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  1. I like this move only if they acquire one more starter that is as good or better than Odorizzi. On a team that wants to be a force in the playoffs, we need someone better than Happ. I feel he will only be our the #4 starter.
  2. Tesla's story reminds me of Dr. Royal Rife. He invented an amazing machine that was curing cancer in the 1930's! His works were suppressed and he ultimately became a drunk. Why do I bring this up? Because I firmly believe that better health for players is like the final frontier for teams to improve their team! To my knowledge, I do not know any team that is using amazing health machines like the Rife to improve the teams health and improve productivity on the field. Perhaps even better is the Life Vessel machine. Who even knows about these types of machines?! They are perfectly legal, but the information has been suppressed.
  3. There is a chance both players make the team because there may be a player injured to begin the year. Remember, there were few times throughout last year where everyone was available. There will probably be ample playing time for both. A trade is also a possibility which could impact whom is on the team.
  4. Based on his contract, there is no doubt why he wants to be a starter. I believe that the Dodgers may have pitched him in relief some to save them money paying for some of the incentives.
  5. If I am not mistaken, I thought I read somewhere that Maeda's contract could potentially reach 10 M each year with incentives. Still not an excessive amount of money for being productive.
  6. This trade will help us this year and maybe a couple after that. But Graterol is a steep price to pay. Not sure if I like this trade or not at this point. I would feel a little better if Maeda was 2 or 3 years younger. He will be 32 in April.
  7. Cesar was a fun player to watch. One thing that sticks out for me, other than what has already been stated, was his ability to get rid of the ball in the outfield. He had a weak arm playing OF, but he could get rid of the ball faster than anyone I have ever seen!
  8. If Rosario does get traded, a possibility would be to get Maybin to platoon with Cave. He is still a decent player and along with Cave could be a cheap bridge until one of their prospects are ready. That hopefully would be next year.
  9. I like the lineup against righties! For lefties, I would choose to keep Arraez batting first. Either having Garver or Donaldson batting 2nd, I believe, would be better than Polanco, whom is not as good against lefties. Why not keep Donaldson 2nd with Garver hitting 4th. Keep in mind the new rule change that a relief pitcher needs to pitch to 3 batters.
  10. The one trade I would not make is the Sale trade. That is too steep of price to pay for Sale at this stage of his career. Maybe 2 or 3 years ago, but not now.
  11. Taking this a step further, I would bat Arraez first and Polanco second against righties and Arraez first and Garver second against lefties.
  12. The announcement of these two signings have spurred a tremendous amount of posts in a short time. One might say that the signings have made an "impact" on us. But not in the way we had hoped.
  13. This is underwhelming to say the least. Maybe I was expecting too much, but these moves tell me that the Twins are probably done making "impact" pitching moves.
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