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  1. I’m not against the idea of shipping off Kepler or the Twins eating a contract of a high-end starter, I just doubt that the Padres would give all that up JUST for Kepler, maybe a mid-level prospect like Drew Strotman or Cole Sands and that could complete the deal. Along with that, I think it’s risky to eat a starter’s contract when the starter is struggling as oppose to losing prospects, Snell CAN be good, but do you want him for another year or two?
  2. The Twins should look to get 1-2 High-end Starters and 2-3 more bullpen arms, likely 2 high-end relievers above all else. In a dream situation, the Twins get Frankie Montas, Kyle Hendricks, Mychal Givens, Jeff Hoffman and Jorge Lopez.
  3. Starting pitching: Ryan and Gray look good enough to make postseason starts, Maeda might return as a starter (like Chris Sale for the Red Sox last year) but the Twins undeniably need either Luis Castillo or Frankie Montas. Relief Pitching: The Twins have Duran, Pagan, maybe Smith, you might be able to turn Moran into a high-leverage pitcher, and you have Jorge Alcala back sometime in the next 1-2 months. The Twins will need 1-2 high-end relievers (David Robertson, Jeff Hoffman, Jorge Lopez) for good success Shaky Offense: this is hard to fix with the bats the Twins have. Maybe get a guy like Trey Mancini to balance out the lineup, but not much besides that.
  4. Honestly I doubt Correa will opt out of his contract, unless he can really start clicking in the last 100 Games of the season he’ll return to his short-term contract. If he does move however I think the Twins should sign a more short-term SS, as I do think Lewis will be able to play there for a while. I see Didi Gregorious, Dansby Swanson, and Miguel Rojas as 3 solid options. Gregorious is the least likely, as his lackluster defense and decent offense isn’t enough. Dansby offers a lot of power with a low OBP and very good defense, he’ll be cheaper but not free by any means. He’s consistent and the Twins could use a player like him. As for Rojas, he’s got a year of control and wouldn’t be hard to acquire, with a higher Average and ability to play 3rd/1st. If the Twins somehow to want to offer a Mega Contract, I see them chasing Turner or Correa for the long-haul.
  5. The Twins just need to look for who stands out and could be a trade chip. Martin and Balazovic could be high-end pieces, Noah Miller, Misael Urbina, and Brayan Medina have more uncertain futures and could compliment a trade well, and I honestly think the Twins should pass on 3-True outcome players like Matt Wallner and Aaron Sabato. Other players like Drew Strotman, Keoni Cavaco, Alerick Soularie, and Marco Raya could be the back-end of a trade and not lose much. The Twins have a lot prospects to trade with, and I can’t wait to see what they do.
  6. I agree the Twins should trade for Montas, but don’t throw away players you need. I think the Twins HAVE to hold on to Lewis, Miranda, Kirilloff, Moran, and Arraez. I think inevitably Austin Martin is the true top trade chip, try and trade off him and 3 other top prospects (I like Brayan Medina, Blayne Enlow, and Keoni Cavaco) to make the deal complete. The Twins should be in the market for 1 more back-end starter who will put up better numbers than Archer and Bundy but not break the budget (Drew Smyly, Wade Miley, Jordan Lyles, and Jake Odorizzi fit the mold) and then bolster up the Bullpen with 2-3 Relievers, probably 1 closer and 1-2 backup arms (Jorge Lopez, David Bednar, David Robertson, and Lou Trevino would close, while guys like Mychal Givens or Chris Stratton would be low-leverage fits)
  7. Kyle Hendricks isn’t necessarily a bad option, but has struggled the past couple years, and I doubt the Twins want to eat 2 years and $28 million plus a $16 million buy-out of his contract
  8. The Twins should still look to get some quality relievers, and soon. Jorge Alcala might be back by the All-Star game, but that’s about it. Just add maybe 1 high end and then a few decent relievers and the Twins will be fine
  9. If the Twins should trade for any former-Twins starter, it should be Jake Odorizzi. He’s still a consistent starter and is a FA after this year (plus a mutual option) and would be fairly cheap to acquire from the Astros, especially because he’s on the 15-Day IL. Once he gets back the Twins should try to make a move.
  10. If you DFA him now you’re shortening up an already shaky bullpen, and his trade value will be down the drain. He’s at least a veteran leader for the new, inexperienced arms and should be put in low-leverage situations.
  11. Send him off in a trade package with Gio Urshela to either the Rays, Brewers, or Giants. All 3 of those teams could see an improvement/another 3B and could help turn Duffey around, while offering some solid players in return. I think the Twins should trade Urshela for a 1B/3B, because Miranda, Arraez, and Lewis should all be getting consistent playing time and he’ll have value with a solid bat/glove and 2 years of control
  12. You’re right. The Twins should look to trade for some stronger starting pitching and another 2-3 relievers. Look for teams willing to off-load pitching for prospects, like the Cubs, Reds, and Athletics. The Twins can let up a couple prospects for short-end success, and should address these needs now rather than later. Maybe trade for a high-end starter later in the year but smaller moves should happen now.
  13. If the Twins want to seriously compete in 2022, they’ll need probably 1-2 more starters (1 very high-quality one at least), 2-3 more consistent relievers, and possibly another first-baseman. This team looks like they can definitely make those moves by diving into the prospect pool, and should make at least a few small moves now instead of later.
