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  1. Field guys didn't get it wrong, no need to punish them. Find a way to punish the suits in NYC who've forgotten what instant replay is SUPPOSEDLY about - reversing the egregiously wrong call. The suits seem to think they have authority to overturn any judgment call they don't like.
  2. Replay is supposed to address egregiously wrong calls, not "second guess judgment calls." But that's what replay has become. Instead of NY deciding whether the ups got it obviously wrong, they're reviewing and reversing judgment calls. Pathetic.
  3. Buck's doing a Dave Kingman impression. I'd rather have the line drives, even if that meant he'd only be at 10-15 HR now.
  4. I do not want to see Pagan given the ball with a lead again. I don't care how big it is, he'll find a way to blow it.
  5. Looks like we can take "What's wrong with Buck?" off the list of questions about the team.
  6. Yes, it can. Still no reason not to pad those walls better & reduce the risk of hard contact.
  7. Feel awful for Royce. When are we gonna put some proper padding on those walls?
  8. Really lame attempt at humor. from what I’m seeing, the most which can be said for the vaccines is they MAY reduce the severity of the symptoms, etc while that’s “not nothing,” it’s hardly so significant that mandates are in order. BTW - given how fascistic the Trudeau government has become, you do yourself no credit siding with them.
  9. Getting AB's while he's with the Twins is the "biggie" for Lewis. If we can find a way to get him AB's, to feed him AB's, there's no reason for him to go down. See if he can play 3B. Spell Correa at SS. DH him some. If he can play SS, he can probably play 2B - if Polanco gets a day off, play him there. Put him wherever so he gets as many AB's as we can feed him.
  10. The use of the word "repair" is interesting, the question being "Whether it's accurate.' I've had two meniscus tears in the same knee. There's two types of surgeries (to my knowledge): That portion of the torn meniscus which is causing the problem is trimmed off & excised. The tear is "repaired," i.e., the surgeon's goal is to put it back together, not remove anything. The former typically has a quick recovery time. Rehab starts the next day, crutches are ditched as soon as possible (if they're used at all) - properly done, the knee can be back to full strength inside of 2 months. In my case, I played golf on it (poorly, but not horribly) within two weeks. I was obviously afraid to put weight on my left (surgical) leg, even though it didn't HURT, it just felt weak. "Repairs," as I understand it, have a longer recovery time.
  11. Was at the game. Being an optimist, I write off the first inning as "jitters" and like the 2nd inning a lot.
  12. I had no doubt about that. The "medicals" I was interested in are the "he's recovered and there's nothing physically preventing him from pitching at the level he did before the surgery, etc." We're talking about the injury / condition which finished off Phil Hughes, one which has proven difficult to recover from in the past, after all, I'll say this - off first two starts, it looks real good.
  13. Sano should be a 4 - 5 spot hitter. Unfortunately, he hits nothing but air too often when he swings - combination of obvious holes in his swing & inability to lay off 2-strike breaking balls out of the zone (esp. from RH pitchers). I don't know if it's a matter of timing or what - maybe Sano's better later in the year because the wear & tear of the season leads to more "mistake pitches" being thrown to him. IMO, Sano needs to spend time with and listen to Rod Carew - I think Sano's strong enough that more focus on "bat to ball" wouldn't detract significantly from power.
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