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  1. I love Nick Gordon! The thing that sticks out most to me is that at each promotion and level Gordon struggled to hit. Generally, he spent an entire year at a level before beginning to hit. That is exactly what has happened at the MLB level too. Once he got to 400 plate appearances he started to hit. His May, June, July splits all have an OPS over .750 which is very impressive for a "utility" player.
  2. Great move! The only real valuable piece the Twins sent is Povich. Cano is already 28 and could be a good option in the next 2-3 years. The other 2 pitchers are lottery tickets. Seems like the Twins got great value in Lopez for 2 seasons.
  3. MLB Trade Rumors has this as a MAJOR overpay by the Twins. According to the site Larnach himself is just about enough value to land Gallen. Name Position MTV ($Ms) Balazovic RHP 10.6 Larnach OF 46.4 Martin OF 17.4 Winder SP 17.6 Name Position MTV ($Ms) Gallen SP 53.5
  4. He will need to limit the walks to stick as a starter, but has some bullpen upside with the FB/slider combo. Another lottery ticket for cheap pitching is good to have in the system. I think back half of the top 30 for the Twins seems high. I picture him less than Cole Sands and less than the Henriquez kid we got from Texas which puts him in the mid 20s range.
  5. I'm expecting 3 innings 2 runs and about 65 pitches with a quick hook to Winder. I'd like to believe that throwing his 3 good pitches (FB, slider, CU) and not his bad pitch (sinker) will help fix what ails. In an era of launch angle and elevation, throwing a sinker seems to have the pitch movement directly into the swing path and barrel.
  6. I love this idea. Duran is likely to throw less than 100 innings this year anyway as the Twins want him to have a healthy season. At AAA this would include 3-4 inning starts with skipped starts throughout to limit the innings and give his arm rest time. Why not use those innings at the MLB level? 2 inning stints every 3 days or so would be at 100 innings but he would be getting his feet wet at the MLB level and if this works prior to the All Star Break and the Twins are in contention then change the plan and pitch him like a traditional reliever. Best case scenario he throws 100 MLB innings this year with moderate success and goes into next offseason healthy and building up for a rotation spot.
  7. I really like the idea of adding Odo back to the mix. He should be a pretty cheap trade candidate and potential trade candidate at the deadline if the Twins aren't in contention or the prospects are better and ready. Montas would be great but I wish the Twins could have figured out a deal with Berrios. The prospects to get Montas are likely the equivalent that we just got for Berrios.
  8. Excellent work! I found TwinsDaily probably about 2019 and have been hooked ever since. Thank you guys for all your work and insight to the Twins!
  9. I always loved those early 2000's teams when they had a full roster of Jason's and batted them in order just for fun. Jason Kubel, Jason Bartlett, and Jason Tyner. Good times ...
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