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  1. Hey Jeremy, you mentioned 17% as the number for players with the most service time between 2 and 3 years to be eligible for Super 2. Wasn't that changed to 22% at some point? Just wondering, maybe I'm mistaken. Not that it matters too much as it probably buys the players an extra week.
  2. The Twins used to have a catcher in the organization by the name of Dan Rohlfing. He was always a perennial non-roster invite, it seemed. Anyone know if he's still kicking around playing pro ball somewhere or is he retired?
  3. Expect a recruiting pitch soon from Malik Beasley for Nelson Cruz to remain in Minnesota.
  4. I would add in Donaldson if only because, at age 34, the most productive years of his four-year deal are probably at the front end.
  5. Look at it this way... every day that goes by we are one day closer to having baseball again. Whenever that may be!
  6. Holy cow! Mossi, my man... As the old saying goes.... a face built for radio.
  7. Matthew alluded to it that the 2-4 hitters would all be right-handed. Might be an issue in late-game situations where the three batter minimum relief pitcher rule comes into play. I would try to break that up with a lefty somehow.
  8. Terry Francona seems to think he could win a batting title someday. I'll say he wins two in his career. His defense, speed and power might be average at best, but his bat-to-ball skills and plate discipline are top shelf.
  9. Yep. I could see why folks would want CoryProvus on the TV side. But that almost seems like it's wasting his talents...he paints a picture of the game so perfectly on radio. I'd keep him there.
  10. Think Seth is way too low on Urbina and Tom is way too low on Colina. Let's get the season started and we'll all find out!
  11. Yes, was thinking of Tyler Wells for this list also. Was pitching very well before the arm injury. Here's hoping he comes back fully healthy.
  12. No doubt the Twins need a lot of catchers with all the pitchers around early in camp. Speaking of which, is Wynston Sawyer still in the org or did he depart for another team?
  13. I've got my money on Jack Reinheimer to make the club. Because, well...The Sire Of Fort Myers!
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