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  1. I think Joe Ryan and Louie V will be excellent next year. As long as they can Win and not have the bullpen blow the game....Paper Stats are ok, we know Mgmt loves them, but give the young guys a chance, and quit trading for 30 somethings.
  2. I still wanted Kent Hrbek as the trainer but hope this guy can turn these delicate flowers into tough guys. If we called into work with a sore toe or finger my boss would laugh. Feed these guys some meat and potatoes, quit giving them tree branches to eat. No play, No pay. You’re welcome.
  3. I just don’t think he enjoyed being here. Trade him for a shortstop.
  4. If Correa doesn’t want to be here, than see ya bye. Maybe Buxton can play SS for his half season play....
  5. Good luck to Mr Correa in another market that hasn’t forgot he was an Astro....Twins Fans treated him pretty well...anyway, Swanson won’t leave the Braves because he’s from Marietta GA. Hope the Twins can find a guy that won’t hurt himself.....
  6. Baldelli looks like he is bored as heck, ignoring everyone in the dugout. Tell me why a beer guzzling, smoker, not as fit as today’s guys could pitch 8 innings but they get the hook in the 5th inning in 2022? Are our players so delicate they bump their pinkie and they are out 2 wks. You all knew what Buxton was when you gave him all that money. Hire some new coaches with better attitudes. I want Hrbek as a Coach cuz he put the fun in Baseball as did Nelly Cruz!
  7. It’s almost a curse on the Twins team to be a good player or a good guy in the clubhouse. Gio deserves his job back as he actually played this season and wasn’t hurt continuously. Resign players that Want to be here for the team and not just for a paycheck...
  8. Well when the Front Office thinks getting a new scoreboard and uniforms is a topic right now, I think they are the issue. Twins should hire Kent Hrbek as conditioning coach. Maybe the players need a beer, Brat and cigar as opposed to a warm butt donut and sympathy?
  9. You can put a bow on a dog and it’s still a dog....anyway in an article today there was mention of trading Arraez and Polanco! Arraez and Correa along with help from Miranda, Urshella and Polanco before he got hurt, carried this team. So getting rid of your best players will “improve” the team? You better hope Correa comes back. Mgmt knew Buxton is Terminally Injured. He is a big reason we did not stay in 1st place. Rocco can not manage a pitching staff if his life depended on it. I think we have a couple of great Starters in Ryan and Louie. Unload Kepler and Sano. Neither want to be here. I’d hire Johann Santana as a pitching coach and whoever gave Bucky all that money needs to go. Keep our Navy and Red uniforms and spend the money elsewhere. You’re welcome.
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