman can often be a divisive topic. Some people only focus on their offensive capability, some people only focus on their lower defensive capability, some people are able to look at the whole package. I also think his level of defensive play might be seen as worse than it actually is, because he is playing on a team with Suter, Spurgeon, and Brodin, and of course by comparison he doesn't look as good as those 3 from a pure defensive standpoint. 


Dumba has the potential to be a big impact player. He has a great shot, he can lay down some big hits, and I think he proved last year when Spurgeon and Suter were injured that he can put up some big minutes and be a solid defender too. He has definitely been improving in his consistency and the big mistakes and turnover are no longer a constant. But I think as long as he continues to make some of his Dumba55 boneheaded plays here and there, there will always be some people who just see him as a liability. 

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How is Dumba lazy? He's an offensive minded defensemen and has scored 50 points in a season at age 23. Burns didn't do that until he was 30 (He would have done it when he was 29 but there was a lockout). Of all the things to be upset about on the Wild Dumba is like number 50. He one of the BEST young right shot defensemen in the league.


Also, Vegas is laughing at just about every team they made deals with.....that's how they were able to make it to the Stanley Cup.


Have you seen him in front of his own net?  He makes some lazy passes for sure.


And I don't remember saying he was problem #1 either.  

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I feel like he's become a good defender.  Yeah, he's not Suter, but he also provides something Suter or Brodin or any of those others can't - a right handed shot with offense.


That he absolutely provides.  I'd absolutely rather him be on the powerplay than any other Wild defensemen.    



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