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  1. Offer Correa his big contract, the Twins have the payroll. If not, either trade for a major league ready SS, sign Dansby Swanson, or trade for Amed Rosario. I don’t think Bogaerts or Turner would fit in Minnesota and Amed Rosario seems to be the only reliable SS with an acceptable trade value. if the Twins can trade off some of their veterans, this team is looking at $60-$80 million of Free Agency money, and could look spectacular next season.
  2. The Twins are going to need 1-2 high-end starters and 2-3 better Bullpen options. I think lower-level prospects for Trevino would be a solid move that has a chance to seriously pan out. Guys like Jeff Hoffman and David Robertson also looks like relievers the Twins should target, just someone to replace Emilio Pagan as our closer.
  3. Trevino’s a good option because of past success, and his failure this year could be because of the failing A’s. It’ll be easier to trade for him and if he does inevitably flounder then oh well, he won’t need a ludicrously expensive return and the chance is worth it. The Twins could have bigger plans for the deadline and with how our bullpen is built as of right now, he wouldn’t be such a bad option.
  4. It depends on his success/health over the span of this year/next year (the Twins will almost certainly pickup his option). It would likely be a 3-4 year extension, and unless it’s in the $9-13m/year range the Twins might pass. Along with that, Gray might not even be needed. The Twins have Ryan and Ober for years, along with SWR, Canterino, Winder, Balazovic, Henriquez, and Varland all looking to have a future place in the rotation (and that’s just guys due up in the next 2 years)
  5. Wallner, Varland—homegrown talents that shouldn’t be traded at all, especially with their recent success. Winder, Canterino, Balazovic—3 future stars of the rotation, shouldn’t be moved if the Twins want a good future. Austin Martin, Simeon Woods-Richardson—both have struggled at some point with the Twins and their futures look shaky, if teams see enough value in them for a trade, go ahead. Along with that, this may be their best time to trade them, who knows. Lewis, Steer, Rodriguez, Hajjar—have performed too well to be a smaller part of a trade. Will either be the front-runner of a trade or will stay in the system. Miller, Urbina, Medina—futures are far away and if they make enough trade value deal them. Henriquez, Sabato, Sands, Strotman, Enlow, Cavaco—not top-tier prospects and play at positions with more high-caliber talent currently either with the Twins or in the farm system, look disposable. Larnach, Ober, Kepler, Urshela—look movable if they make enough of a return. Miranda, Kirilloff, Arraez—too high-value offensive players to move, unless asking price is monumental.
  6. I’m not against the idea of shipping off Kepler or the Twins eating a contract of a high-end starter, I just doubt that the Padres would give all that up JUST for Kepler, maybe a mid-level prospect like Drew Strotman or Cole Sands and that could complete the deal. Along with that, I think it’s risky to eat a starter’s contract when the starter is struggling as oppose to losing prospects, Snell CAN be good, but do you want him for another year or two?
  7. The Twins should look to get 1-2 High-end Starters and 2-3 more bullpen arms, likely 2 high-end relievers above all else. In a dream situation, the Twins get Frankie Montas, Kyle Hendricks, Mychal Givens, Jeff Hoffman and Jorge Lopez.
  8. Starting pitching: Ryan and Gray look good enough to make postseason starts, Maeda might return as a starter (like Chris Sale for the Red Sox last year) but the Twins undeniably need either Luis Castillo or Frankie Montas. Relief Pitching: The Twins have Duran, Pagan, maybe Smith, you might be able to turn Moran into a high-leverage pitcher, and you have Jorge Alcala back sometime in the next 1-2 months. The Twins will need 1-2 high-end relievers (David Robertson, Jeff Hoffman, Jorge Lopez) for good success Shaky Offense: this is hard to fix with the bats the Twins have. Maybe get a guy like Trey Mancini to balance out the lineup, but not much besides that.
  9. Honestly I doubt Correa will opt out of his contract, unless he can really start clicking in the last 100 Games of the season he’ll return to his short-term contract. If he does move however I think the Twins should sign a more short-term SS, as I do think Lewis will be able to play there for a while. I see Didi Gregorious, Dansby Swanson, and Miguel Rojas as 3 solid options. Gregorious is the least likely, as his lackluster defense and decent offense isn’t enough. Dansby offers a lot of power with a low OBP and very good defense, he’ll be cheaper but not free by any means. He’s consistent and the Twins could use a player like him. As for Rojas, he’s got a year of control and wouldn’t be hard to acquire, with a higher Average and ability to play 3rd/1st. If the Twins somehow to want to offer a Mega Contract, I see them chasing Turner or Correa for the long-haul.
  10. The Twins just need to look for who stands out and could be a trade chip. Martin and Balazovic could be high-end pieces, Noah Miller, Misael Urbina, and Brayan Medina have more uncertain futures and could compliment a trade well, and I honestly think the Twins should pass on 3-True outcome players like Matt Wallner and Aaron Sabato. Other players like Drew Strotman, Keoni Cavaco, Alerick Soularie, and Marco Raya could be the back-end of a trade and not lose much. The Twins have a lot prospects to trade with, and I can’t wait to see what they do.
  11. I agree the Twins should trade for Montas, but don’t throw away players you need. I think the Twins HAVE to hold on to Lewis, Miranda, Kirilloff, Moran, and Arraez. I think inevitably Austin Martin is the true top trade chip, try and trade off him and 3 other top prospects (I like Brayan Medina, Blayne Enlow, and Keoni Cavaco) to make the deal complete. The Twins should be in the market for 1 more back-end starter who will put up better numbers than Archer and Bundy but not break the budget (Drew Smyly, Wade Miley, Jordan Lyles, and Jake Odorizzi fit the mold) and then bolster up the Bullpen with 2-3 Relievers, probably 1 closer and 1-2 backup arms (Jorge Lopez, David Bednar, David Robertson, and Lou Trevino would close, while guys like Mychal Givens or Chris Stratton would be low-leverage fits)
  12. Kyle Hendricks isn’t necessarily a bad option, but has struggled the past couple years, and I doubt the Twins want to eat 2 years and $28 million plus a $16 million buy-out of his contract
  13. The Twins should still look to get some quality relievers, and soon. Jorge Alcala might be back by the All-Star game, but that’s about it. Just add maybe 1 high end and then a few decent relievers and the Twins will be fine
  14. If the Twins should trade for any former-Twins starter, it should be Jake Odorizzi. He’s still a consistent starter and is a FA after this year (plus a mutual option) and would be fairly cheap to acquire from the Astros, especially because he’s on the 15-Day IL. Once he gets back the Twins should try to make a move.
  15. If you DFA him now you’re shortening up an already shaky bullpen, and his trade value will be down the drain. He’s at least a veteran leader for the new, inexperienced arms and should be put in low-leverage situations.
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