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  1. My sentiments exactly. The emergence of Miranda makes the whole deal possible.
  2. how are you choosing the comparison?
  3. Great to see all players on the list (except Steer) had an OBP at least 100 points above their batting average. Even Steer's was fairly significant. That tells me they all have a great eye at the plate. Hopefully, it will carry over month to month and into the bigs.
  4. At first I thought this was a really interesting question. Given how they were destroyed by the Dodger and Astros, A deep run in the playoffs seems unlikely. What could they get for CC? I was thinking they should get back more than they got for Berrios, as Correa is better and plays every day. I was thinking if they could get two top 100 prospects then it might be something to consider. In looking at trade partners, I only considered NL teams (no Vikings in this post, I am not trading with the AL, I don't want CC to destroy us in the playoffs). SF, Ariz., Mia, Cards, and Phil, all seem to be near the wild card and with Correa being a significant upgrade over their current SS. Each has at least 3 players in the top 100, according to MLB. I was salivating when I saw Miami with 3 pitcher in the top 50, including Max Meyer. Then I looked at Comps of recent trade deadline deals. Kris Bryant stands out as the most similar comp over the last two years. The Cubs got back the Giants number 9 and 30 prospects according to MLB....and i just wasted 30 minutes, no way do I make that trade or anything similar.
  5. I don't know that I have fully bought into this team, but... You know this is a different team than 2021, when they are down by 6 in the 8th inning and I am still listening to the game because I know they have a chance. That didn't happen in 2021.
  6. Mitch Garver .205/.295/.346, 92 OPS+, 3 HR. Gary Sanchez .195/.271/.325, 81 OPS+, 1 HR. Josh Donaldson .224/.345/.378, 118 OPS+, 3HR. Gio Urshela .222/.284/.278, 73 OPS+, 1 HR. IKF .256/.303/.322, 89 OPS+, 0 HR. Carlos Correa .255/.320/.372, OPS+, 2 HR. Rortvedt has not played in the majors yet. Everyone knew Urshela and Sanchez were down grades from Garver and Donaldson. Everyone knew Correa was an upgrade from IKF. It seems to me this has actually played out how most people predicted.
  7. Went and saw the Omaha Storm Chasers play yesterday. The game was 2hr. 30 minutes long. We live 3 and a half hours away in southwest Minnesota. We were able to go to the Omaha Zoo and watch the game and be home before my kids bedtime at 10. oh and as for action if you like home runs there were 7 of them. *as an aside tickets are free on Sunday if you bring in three cans of food, and if your kid is a little chaser, they are free and get into the little amusement park for free.
  8. Thinking two steps ahead I hope this makes sense, BUT I am just shocked we didn't get a minor league pitcher in return, we always get a minor league pitcher.
  9. Of the teams Bonnes listed, there are very few overpriced pitchers. The only two I saw, not including pitchers who signed this year (I wouldn't touch Verlander's contract with a ten foot pole), are Yu Darvish and Jacob deGrom. You can only count deGrom as overpriced, if you think his injury and age are significant. But there is no way the twins pay $36,000,000 for anyone, even the best pitcher in baseball. That leaves Darvish. It appears the Padres didn't have to give up too much to get Darvish, so a trade is a possibility. While this is a much closer call, I don't see a Darvish for Donaldson trade.
  10. I would add the Twins Kids Club membership. For $30 dollars you get a box of Twins goodies and two tickets for the kids when they are with a parent. The tickets pay for the box and the goodies are what the kids want.
  11. Saw Brash and Kirby pitch against Wichita. Both are excellent. With J. Rod., Seattle seems to have quite the farm system. If the Twins make any trades this offseason, I would love them to make a trade with Seattle.
  12. The problem with signing Shoemaker and Happ (or nearly any free agent last year) is that 2020 was a wasted year. Look at their stats and its hard to tell if they were good or bad. A major reason for that is the sample size was too small. I imagine the same could be said with all pitchers who were not "top 5" caliber. In the end it made it much more of a toss at the dart board than it should have been. For example in 2017-2019 Happ was great. so were his average numbers in 2020 because of him aging or due to small sample size? who knows. i would tend to give falvy and levine a pass for last year. however, Bailey and Perez were headscratchers.
  13. I agree completely with WSNYDES. I would put the main reason for the Twins poor performance in as sloppy play in the field combined with underwhelming pitching.
  14. Great article. I am heading down to Davenport this weekend to see the Kernels. This will be helpful to keep in mind when watching. One of the weird things when you first look at it is the relatively high ages for the players compared to 2019. I have to keep remembering, there was no 2020 and the Kernels are now high A.
  15. Excited for the season to begin. Already have our summer road trip planned. At the end of July early August, plan on seeing the Saints in Omaha, Windsurge in Northwest Arkansas and Twins in Houston!
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