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  1. Getting an actual ace at the deadline is a surefire way to dismantle your entire farm system for a year or two of service
  2. I guess we can all just be glad that we weren't the team that ended up with David Price
  3. So you're saying being decent in the regular season and then "competitively" getting crushed in the playoffs is better than winning the world series and then being bad for some years? I seem to recall us being bad for a lot of years without any playoff wins or a WS pennant. I seem to recall 5 and 10 years ago people talking about how we have the stock on the farm to be competitive soon and that we could augment that with some FAs or trades and be a postseason contender. And then I seem to recall us never augmenting with good players or even being remotely close to contending in the playoffs. If other people are happy to be "competitive" in the regular season with rosters that never actually have a chance of doing anything in the post season, I guess that is good for them, since that is all the Twins are going to provide any time soon. I think the majority of fans would prefer a pennant at damn near any cost.
  4. Biggest moment of the season for Duffy right here. I'll take a strikeout and a double play. In that order, preferably, but I can live with it either way.
  5. That was a nice pitch. Wish they had been calling that pitch a strike last night for Berrios.
  6. I agree on the psychological factor, but I gotta disagree on rather facing the Astros. Yankees pitching is nothing special. Houstons pitching is an ace every single night. Granted, we suck against the Yankees but even still.
  7. Christ, when will they shut the hell up about solo home runs not hurting? They must've said that 15 times already in 9 and a half innings.
  8. Can we just get an audio feed of commercials for the whole game? I'm pretty sure it is an upgrade over the broadcasters
  9. You would be absolutely correct in your thinking. But now he is on second. I was just predicting the future.
  10. "It's a moot point" No it isn't. Polanco wouldn't be at second if he played that clean. Great at bat edit: apparently I'm blind. I thought he was on second looking up from my computer.
  11. Nice hit. And thank you for not getting thrown out at third, as much as I would've liked him to be at third.
  12. It has been poorly played and poorly called. However, we're still in the 3rd inning, so lot of baseball to go. Like 4 more hours at this pace.
  13. After not calling that pitch all night, ump gave him that one.
  14. I was about to say Berrios needs to throw some strikes, but not meatballs like that. Gonna be a long stressful night of bullpen.
  15. I'll take a few more solo home runs. Broadcasters said pitchers don't worry about those in the playoffs.
  16. Someone watching on your computer, please rewind to that pitch replay and screen cap what appeared to be Garver smiling as he caught that greasy pitch
  17. Man, on the replay he was moving slowww down the line. Lucky for us.
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