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  1. I wonder how long it will be before the bullpen is burnt out and done due to the short starts by the starters
  2. A stat graph like this that would show a pithing staff ups and downs would be scary! I don’t think pitching and hitting can be good at the same time or starting and relieving pitching either!
  3. Excellent! It was great to watch some well played ball. This week they are going against some fairly good pitchers! Let’s carry some momentum into it! Jeffers having two days off is well deserved and needed.
  4. Dumb question, I understand his bat is basically what we are hyped up about, he is like a Tony Gwynn type hitter, but what would it have took to be considered for rookie of the year? # of at bats, etc?
  5. Kepler, not only because of his offense, but also that he had to change positions defensively as well and has done a great job!
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