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  1. wishful thinking. Pitch around Corea and the rest of this lineup is minor league level.
  2. Bundy has been fine for what he was asked to do, but he is not part of the future. If they fall further behind it might be time to say goodby to Bundy and Archer and go with Winder, Ober, or Varland to finish the year.
  3. The Twins need an impactful trade. If they are not able to get a front line pitcher or reliable back end relievers there is no reason to trade prospects. They should trade veterans who are not of their future.
  4. Any trade for a major league known quantity for unknown minor league prospects is worth making
  5. Imagin Kendricks, Talor and Pressly. What could have been.
  6. Why would any Twins fan vote for Buxton. True, he is a great talent, but resting his knee is of more than playing in a meaningless game.
  7. We know what is needed. (bullpen and starters0.. I do not understand why they wait to add what is needed now. You can not make up games that are already lost or those you are about to lose because of an over worked bullpen. Make the moves now
  8. Ten Years ! Unbelievable . I enjoy the site and visit almost everyday. Thank you all for your tireless effort reporting on our favorite team.
  9. I view an outfield upgrade very low on my off season needs. Use the money and resources on pitching and then on more pitching . Then if any space is left in the budget get a ss.
  10. Pineda for sure, then one of Danny Duffy or Dylan Dundy, plus Sydergaard
  11. bronald3030


    This is my first effort and it will not be long. What a difference a year makes. Last off season we couldn't wait for the year to begin. Most of us viewed the roster to be solid and the pitching to be ok. We mostly thought that the pitching coaching staff could piece together a good bullpen with the additions that were made. We know how that went. We had fun spending money on the players we thought would make us contenders on the Twins Daily work sheet. Expectation was high that this could be the year we won a playoff series if not more. This off season we face a lot of questions about next years roster. the CBA needs to be worked out so the FO knows what rules they have to go by to fill out a roster that can compete next year. WE have several players that need to evaluated and determine to keep, offer, or trade. Anyway this off season is a lot different than last season but still gives us plenty to talk and write about. thank you for this forum.
  12. Buxton is the big question. They should make their best offer early and if he does not sign he should bring back a good package in trade. Maybe he bring in a capable arm or two.
  13. I would hope they take a chance on a hard throwing arm in the rule 5 draft. Stick him at the back of the bullpen an hope you find a gem.
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