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Everything posted by Brandon27

  1. Everyone in here can bitch and complain about the new look you all will buying these new jerseys and hats before season starts
  2. The only revolving door they need to fix is the starting rotation we haven't had good rotation since Johan Santana and Brad radke and company that's the only door to fix you can put lewis,lee,arraez or gordon etc up the middle main focus is the starting rotation
  3. Twins will resign Correa I don't think cubs going spend big money on players. Red Sox going resign their shortstop. Swanson going stay in Atlanta and giants not going spend big money on shortstop
  4. I blame the FO more then Rocco this coming offseason their Top priorities is try bring back Correa,hit the pitching market hard starters and bullpen and trade market as well
  5. I don't see Correa opt out with the twins overall their no market fir him
  6. Hate to say it but this team ain't going to the playoffs and rocco is not going to be the manager and Thad Levine is not going to be the GM next year
  7. I went to saints game like a week or two Moran and peacock shouldn't be in the minors
  8. Twins might have to start trading away some of starters for bullpen help and bench players
  9. I like the trades but now search through waviers find another starting pitcher or bullpen arm and outfielder
  10. I think Minnesota trading deadline deal should be a firstbase men then moving Sano to everyday DH
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