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  1. Sign Greinke. Let him do Hall Of Fame things with all of his hood rat friends. They'll all be better for it.
  2. MLBTR made mention that ATL may be in the market to sign Correa, making Swanson available for trade...has 1 year remaining on current contract, I'd be ok to send a Top 20-30 prospect (or straight cash homie) ATLs way for a 1 year flier on Swanson. Maybe offer him an extention for another 1-2 years? I like him better the the above alternatives (Twins are not signing Top 2 guys on this list.)
  3. I think if I'm the Twins, I roll with the plan of using 2022 to evaluate my young guns for a run in 2023. I'm not trading pitching prospects for MLB starting pitching. I'm not trading catching depth for starting pitching. I'm not trading Royce for starting pitching (unless it blows me away...young, proven, starting pitching.) Ryan, Ober, Winder, Canterino, Balazovic, etc, all get time in the rotation this year. Sure, bring back Pineda and maybe one other veteran to teach and coach those young guys (maybe a future HOFer?)...the Twins are not a playoff team in 2022. But, they are a playoff caliber team in 2023 and beyond if their current crop of young pitching gets seasoned in 2022.
  4. Lived in Gallatin, TN for 16 years…would love to see Burns picked by the Twins and let Coach Johnson work his magic! Either way, it’ll be interesting to follow him throughout his career.
  5. Came across a report today mentioning that Cards and Twins are engaging in trade talks…what kind of a package would we want to see?!
  6. Did we all forget about Rob “Lightning in a Bottle” Refsnyder?! Where does he fit into next year’s roster?! Super Utility Man of the Year!!!
  7. Would really enjoy them signing Ozuna to a multi-year deal. Perhaps a "glutton" of resources in the OF and the DH position, but, when was having too much offense a bad thing? It wouldn't be at the expense of pitching or defense either. Defense is wrapped up and Ozuna is probably not worse than Kiriloff in LF. Cruz retires after this year and Ozuna/Sano step into primary DH over the next couple of years. Kiriloff in LF full-time then. As for pitching, I trust in the Falvine braintrust to find a couple of cheap gems in this year's RP Free Agent class (if they haven't already.) Come at me bro!
  8. I vote for option 2. Pitching wins championships. Always been a fan of Alex Wood and advocated for the Twins to sign him last year. Maybe save some money on Rosenthal and sign someone cheaper and add a little more depth to the bench, but, I wouldn't be too worried about it; the bench doesn't scare me as outlined above. Hell, if Lewis is tearing it up, call him up and your bench now has Polanco or Arraez on it. Go. Get. Pitching.
  9. I vote “No” to any of the above mentioned FA options. Bring Lewis up and play him at SS, 3B, and OF (CF if Buck gets injured.) Lewis could play 4-6 times per week in that kind of scenario. If he’s as mature as all reports say he is, he can handle the position variety just fine. If a very young Mauer can handle all the rigors of managing a MLB game and staff, Lewis can manage a few different positions. By all accounts he's got the chops to do so anyway. Save the money and spend it on brining in Bauer.
  10. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kYgZW3c6KYVDOe2v4O-GaQs8sl_mQ6H6S13dNW1_JFg/edit I'd actually start Lewis at SS, Polanco at 2B and move Arraez to Utility. Lewis provides versatility at SS, 3B, and CF allowing for a lot of rotation (and Buxton injury insurance). Same goes for Blankenhorn (minus the Buxton insurance.) Rooker/Kirilloff provide pop off the bench and great rotation at RF/LF/1B/DH as well as lefty/righty matchups along with Sano. Starting Pitching: Bring back Odo and pick up someone with something to prove. Teheran seems like a good option, but I'd also be ok with Gausman or even Jordan Blaze. Relief Pitching: it wasn't all that broke, so not much to fix. Sign May to a long term deal, I think he's going to be a solid closer for someone for 2-5 years, why not for the Twins?! As for the rest, Romo is gone (too much of a one-trick pony.) Fill the pen with some folks that Johnson can turn around on the cheap.
  11. Just moved to Seattle from Nashville, TN...looking forward to that upcoming March/April series to take my 4 month old son to!!! Do you know of any Twins Bars in the area?
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