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  1. The un-vaxxed Twins are the ones I respect the most. Hats off fellas. One day the rest of the team will wake up and find out the hard way, they were used as lab rats with that experimental crap. Wake up folks.
  2. Paddack might be the best 6th man in the Majors. I like having him at the back end of rotation, as expectations are low. But keep in mind he is reunited with the former Padres manager and the article doesn't mention that. All the metrics aside, this was a good trade with a huge upside because of the "intangibles".
  3. The A's made it clear....they would move Manaea FIRST, and THEN deal with Montas. Now that Manaea is gone, their focus SHOULD be on moving Montas. But instead, the A's name him their opening day starter. Could be a move for "optics" (to ensure others know he is a blue chipper). I still don't think they will be keeping Montas for long.
  4. Outfielder Rob Refsnyder could be added to the list. (currently with the Red Sox)
  5. Yes, I believe so. The A's made it a priority publicly to move Manaea BEFORE dealing with Montas, and I think they will do it sooner than later.
  6. I was under the assumption the A's were rebuilding and needed an everyday 3B as part of their youth movement. Wouldn't Jose Miranda be a perfect fit in Oakland in exchange for Manaea? Where is Miranda gonna fit in if we don't deal him? I still believe he'll be moved prior to opening day. Thoughts? (I'm not suggesting a one for one swap, but those would be the key guys).
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