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  1. Excellent! It was great to watch some well played ball. This week they are going against some fairly good pitchers! Let’s carry some momentum into it! Jeffers having two days off is well deserved and needed.
  2. Dumb question, I understand his bat is basically what we are hyped up about, he is like a Tony Gwynn type hitter, but what would it have took to be considered for rookie of the year? # of at bats, etc?
  3. Kepler, not only because of his offense, but also that he had to change positions defensively as well and has done a great job!
  4. I think you may be on to something, there may be guys that obviously are able to get rested and still perform, be it age or off time management, but I would like to see if guys like Dozier would do better with strategic days off. I know this wasn’t meant to be looked at for a rest standpoint, but it may be a way to look at it. Good work!
  5. This news is shocking, but it is that time of year for the twins pitchers to do their annual spin through the DL rotation!
  6. I'm beginning to wonder if they think it's still spring training.
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