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  1. Article presents two paths of action, Cody, and is well written. In deciding how best to proceed with Donaldson, I’m stuck on this: “… gamble on the health of Josh Donaldson.” That makes my decision: offload.
  2. One of these statements is a data-driven conclusion. The other, well ...
  3. Exactly right, Brock. Some other American pro sports - NHL, NBA, NFL - have updated their products to provide more customer appeal. MLB players, OTOH, seem proud of trotting out cliches about “playing the game the right way.” And the league has been too slow to respond to three true outcomes dominating games. To MLB: Good luck attracting a new generation of customers.
  4. Six good questions. I’ll argue rebuilding Twins need to answer this one, too: is there a 2022 role for Josh Donaldson (who’ll be 36), or should he be moved before the trade deadline to free up the money? Cot’s Baseball Contracts shows Donaldson is owed $51.5 million (2022-2023 + buyout of 2024 option). With pitching the biggest issue, for me getting off this contract should be a top priority.
  5. Exactly. The expiring contracts in this article may bring a AA or A prospect, and that’s worth looking at. Think back to the 2018 Pressly deal (Celestino, Alcala) or 2019 Dozier deal (Smelzer). But it’s these ticking contracts that could bring an MLB-ready return. Twins just can’t afford to allow Berríos, Buxton, etc to leave after 2022 as FA, for no return. Get those extensions agreed to, or grit the teeth and move these players.
  6. A ghastly stat line suggests Sanó belongs on this list. That .163 average, high K rate and RISP failure level are hard to ignore. He looks overmatched at the plate.
  7. Yes, Berríos pitched very well. Outstanding, even. But this game also was a grade A display of one of baseball’s biggest challenges: lack of on-field action. This game featured 30 strikeouts. Thirty. And a grand total of 5 hits. For those who enjoy batters flailing away, this game provided great entertainment. For everyone else, it was dreadful.
  8. This signing seems to make some current player redundant. Who drops off the 25-man roster? I’ll wager Adrianza.
  9. These ideas, in my opinion, are both reasonable and feasible. In fact, I'd go one step further regarding the doubleheader idea: every Sat or Sun during Jun - Aug should be a twin bill. Subtract a few of these Apr games that are poorly attended (and not just in Minnesota) and add games when fans actually attend: summer months.
  10. Well written analysis, thanks. I'd argue that, as of today, Mejia would be the rotation's 4th or 5th option.
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