  14. Luis Arraez placed 7th in WRC+ in May without hitting a single home run. That alone takes a ton of skill
  15. The Twins need to get even more starters as of right now. Smeltzer is surprisingly strong so far, Bundy owns an ERA around 2 outside of 2 bad starts against the Orioles and Rays, Archer is an option only for 4-5 innings, Ryan, Gray, and Winder are out for the short term while Paddack is out until 2024. Right now the best starter option for the Twins is Chi Chi Gonzalez from Saint Paul. If the Twins wanna stay above the rest, they need to go get some cheap yet effective arms. Dallas Keuchel just got DFA’d by the White Sox and could be sought after, Dinelson Lamet has great stuff but is struggling in 2022 and could be cheaper to acquire from the Padres, or the Twins could look for 1-year options from rebuilders, like Wade Miley and Drew Smyly from Chicago, Jordan Lyles from Baltimore, or Chad Kuhl from Colorado. The Twins should be okay without some of their lower-listed top 30 Prospects.
  16. The Twins shouldn’t trade Correa, they should trade for players at the deadline to build our playoff chances. The Twins could use another Ace in the rotation like Blake Snell, Sean Manaea, Luis Castillo, or Frankie Montas, and a good Closer like David Bednar, Will Smith, Anthony Bass, Lou Trevino, or David Robertson. Then just get an ok first baseman and this team has a shot in the playoffs
  17. The Twins should make a trade for a 1-2 year first baseman, like Dan Vogelbach, Josh Bell, or Jonathan Schoop. With a lot of outfield depth ready next year, the Twins should probably trade Trevor Larnach in a deadline piece for a high-end Ace-level starter (cough cough Frankie Montas) and possibly a backend starter. A solid bullpen addition would be appreciated, and a high-quality LF with a CF option also would be recommended. I can’t wait for July
  18. Lewis got sent down to AAA. The Twins should use Gio Urshela as a trade piece at the deadline so Lewis can get more time at 3rd. Unless Correa starts hitting like Barry Bonds in the last 120 games of the year he’s likely gonna come back to Minnesota next year (he had like a .700 OPS and missed time, that doesn’t usually look great). So Lewis should try to develop at both positions.
  19. I can’t wait to see this rotation at it’s peak. Ryan, Canterino, Winder, Balazovic, Woods-Richardson, and Ober look to be strong starting pitchers. Even if one of them doesn’t pan out, you still have Louie Varland and Blayne Enlow that could eventually make an impact
  20. A closer to compliment Duran’s rise would help (the Braves will probably look to trade Will Smith), and I think we should trade Trevor Larnach and try for someone that can play all 3 outfield positions (Cubs could be looking to trade Ian Happ). As for the rotation, it really just depends on how everyone performs. How Will Paddack, Archer, and Bundy play out? Are Ober, Winder, and Ryan official and trustworthy in the postseason? I think the Twins should get a lefty end-of-the-rotation pitcher (Drew Smyly, Wade Miley from the cubs as well). as for trade pieces, with the upbringing of Royce Lewis and Jose Miranda along with Luis Arraez, I think Gio Urshela unfortunately is the odd man out and should be shipped off. The same goes for Trevor Larnach, maybe swap Gary Sanchez with a left-hitting Catcher or try to move anyone that underperforms
  21. Winder, Ryan, and Ober all look like mainstays in this rotation for years to come, and all already look legit. The fact that Arraez, Correa, and Bundy are all only out short-term is good news. My only concern as of right now is roster spots. Correa and Arraez will both be back within 2 weeks, but the Twins should send Lewis or Miranda back to the Minors, they deserve their stay in the majors. I think the Twins should flip Urshela for either a better 4th outfielder or pitching help. Lewis, Miranda, and Arraez all can play 3rd well, and the position is just going to be crowded
  22. Joe Ryan is an Ace, Sonny Gray is a good compliment, Bailey Ober and Chris Paddack are gonna hopefully move toward the end of the rotation but are still a good 3/4, I’m still shaky on Archer and Bundy (especially after Bundy’s last 2 starts) Josh Winder however looks like a good fit-in I think The Twins should still chase after a lefty and a closer at the deadline, I think it’ll balance out the rotation more. What I don’t see people talking about is how good this rotation will be in 2-3 years. Ryan and Ober are gonna stay for a while, on top of Winder, Balazovic, Woods-Richardson, Canterino, Varland, and Enlow. The first 4 stated are all top 10 prospects and Winder already looks really good, if those top 4 can all reach their potential that’s a filthy 6, so much so the latter could be traded or moved to the bullpen.
  23. I think as of right now, the Twins should just manage at first with Arraez and Miranda, and wait for Kirilloff to come back. Sano should do what is best, and the Twins should hold off from trades for now. Things will hopefully be clear at the deadline for what the Twins do and don’t need.
  24. What about Strotman, Balazovic, or Woods-Richardson? The Twins are in a very interesting spot in the infield. Within the next 2 years, All of these players will (likely) play in the Minnesota infield: Sano, Arraez, Polanco, Correa, Urshela, Miranda, Gordon, Lewis, Steer, Martin, and Sabato (not including any trades). Arraez, Miranda, Gordon, Lewis, Steer, Martin, and Sabato (unless traded) look like the infield in 3 years or so, but do the Twins hold onto Polanco & Correa long-term?
  25. Wonder what the Twins are gonna do with Lewis and Miranda. Both can play most of the infield but unless injuries happen Correa and Polanco are gonna have up-the-middle locked down for a decent amount of the year. I’m expecting the Twins to trade either Arraez or Urshela to make room for the future stars
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