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Top 3 FA Rule 5 moves for Twins

Doc Munson



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With the deadline for finalizing 40 man roster in advance of the Rule 5,  There are some very cheap, low risk high reward type players out there.  These are right in teh Twins wheelhouse.  Gamble on the cheap and see if you hit the lottery.

So the first one isn't a FA or rule 5 but he is the type of player that COULD be.  1B/OF Dom Smiht of the Mets.  Dom is a GG caliber 1B.  This kid actually CAN hit. He has just never been given consistent ABs in a consistent position in the field being behind Pete Alonso on teh Mets depth chart.  Between 2019 & 2020 while playing in 139 games (close enough to a full season equivalent). he hit .299 with a .936 OPS. 31 doubles and 21 HR.  and struck out less than 25% of the time.  Now at 27 years old, he is no longer a "cornerstone" player for the Mets and could be had relatively cheaply via trade.  Why do we need him? I mean we have Kiriloff coming back healthy (hopefully), we have Miranda (possibly.. unless 3B opens up) Arraez was an AS 1B, but is he true 1B?   I would have no problem getting Smith even if it meant Kiriloff is "blocked".

The next 2 are both available ot be plucked from teh Angels.


First is Touki TOussaint.  Touki was DFA'd to make room on 40 man roster. CLAIM HIM!!!!  He has been flashy and dominant in short stretches in his career.  He is a perfect Twin. he can start or relieve. His control is his main issue, but he also has a big lively arm.   GO ahead an claim him. Low risk high reward.


FInally an even bigger stretch, is to make a claim via the Rule 5 draft.  Draft Jordyn Adams. an OF  from the Angels system. Normally I would say this type of move should ONLY be done by a non contending team.  Taking a flier on a player who is clearly not ready for the big leagues, but keep him as a bench player anyways. Who cares if you lose? you get a potential player put him on roster all year and then develop him the following years.  He does strike out a bit, but after striking out nearly 42% of the time last year he cut that rate down to just under 29% his .238 avg still leaves something ot be desired, but it was an improvement over his .217 the year before... AND he improved from .228 to .249 after the promotion to AA. Bu treally there is one reason he should be in play. His truly elite speed, a true 80 on a 10-80 scouting scale.  With upcoming rule changes shifting more of a focus back to a speed and hitting game vs pure power game, these are the kind of players you want to have. Claim him, let him take a bench role, and 4th/5th OF type slot. perfect pinch runner, and his defense is elite in the OF with his speed. (arm not as much), but again SPEED SPEED SPEED!!!!.  Let him be a back up, occasional starter and bat him 9th. He could be a Jarod Dyson type player. just an absolute pest  a pinch runner where you scream from the dugout "GO ON THE NEXT PITCH" and he can still swipe the bag. Do NOT underestimate the difference the bigger bases will make when it comes to the value of speedsters. Bunt hits will be at there highest total in decades, stolen bases will too.  And hey, you catch lightning in a bottle and he is a Akil Baddoo type.


These moves will cost next to nothing from a payroll perspective.  And these are exactly the kind of players you build a TEAM with. they wont be starters (Dom would), but they will contribute.  and seriously who do we have that would be any significantly better than them?  a Adams will cost you a Garlick, but if we are relying on Garlick our season is tanked anyways.





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I totally agree you 100%, Doc.  Dom Smith could be a good choice, is he a RH hitter?  Luis Guillorme (SS, NYM) is in the same boat, playing behind Lindor both would be cheap. Arraez is a defensive liabilty except 1B or DH so to keep Araez we need to keep him at 1B. If it's a matter of playing Kiriloff at 1B, we could limit his time more to RF & platoon w/ Kiriloff at 1B if he turns out & is RH hitter. I think both of these could really shine if given the chance.

I also really like your 2 other choices via DFA & Rule 5 draft and I'd like to add Tanner Rainey (Nats, RHRP,29) I'm not sure if he was DFAed or not but has potential. The problem to all of these is finding room for them on the 40 man.


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Good analysis  ...

Makes good sense and I wish the front office has the sense to make the wrong moves the previous seasons go away and make some right moves this off season and put some excitement back into the twins ...

Speed kills ...

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They don't have much wiggle room for a Rule 5 add (let alone any released guys). 

Their bubble is Megell, Garlick, Contreras. Maybe Sands and Enlow if someone better comes along. Of course, we find out about Pagan shortly. 

The Twins have 5 pitchers on their 40-man that are doubtful for pitching in 2023 (six if you count Paddack).

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3 hours ago, Rosterman said:

They don't have much wiggle room for a Rule 5 add (let alone any released guys). 

Their bubble is Megell, Garlick, Contreras. Maybe Sands and Enlow if someone better comes along. Of course, we find out about Pagan shortly. 

The Twins have 5 pitchers on their 40-man that are doubtful for pitching in 2023 (six if you count Paddack).

There will be players released, DFA'd, traded. Only one catcher on 40 man, usually carry 3, need a SS, additional pitching. 40 man roster not finalized yet. But agree, maybe Rule 5 addition may not improve 26 man since need to carry Rule 5 addition on MLB roster and Twins may pass on Rule 5 addition.

Who are 6 pitchers doubtful for 2023, I only count Canterino and Paddock. Others have injury concerns but are likely to pitch in 2023; Mahle, Maeda, Winder, Alcala.

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The only thing "blocking" Kiriloff is his ability to stay on the field.  Same for Larnach.  Two years in and they've both spent less time on the field than Buxton.  At least when Buxton IS on the field he performs at an all world level. If this team, if Correa leaves, and with Urshela already gone, struggles to plate 700 runs again, do the pitching issues even matter?  Do we really need Duran to be a lights out relief guy, possibly in a non-closer role?  Put Duran in the  rotation and give him a chance to develop into the ace we've spent a decade and a half looking for.  Without that ace and without an 800 run offense what he does in the pen will be useless.

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Touki TOussaint might be worth a shot. He was a highly regarded prospect, but his walk rate is very high over several years and we already have Pagan doing that. Imagine both in the BP walking so many batters. 

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