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  1. This all depends on development. If those 4 peak as you say. You can often dream on what the team may look like based on top prospects, but development into star major leaguers is a big leap. For example, Buxton and Sano. "Buxton, Sano named No. 1 and No. 3 prospects | FOX" (headline clicked from a search for history's sake).
  2. But there is a difference swinging the bat and bunting. Your chances of getting a hit on a fly ball or hitting to the right side of the infield are much higher than laying down a bunt. While all these things move runners over the odds of the bunt resulting in an out are significantly higher than the others.
  3. For a team that has largely been ruined by bullpen blowups for two seasons now the emergence of Duran and Jax are incredibly hopeful developments. It looks as though baseball is trending away from starters meaning bullpens will be increasingly important. Let's hope Duran and Jax have continued success for many seasons ahead in Minnesota.
  4. This article declares "Got it Right" only looking at the additions, no word of the cost. Is trading nine prospects a correct decision to reinforce a .500 team? I like the players acquired. I don't believe the Twins are winning the world series in '22 or '23. I wish they would have made these types of moves in '19 when they were legitimate contenders instead of now.
  5. Wow! That list doesn't show well for 2022 help from the minors. 1 Royce Lewis - out for 2022 2 Brooks Lee - draftee 3 Noah Miller - project, needs to develop offense 4 E Rodriguez - out for 2022 5 Prielipp - draftee 6 A Martin - huge regression 7 SW Richardson - maybe can help this season? 8 Balazovich - huge regression 9 Marco Raya - looks great, in low minors 10 Edouard Julien - hopeful, but not at a position of need (currently) And these are the top ten on the list. Trading away the splendid 2021 draft class looks potentially devastating to this list. I sure hope the 2022 Brooks Lee, Connor Prielipp class is as good as advertised!
  6. My primary beef with these trades is the timing. Why not "expend" this prospect capital during a 100+ win season like 2019 when their only helpful add was Romo to a team that legitimately had WS aspirations? What are the Twins' aspirations this season? Are they beating the Yankees, Astros, Dodgers, or Padres and winning a WS this year? Or are they hoping to win a single playoff game and break that disgusting 18 game losing streak? I really like Steer, Encarnacion-Strand, and Povich. I think they're worth giving up...if it's your year to go for it, not just desperate for a pyric victory.
  7. I believe the Twins have a lot of starters. Few of them are front of the rotation types and way too many of the starters including prospects who could have helped this season are hurt. So, I'm concerned about Mahle coming off the IL recently with a shoulder (?) issue. I wish the FO was this active during a 100+ win season like 2019 instead of trading away 8-9 prospects buffing up a .500ish squad this year. Do these trades make the Twins WS contenders this season? Will they beat the Yankees, Astros, Dodgers, or Padres this year? Should "we" be trading away prospects with the short-sighted goal of winning a single playoff game finally?
  8. I like three of the trades based on value, but I probably would have said no to giving up Steer, Encarnacion-Strand, and Hajjar for 8 months of Mahle whom it says just came off the IL. The Twins aren’t short of starters. They’re short of elite starters and healthy starters. Not certain Mahle will be either of those.
  9. My take is that the Lockout was a complete unknown and the Twins took the position that they didn't want to sign contracts going into an unknowable situation. They signed Bundy to a modest contract then when the lockout ended, they unleashed a flurry of moves, but it was probably too late to assemble the roster they really wanted. I don't believe they "Planned to Fail". I believe they committed themselves to not get financially burned by a lockout that might potentially ruin the 2022 season.
  10. No offense meant. The Orioles have a fantastic history. But their recent run, losing 100 games the last four seasons only interrupted by the shortened covid 2020 season, is a far different level than their Earl Weaver, Eddie Murray, Jim Palmer, Mike Flanagan, Boog Powell years.
  11. If I'm an Orioles fan...I'm disappointed. But then again if I'm an Orioles fan I've been disappointed for many years now.
  12. Do the Twins have a realistic chance of winning the AL Central? Yes, they have a chance. The real question is does it matter? Whomever wins the AL Central this year will have the longest odds in the playoffs. If I'm the Twins GM, my goal is to win a world series, and this isn't the year to trade away resources to take that shot. I'd be a seller at this point. Let's try to win something that really matters. I like a lot of pieces on the current Twins, but they're not one or two arms away from being a contender.
  13. Not real excited about trading Kirilloff and our best pitching prospects, but Ohtani and Syndergaard would be worth a LOT to this team. They'd have to follow up a blockbuster like that with further bullpen help as this is an All-In move.
  14. The Twins aren't trading Correa. They're in first place and they don't have a good option to replace Correa if he's elsewhere. Also, they won't trade him because they don't want to be an organization that players can't trust if they sign here. I am disappointed to not see a real argument as to why the Twins would trade him though. The argument for trading him is that the Twins aren't winning a World Series this year and the real goal of a team should be to assemble a team capable of winning a WS!!! If you trade Correa this season it is called ASSET MANAGEMENT. Do the Twins have a better chance of winning a WS in the next several years with or without a Correa trade? Correa is not going to be here the rest of the 20's, but a trade would acquire players who could be. This is why the subject keeps coming up.
  15. Jax is the name that came to mind for me too. Saw him pitch a couple times in the minors and had a strong impression that he would never be a major league pitcher. Good thing I'm not a scout and great thing for the Twins that they have him in their pen this season!
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