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  1. Wow... This kid just can't catch a break. If he comes back next year and plays to the level it appears he is capable, it will be an awesome feel-good story. And if anyone can do it, it's him. But it sure feels like we're snake bit, doesn't it? Can't help but wonder what our season would look like if Gray, Buxton, Lewis, Kirilloff, etc etc were all healthy. This is just depressing....
  2. I don't think I can take watching Pagan close out games any more. My cardiologist wouldn't approve...
  3. Here we go... I k now Pagan's ERA is great, but it's excruciating watching him end games.
  4. 1) Where do you follow the Twins from? Minneapolis now, from Connecticut 2010-2016 (Go Rockcats!) 2) What's your jobby job? Nurse Anesthetist 3) How 'bout hobbies? Guitar, grandkids, cycling, sailing 4) How long have you followed the Twins? Casually during the 70's, 80's, early 90's, more seriously the past 10 years 5) How many games do you attend a season? A couple -- I know, no excuse 6) Who is your favorite all-time Twin? So many to choose from, but I guess I'd go with Hrbek 7) Who is your current favorite Twin? Buxton 8 )What is the coolest/craziest/most absurd/etc thing you've seen in person at a Twins game? Was at a game at the old Met back in the 70's. Guy was carrying two beers down the steps on the first base side where I was sitting. Foul pop came down and hit him square in the hands, beer flying everywhere, he never saw it coming because he was concentrating on the beers. Everyone was looking around for the ball, when the guy pulled it out of a cup. 9) What is the most memorable thing you've seen in person at a Twins game? Was lucky enough to have tickets to game 6, 1987 Series. Sat three rows behind the plexiglass. Think it was the fifth inning, Twins were trailing, and it was like the crowd just wasn't going to let the team lose. It felt as if the crowd willed the team to win. I think it was Baylor came up and hit one over our heads, which broke the game open and took it to Game 7. Pandemonium. Deafening. Literally. My ears were still ringing a day later. 10) What is your favorite all-time Twins moment? Jack Morris pitching the complete Game 7, 1991. Closely followed by Larkin's single to win it....
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