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  1. And you get what you pay for. An inconsistent good-not-great pitcher who hasn’t proven he can handle big games, and a stud talent that needs load management and plays <100 games per year. Sometimes the big contract actually makes sense.
  2. To be fair, with the changes to the ballpark last year it should be less homer-prone and more pitcher friendly. But Bundy was still clearly getting rocked and needed a much shorter leash today.
  3. We saw something like this last year too where pitching looked good through a couple turns while the offense struggled. Eventually the offense improved (albeit still streaky) and the pitching regressed to their true talent level (not great). I worry we’ll see a similar flip this year in the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile team will lose too many games sorting out pitching and hitting before figuring out what (if anything) works.
  4. That would be stunning indeed. Cleveland GM would be declared clinically insane if he traded a starter for 3 mediocre DH’s.
  5. He hasn’t played real baseball in 2 1/2 years and outside of the AFL he hasn’t hit above low A ball. Hopefully he used the downtime to train out some bad habits and train in some good ones. It’s still reasonable to expect a full season to establish himself and make adjustments. Players don’t improve just because time passed and they aged.
  6. That would be a huge win for MLB against players. The few players per year that benefit from this in exchange for teams getting closer to a salary cap and still no floor? Slam dunk for owners.
  7. Berrios also showed a lot more 'stuff'. He just needed to stop tipping his pitches and make some adjustments back and forth. Jax's pedestrian 'stuff' does not give him the same basis for a breakthrough.
  8. Buxton was slow coming back from injury, but has progressively gotten better week by week since then. Over the last 3 weeks he's hitting .273/.341/.584 with a normal BABIP. He's been scorching over the last week or two. Superstar or not, the Twins tend to win a lot more with him than without him and that's all that matters.
  9. Do we know for certain that Dobnak's finger strain won't be a lingering issue? Or is he surgically repairing it? Sounds like something that needs to be properly fixed before it goes away...
  10. Results would indicate it wasn't an unfair label. Some guys come in more advanced on certain tools than others. Clearly he had zero advanced skills/tools and needs to be molded and developed almost from scratch across the board.
  11. Any concern that the very poor strikeout/walk rates may indicate a fatal flaw in his hit tool? I understand the lack of results in a tough adjustment to a tough hitting league...but I expect the raw bat-to-ball skill should still come through.
  12. I don’t think any SP prospects after Ryan are ready out of the gate next year. Everyone else has injury or performance issues to iron out, or innings limits to consider. If we hold a year-long rotation spot open for tryouts it’s going to be a disaster. There will be opportunities out of the bullpen or once injuries strike if guys force their way up. You’re already taking on quite a bit of risk slotting Ryan and Ober in full-time. Either could falter and create an opening as well.
  13. I tentatively agree, but I was a little concerned as he lost his control that he was having to go back to the same pitch over and over until it started getting hammered. That fastball in the upper-right corner was a favorite spot and guys started sitting on that until he changed it up. Hopefully he gets a little less predictable and more confident in mixing up his pitches to prevent that.
  14. At a minimum, Joe Ryan looks like he'd make a lights-out reliever with that deceptive delivery. Once he got guys sitting fastball he did a good job mixing in changeups and curves to get swings and misses. He didn't seem to throw his curve for strikes, not sure that'll play against better hitters. Also not sure good hitters won't continue yanking out those fastballs if he continues to throw them 70% of the time (or 90% the first time through the lineup). There were 2-3 balls that almost left the park last night. He also has that weird fastball/slider thing that he throws in the upper RH corner and off the plate a lot. That's the one fooled guys early but eventually got him in trouble with walks. Not sure if that was a control issue or if it was an attempt to induce chases. If it's the latter I don't think it'll work at this level. Guys were spitting on that pitch.
  15. Duffey and Gant seem like near-locks to me depending on arb 3 salaries. Duffey has been solid for 3 years now, with a little more up and down this season. Gant looks effective as a good swing man which the team will certainly need next year. The rest of the question marks should be replaced in my book.
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