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  1. I like the idea of piggybacking Ober with Archer. Could help save the bullpen.
  2. I think Luis has earned about 130 games and 350-450 at bats. The best part, at multiple positions. Almost a Super utility role.
  3. I can talk to folks down here into going to the Saturday night Sunday usually day game. It's a couple hour road trip from ATX. Falefa always a tough out. Not uncommon for him to knock a couple of ribeye's in. He occasionally put one over fence, or strong alley power. Basically a left center double machine. I'm happy he is in a Twins uni. Solid player a little old school in him. He passes my eye test.
  4. Larnach will rake. His history tells you this. Trevor has hit at a high level from HS thru college and the minor leagues. It will take an adjustment period for the off speed stuff but he will adapt. I see him launching 25-30 Big Flies a year in the near future.
  5. If if's and buts were candy and nuts we would all have a merry Christmas. Coulda, shoulda, woulda, mighta DIDN'T! Next prospect please.
  6. Selig was a disaster as commish. His moving of the Spilwaukee Drewlers to the National League is a disgrace. That Dud Seligout is in the HOF is a shame!
  7. Congratulations to Big Pappi. As much as I dislike Barroid and Clemens they should eventually be in the HOF. I guess it is appropriate that the voting is tarnished just like their final numbers were. I'm a small hall guy.
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