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  1. How could people being masked outside away from people be mocked based on science? Because they are too cautious? It frustrates me to no end when people compare people being overly cautious (which poses no risk to anyone else), to people who choose not to mask or vax (focusing on their personal rights, but adding some level of risk to those around them). "The science" never said that vaccination or masking would prevent infection. It minimizes risk. Period. I understand why people would choose not to minimize risk. We all do it, especially when it makes our lives easier somehow. Those people who do choose to minimize risk for themselves and others, especially when it is inconvenient for them, have my respect. I don't understand how you could possibly mock them.
  2. Who does Pecota project as playing SS to give us 3.3 fWAR? Presumably most of that gets lost if we sign Story, so the gain isn't quite as big as you are making it out to be.
  3. My pride and joy is a #23 Bobby Kielty. Do I get less credit because I bought it at Goodwill?
  4. As a player in this "game" (I believe that's me in the far left of the photo), I agree with all of your comments. The roster fillers were actually players from local over 35 amateur leagues. Near as I saw, the real players were Hamberger, Kevin Millar, and Kerry Lightenberg. The remainder of the "celebrities" were folks representing Leinenkugels and the radio station that sponsored the event. I think that's why they used a kitten ball (about twice the size of a regular softball and very loosely wound). The Leinie girls on our team were dismayed that it was pitched overhand. When initially recruited for the game, our team was told that it would indeed be real baseball, played with a yellow pitching machine ball. Not sure when they changed their minds on that decision, but it may have had something to do with the celebrities, or perhaps concern over someone getting hurt (we were prepared!). It would have been fun to play something closer to the real thing. On the plus side, players got free beer and brats before, during, and after the game... perhaps that's the main reason we played with the kitten ball.
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