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  1. I'm plagued by SAD and BAD (Baldelli and Data)! Express elevator going down! GO TWINS! Twins Geezer...........out
  2. The fork has been stuck in it! Ahhhhh for the lost dreams of small ball and actually bringing a runner in. The most uninspiring, unimaginative, stubborn manager I believe I have ever seen in a Twins dugout. Put him in the batting rack and get another guy. This guy is bad news! Go Twins! Twins geezer...... out!
  3. The same song. Score early and then forget where home plate resides. This team has some very good players lacking the support of a quality coaching group. Can the entire coaching staff in the off-season! Oh, and get a conditioning coach. Hopefully Professor Baldelli rides off into the sunset. Next year comes early! Go Twins! Twins Geezer.........out!
  4. The Twins characteristic flaw was present once again. Score a couple early and then forget what to do with a bat during a plate appearance. No anti-virus shot for this. Now for my dream.........Professor Baldelli vanishes from the Twins payroll to appear elsewhere in the Central Division where he manages the other team as he does this one and we beat the daylights out of his team with singles, a good bullpen, good baserunning and no computer decisions cemented into the game plan before a pitch is thrown. A guy can dream...... Back to reality. Cleveland is better. Cleveland is managed far better. Cleveland rocks this year. Go Twins..........Twins Geezer. out!
  5. Fun to watch some great defense game after game from the Twins! Two ouchies that will hurt us if not corrected in the next hill to climb in Cleveland. First, we need to stop hitting into double plays and swinging at first pitches. Second, get some runs throughout the game. This crazy score 3 or 4 in the first or second and then hang on is so weird to watch. We will have most of our answers in Cleveland after game one. Go Twins! Twins geezer..... out!
  6. Yeah, isn't that a bummer? He could be the highest paid bench guy. He would get plenty of rest, might not go on DL, might even steal a base now and then as a pinch runner. I'm a wishful thinker from time to time with our team as I wait for them to get serious about contending. One of the worst deals we have done is to sign BB to that contract with his data line on games missed. You would think with all the analytics this club loves, that may have played a larger role, but the team went with it. Now, we, as fans, need to support, but are not contracted to say all the nice things people like hearing. Twins geezer....out again. Go Twins!
  7. Two of the best well pitched back-to-back games of the year for this team. Gray is simply a solid pitcher that thinks and then executes. He pitches with wisdom. He has to come back next year and let's hope the Twins have a few healthy players on the field when he does. The Twins do have a very frustrating characteristic that has rarely been spoken of during the year. The team often scores several runs in the first inning or second and then goes into hibernation. Fundamentally there is/are coaching issues with the team that loom for us into the future if not addressed in the off-season. But, heck, celebrate two beautifully pitched games. Celebrate Correa finding himself. Celebrate watching Celestino defensively playing center as well as Buxton and coming back to play the next day, and in the field and not as DH. A lot of pitching could be gotten for BB. Twins Geezer ... out! Go Twins!
  8. A complete Twins win! Good pitching, good fielding, good hitting and a Watkins Factor event worthy of ESPN top plays list. One of the few times in the last two weeks that I actually found myself agreeing with a Baldelli decision. It would have been sweet for JR to have that complete no-hitter, but in this moment, I felt it was a good decision to rest him. It was great to see Correa continue the hot bat but better to see Arraez leveling that swing and putting on the sting for hits. Go Twins! Twins Geezer.....out!
  9. The culmination of a pretty decent team being led by an uninspiring dugout and data person. The individual should not be allowed to wear that Twins hoodie next year or be allowed to enter the grounds. Injuries, bad pitching and horrific field leadership have led us to this. Hopefully change will happen just as the leaves will fall before winter. Go Twins! Twins Geezer.... out!
  10. Finally...........a W against the Yankees. The series exposed all that is wrong with the Twins, but also the fact that if they learn how to run bases, they can beat the elite. Go Twins......geezer out!
  11. This is an emotional issue if you are a die-hard Twins fan. But it also comes down to some common sense about people as well as stats and data. Professor Baldelli is a true block of ice. All of the examples you raised are valid. More than anything, the manager is one of the most inflexible baseball managers I can recall. Yesterday, game one against the Yankees was a petri dish of how the guy "manages" and leads us right to another loss. What a leader! Twins geezer..............out (for now)
  12. For sure Urshela. Thielbar has been one of our most consistent pen guys all year. Ice is in his veins! Then there are a couple of others and you have Celestino. No problem with that mention. But there are a couple of others of note. Bundy could have been there, Gordon as well. I think Arraez is very undervalued/appreciated. Something bad happened to his swing when he went to the all-star game and I would sit him right now for a couple of games. It is doubtful we will take the Central this year and sitting him won't matter much. His value to the team is energy, flexibility, hitting, improvement is what a team needs. He will be even better next year. More than anything the team needs to have a different manager and a more set batting order and wins. Go Twins! Twins Geezer....out!
