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  1. Any word on Duran's elbow? That 'elbow strain' suggests inevitable Tommy John when there hasn't been any optimistic details given. What bum luck. Does this franchise do something to pitching prospects or is it just standard procedure now to blow out an elbow before you make the majors?
  2. That's what I'm talking about. Those guys you mentioned plus Lewis & Miranda are about the only promising bats I see in the system, and none of them are a sure bet to play premium defense (TBD on Lewis or Miranda). There's nothing of note below those guys all the way to A ball. On the pitching side there are a few names to be excited about but pitching is such a crapshoot to pan out. I hesitate to count those chickens before they hatch. And again, after those top names there isn't a lot in the system. They need a couple good rounds of drafts and IFA to restock the system or it'll be anothe
  3. If the Twins are long-term losers after trading Buxton & Berriors, they almost certainly aren't going to be competitive with them anyways. The current prospect crop is pretty shallow and the pipeline is drying up below AA ball. They need almost all of their top prospects to pan out and form a new core because there's isn't another wave coming for at least 4-5 years.
  4. This series is serving as a reality check to anyone who was still harboring thoughts that this team isn't a total dumpster fire in need of a rebuild.
  5. I admit Jose Miranda was not on my radar before this year. His past numbers weren't jumping out but he seems to limit K's and showed a little pop. Is the breakout this year making sense or looking legit? What are the expectations for him? He looks like the only promising bat in the system after Kiriloff, Larnach, and Lewis (who I have Buxton-like concerns about with figuring out his swing...) so it would be huge if he panned out and could hold down the hot corner.
  6. I’m not sure which way I’d predict things would go if someone in March told me that at almost 1/3 of the way into the season, Astudillo is at 3 innings pitched with one of the best ERAs on the team.
  7. The fact that even in this crap lineup Sano couldn't crack the 3-4-5 spots over two rookies and Astudillo (hitting cleanup!!?) says a lot about how this season is going. Woof.
  8. Out of curiosity I looked back at an old prospect list, choosing 2014 since I remember a crop of promising players coming up around that time. Out of our top prospects there were several promising pitchers: Alex Meyer, Kohl Stewart, Berrios, Lewis Thorpe (holy cow he's been around a while), Trevor May, Felix Jorge, Stephen Gonsalves, Michael Tonkin, Fernando Romero, and J.T. Chargois. In 2015 guys like Tyler Duffey, Tyler Jay, Taylor Rogers, Jake Reed, Nick Burdi, Huascar Ynoa start showing up on the lists. A lot of these guys looked like sure things to at least make a bullpen or back of a rot
  9. Not to be overly pessimistic but there are so many times we've said this about a group of prospects, assuming 2-3 out of 5 or 6 have to turn out. Often times only 1-2 of them even sticks in the majors.
  10. Hopefully Duran is just working on some stuff. He's got a bit of a track record with walking guys but it's not quite Alex Meyer levels of concern. Still, I worry about flamethrowers who struggle with command because that seems to be one of the hardest things to improve while maintaining the same effectiveness.
  11. Also can someone get Nick Gordon a steak and a protein shake? The dude looks like he'd spin backwards if he connected on a 100 MPH heater. My nephews weighed more in middle school.
  12. 4 rookies plus Garlick in the lineup. Plus another rookie coming in to PH. They're nearly fielding a AAA lineup out there. And I'm not sure they're doing any worse than if the regulars (Buxton excepted) were out there...
  13. A contender would be foolish to pick up Sano for the playoffs. In his 5 postseason games he is 2 for 19 with 9 Ks and a walk. 1 home run. And those numbers aren't just a SSS fluke. He is overmatched against playoff-caliber pitching.
  14. Sano's WAR is back to zero. WPA is negative. It's all sky balls and strikeouts. Can't square up a ball to save his life. The whole batting approach of "swing as hard as possible in case you hit it" is miserable viewing. Blah. /rant
  15. I think he'd probably be affordable and is a solid mid-rotation guy to help you get through a season. Can eat innings without hurting you. I wouldn't count on him to be available >70% of the season or in the postseason however. As long as his contract doesn't restrict you too much then great, sign him.
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