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  1. My list is similar to urs , Ted ! #1 Royce Lewis #2 Austin Martin #3 Jose Miranda 4 , BalaZovic , 5. Ryan 6. SWR 7. Duran 8. Petty 9. Canterino 10. Wallner 11. Winder 12. Cavaco 13. Julien 14. Enlow 15. E- Rod 16. Noah Miller 17. C. Sands 18. Urbina 19. Strotman 20. Varland
  2. This is , without even a slight hesitation of reasonable doubt the ONLY OF move the Twins will make and Nick Nel was clamoring for. OHH, LaMonte how we miss theee
  3. How's this sound folks Joan Duran* , Nick Gordon , and Gilberto Celestino To D 'Backs For RHP Zac Gallen Gallen is gettable coming off a Rocky '21 but looked like a Maddux lite ace in late 2019 and '20. And is controllable for 3 more yrs *You could sub Petty or Canterino for Duran . Petty as a ptbnl as he can't be traded till June or July. Also Duran originally signed with Arizona as a teenager. Gallen , Ober , Bundy, Ryan, and Jax gives us one of the youngest and potentially most exciting rotations in the Game. Factor in Winder and Sands and maybe Balazovic in the 2nd half to give us depth And im at least watching in 2022.
  4. And you can go back to whatever Yankees Fan Boy sight You're really apart of . Wow take my words out of context much?
  5. Man , some real bright minds here in twins territory I see these days...smh I said at that price point I would rather have Bundy over Gausman and Stroman and even Rob Ray Everyone's looking at 2021........If you look at 2017 thru 2021 u are afforded a broader landscape of who these guys actually are. Gausman was essentially a kyle Gibson clone with 2 or 3 more ticks on the FB (Gibby for yrs relied heavily on sinker) Untill he found success in S.F. in '21 ( WHO DOESNT FIND SUCCESS in that park) I mean Alex F'n Cobb will look like A #3 or even a 2 this coming season. ROBBIE Ray is good , he really is , but if you can get a Rodon for 1/2 Ray's money or Less? U'd take Rodon every single time or im blind.. Ray is overrated Remember Pat Corbin? Ray 2 yrs from now will turn into a bullpen only arm if he's going to be continually affective. The Ms will regret that signing by 2024 or 2025.... And Jose berrios >>> than Marcus lil Stroman they're similar but stro can never live up to what he was supposed to be. Just remember if this were 2019 all over again Bundy , Gausman , Ray , and even Stro were all about 45 or 50 overall pitchers on a~ 20-80 scale Meaning they were all in the same boat more or less. A lot has happened since 2020, yes ,but ppl are taking waaay too much stock in the 2020 and '21 seasons VALUE trumps stupid contracts that apparently idiots Here want to readily hand out. I see very little value in the Gausman to Tor. DeaL THE cubs and Mariners made out a bit better but it's not going to move the needle enough for those respective clubs . Now sign me up for Collin McHugh next or yusei kickuchi if it's cheap enough ; Dream on Rodon ? Rodon is like the pitching version of Buxton, frail but dominate
  6. I did not even know he was a FA. This is a perfectly acceptable move. I'd rather have Bundy for 5 million Than Robbie Ray for 115 Or Gausman for 110+ And even Stroman w/ Cubbies we'll see about the money (which I'm guessing is 60 million or more) I mean the Mets W/ Mad Max might spend 250 million this year!!
  7. I think an angle here, is this , Nikko Goodrum is a BIG friend of Byron Buxtons' So why not swap out Niko for Cavemen ...and hope that helps a long term deal ever so slightly with the man, myth , legend Bye Ron Buxton.
  8. It's pretty baffling how we could get Joe Ryan and strotman for Nellie Cruz And not a single Elisier Hernandez or Sixto Sanchez from a Marlins team that could of used Eddie Rosario badly I said it at the time and ill say it again The fact the Twins could not find a suitor for Rosie is pretty baffling
  9. Steven Haijar Stephen Gonsalves .almost identical prospects at this stage after their collegiate Seasons HAIJAR Should be better than Gonsalves long term tho... he's a year younger than Stephen G was obviously ...maybe 2
  10. Also trading for Jake cave ....giving up Gil And subsequently keeping Cave over LaMonte "The man" Wade Also is a proven disaster
  11. It is not a huge crapshoot It takes , skilled scouting and people that know what they're doing I'm so sick of its a "huge crapshoot" Reterick around here .... Dodgers consistantly work , manipulate and draft strongly you think it's coincidence ? Lol Stop already with that nonsense If you miss in 2010 on levi michael You need to hit the prior yr and the following yr at minimum ...twins have not exactly done this. I'm sure there are people in the Twins org. With databases that show History of every pick since '99 or '01 We ve had great drafts like 06 And 2011 I think 2012 too But far too many Levi Michael , Parmelee/ Benson KOHL Stewart years
  12. Also Ryan Pressly for Celestino and Alcala is still more or less up in the air I think that is the one good trade Falvine has done. There HAS to be another , right!?!?
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