  13. Professor Baldelli is one of the best sunflower seed spitters we have had. IMO, I would like to see him go. If his computer were to crash I don't think he would be able to create a lineup or make any decisions. A very unimaginative leader. Go Twins! Twins Geezer - out!
  14. A very needed sweep. Now can the Twins win two of three going the last 36? If so, they have a shot. However, to call Byron Buxton our best player is a stretch for me. I would say our most consistent player of the entire year has been Gio Urshella. His hitting has been the most consistent, his durability has been superb for the team and then there is his glove and consistent throws.....this guy is unsung and our most consistent player, hands down. Twins Geezer..... out!
  15. An unusual game for the Twins. Garlick leading off! Wow....watch out Arraez. Sanchez hitting a bomb. Celestino coming in clutch. A Twins pitcher completed the 6th and went over 100 pitches. A WIN! What next 2 wins in a row? GO TWINS... Twins Geezer.....Out.
  16. The Twins are flat lined with clutch hitting and run manufacturing. As much as homers are fun this team isn't doing that or actually much of anything in the batter's box. We have serious issues when two long term Twins like Buxton and Kepler cannot hit. It is very weird to me to hear the accolades for BB when he often does not play in CF or even DH. I actually am glad when he does not play, as most on the team that can play CF hit better. So, what if he hits a homer? He doesn't hit or whiffs very often. Both he and Kepler are incredible defensive ball players, but cannot hit. We have no offense at catcher. LF right now is void of hits. Adding woe is the fact that Polanco is having a very poor year batting. I'll take a SS that can hit .265 - .270 any day, even if his name is Correa. Luckilly, we have Miranda and Arraez. Even Gordon has surprised! Injuries have zapped the rest of the team that does not take the mound. Love this team but there is not any emotion, energy, consistency or leadership in the dugout. I'll cheer and support the team the rest of the way to the end of 2022. See you at Spring Training 2023 with high hopes. This team will be on fall and winter vacations. Go Twins. Twins Geezer.... out!
  17. Absolutely the Twins should sign to a longer term contract and keep this guy. Even with some of our potential budding stars, Kiriloff, Larnach, Garlick, and others, this is the guy along with Arraez the Twins cannot let go. Injuries, either frequent, lingering or various seem to plague a few of our other potential stars. Miranda seems pretty durable. Hopefully we'll keep this guy and Lewis Twins Geezer...out!
  18. No surprise here. We are an OK team. We have a lot of work to do to get great. Dodgers great +. Ryan looked rather overwhelmed and too blase....no game face or attitude. I am fearful that our team is now going to be looking up at the Guardians from here out. GO TWINS! Twins geezer....out!
  19. A win is a win. We did not deserve to win, but with the craziest methods and luck we did. Kudos to Cave for his hustle on an obvious out, gutsy performance by Fulmer for getting those strikeouts with two on and Gordon with the bat and speed. Two plays that were for sure outs that were turned to fortune and success leading to a win caused by sure hustle. This saved a game that once again the Twins deserved to lose because they simply turn to stone when they have runners in winning position with no or one outs. This club is petrified wood with situational hitting. But we got a WIN!!!!! Best part was Cleveland lost and we picked up a game. GO TWINS! Twins Geezer.... out!
  20. We will not win at the level we all wish until Professor Baldelli is not in the dugout. We have good players in general. This team is flat with little risk capability and pulse. Go Twins!
  21. Urshela continues as one of the quietest Twins that must stay with this team. Durable, low key, consistent in the field and the plate. This guy is a solid type similar to Polanco. Guys you need on a team but need to have a couple of super studs in the lineup with. Gamer! The talk has shifted this year from Larnach and Kirilloff to Miranda. I think this guy is for real. We can let Kepler, Sano, Jeffers, and even Buxton go. I know this will draw daggers. Kirilloff may also be a guy to think about with the wrist issue plaguing him. We have outfielders, (though injuries seem to follow and none with Buxton's power), so let's give something to get pitching. My thoughts only! Twins geezer.... out!
  22. Mistake. Trade Mr. Sano along with Mr. Kepler and Mr. Jeffers for Mr. Pitching! Twins Geezer......out!
  23. My opinion only: Studs second half - Arraez, Kirilloff, Urshela, Polanco, Miranda Duds second half - Starting staff except Ryan, Relief staff except Dhuran Would like to see traded for pitching: Kepler, Sano, Jeffers Wishful thinking: Correa staying, Professor Baldelli gone Twins geezer.... out!
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