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  1. report says Buxton turned down the Twins latest offer. If this is there best offer then he should be moved for some high end pitching talent. Maybe the mets ss prospect and a pitcher.
  2. By all means, if he is unhappy here and will not sign a new deal, trade him to the highest bidder
  3. There are too many players on the Twins roster that would not be on any other team's roster.
  4. Dozier fields well, but an average less than .240 does not make you untouchable. If someone offers a building block for the future trade him.
  5. I do not think sending Pinto down is going to help him become any better. I think he is a good back up catcher and that's all he will ever be.
  6. If Hoffman is a true front line pitcher, why not take him? It's not like anyone they select is going to help anytime soon.
  7. No need to hurry and over pay for the pitching that is available. Someone will be left at a good price and who ever that is will be a small upgrade. There is no one out there that is an ace. So just relax.
  8. I know most of you are not old enough to remember, and I am not saying he was the best, but Vic Power is worth a mention in the discussion.
  9. I love the Twins and will continue to follow and root for them, but with this starting pitching staff it is hard to be positive about this season.
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