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  1. Twins might have to start trading away some of starters for bullpen help and bench players
  2. I like the trades but now search through waviers find another starting pitcher or bullpen arm and outfielder
  3. I think Minnesota trading deadline deal should be a firstbase men then moving Sano to everyday DH
  4. Just throwing it out there why not get Bert Blyleven out of press box into the dugout as the pitching coach he does it anyways for world baseball Classic or another one comes to mind is Frank Viola I do believe he is the pitching coach in the minors for the Mets
  5. I wouldn't trade Gonsalves or Romero they are best two pitchers we got coming up to the big leagues I would package a trade with Gibson ,kohl Stewart and Wander Javier to the Mets for DeGrom. If that doesn't I turn around try send them to Dodgers for Walker Buehler and trade after one of those go out sign bullpen help and Alex Cobb so the rotation with one of those trades and the signing of Cobb be Buehler/DeGrom Berrios Santana Cobb Mejia Bullpen hildenberger Rogers Busenitz May?? FA FA CL
  6. I would like to hear from everyone on what if the Twins don't bring back Molitor and the Coaching staff who would they bring in to manage and coach the team. If they do bring back Molitor what changes to the coaching staff would you make. How to fix the Bullpen and rotation and how the lineup would look like next year with either trades or Free agents.
  7. I saw someone wrote about getting power RH if I was the FO of Twins I would put a package together and go talk to the Phillies about Tommy Joseph or Rhys Hoskins to play everyday DH until interleague and be Joe's replacement at first. I think Castro did a good job behind the plate this year and his hitting needs work. I think we need to rework our rotation and little Bullpen help.
  8. If Castro is the only free agent the Twins bring in and if you don't count minor league signings and invite to spring training and don't do any trades durning spring training and before the season starts and go into the season with the same team from last year welcome to 100+ loss and the number one pick again. The new front office going to be like same old song and dance not do anything
  9. only veteran catchers I could think of twins signing are Shoppach,Napoli,Torrealba or just keep what they got Pinto and Doumit.
  10. someone talk about the twins need help at Short stop long term if the twins owners are willing to spend the money why not package up a deal with diamond or Worley with prospects or all three to the Rockies for Troy Tulowitzki he would help at short long term and yes his contract big just a thought.
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