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  1. Um ... yeah ... no. The world may think the Twins are suckers, but they don't have to play along.
  2. Bottom line, 2 runs isn't enough. The pitching has been bad, the relievers have been bad, the lineup has been bad, Rocco's managed himself into some horrible situations (that infield alignment in Oakland with a lead in extra innings would be "Exhibit A" at the trial) . . . . This team is doing next to nothing right beyond showing up for the games on time.
  3. This is painful. Get spotted 3 runs and immediately hand them all back.
  4. That makes him a "pup" compared to where Thome was at the end of his career (10,300+ PA).
  5. I've long believed no team is as good as it looks when it's winning, or as bad as it looks when it's losing. This bunch is proving the last half of that "saying" a lie.
  6. hitting batters, walking batters . . . . pitching staff was its own worst enemy, and the defense did nothing to pick them up. Of course, our infield in the 10th consisted of '4 guys playing out of position'
  7. this new extra inning rule works like the college football overtime rule. Home team / whoever goes 2nd has a HUGE advantage.
  8. how many guys that we hit / walk come around to score? Seems like all of them.
  9. oh. joy. Extra innings. I'm sorry ... "extra inning".
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