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  1. Steven Haijar Stephen Gonsalves .almost identical prospects at this stage after their collegiate Seasons HAIJAR Should be better than Gonsalves long term tho... he's a year younger than Stephen G was obviously ...maybe 2
  2. Also trading for Jake cave ....giving up Gil And subsequently keeping Cave over LaMonte "The man" Wade Also is a proven disaster
  3. It is not a huge crapshoot It takes , skilled scouting and people that know what they're doing I'm so sick of its a "huge crapshoot" Reterick around here .... Dodgers consistantly work , manipulate and draft strongly you think it's coincidence ? Lol Stop already with that nonsense If you miss in 2010 on levi michael You need to hit the prior yr and the following yr at minimum ...twins have not exactly done this. I'm sure there are people in the Twins org. With databases that show History of every pick since '99 or '01 We ve had great drafts like 06 And 2011 I think 2012 too But far too many Levi Michael , Parmelee/ Benson KOHL Stewart years
  4. Also Ryan Pressly for Celestino and Alcala is still more or less up in the air I think that is the one good trade Falvine has done. There HAS to be another , right!?!?
  5. Mistake 1 Luis Gill for Jake Cave Mistake 1.5 Huscuar Ynoa to the Braves Mistake 2 Nick Anderson for Brian Schales Mistake 3 JAIME Garcia for ty Austin and Zach Littell Mistake 4 Compounding off #1 Lamonte Wade for S. Anderson Mistake #5 The decision to sign Alexander Colome over Brad Hand , when hand wanted to be a Twin
  6. I've been monitoring Cave vs Wade since that trade....the mistake here , by in large isn't Shaun Anderson ...its the decision to keep Cave over Wave that is absolutely a mistake Wade in CF is STILL better than Cave in the lineup at all.
  7. In that Ballpark, any pitcher can look real good. I'm not the least bit surprised by littells success Twins need to find their next Matt guerrier Jiovani Moran could very well be the next Juan Rincon / JC Romero I wish we had JT Chaegois Riggt now !!
  8. Should be fairly easy to sign Buxton for the long term. We should get a discount because he's a 3 or 4 month a season player. 6 year extendy for 120 mill ? The reason that's good to great for Byron is bc he's never going to play 162 games let alone 140 or 130 games a year . I'm hoping 100 to 120 a season here
  9. I think Oakland after losing Luzardo , would love jose berrios. Maybe daulton Jeffries and a low level high upside bat would suffice.... I say try to move Donaldson and happ to the braves for Wright And finally Taylor Rogers to the Giants for Luciano ... we might have to include someone like Royce Lewis or Jose Miranda but then could get a young arm in return.
  10. 20. Edward Colina / J Cave 19. Jorge Alcala / J Duran 18. Lamonte Wade Jr 17. Randy Dobnak 16. Miguel Sano 15. Trevor Larnach 14. Tyler Duffy 13. Ryan Jeffers 12. Luis Arraez 11. Taylor Rogers 10. Josh Donaldson 9. Mitch Garver 8. Jorge Polanco 7. Max Kepler 6. Kenta Maeda 5. Jordan Balazovic 4. Jose Berrios 3. Royce Lewis 2. Alex Kirilloff 1. Byron Buxton Somewhat close to my guess. Twins , Wes Johnson and the pitching developmental team need the big Canadian J.B. Balazovic to have a huge year either in '21 or '22 he is a big part of the future OR rlly needs to be.
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