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  1. I meant to reply on this topic, but delayed by a connection glitch, sorry. Keep Correa, do not trade. He is a proven winner and the best defender in baseball at his position. He and Buxton are all-world up the middle, and Polanco seems to have taken a step forward defensively as well. Ursela continues to amaze at 3B. Good defense is contagious, and pitchers love it. Lewis will have his time - let's just feel fortunate he is playing well and healthy after his last couple of years. He can learn from Correa. Second comment regarding trading partners, nobody mentioned Seattle. I know they have Crawford, but if they're in the hunt Trader Jack might step up for Correa - it would be fun to see Correa battling against his former team in a division race. And they match up well with Minnesota, plenty of pitching in their system. Hopefully Correa stays here though. Finally, a question: if Correa does opt out, don't the Twins get a compensation pick in the next draft? If so, I'd argue that the pick may be more valuable than what a team might offer the Twins in trade for a 2 month rental - another reason for not trading him.
  2. I think getting his feet wet this year, rather than last year, is fine. The team vibe is more positive, they are winning. Also, roster additions like Correa, Ursela and Sanchez bring preparation routines and playoff experience. This all makes for an ideal learning environment for Miranda. I'm not sure how it would have been for him last September on a disappointing team. He will likely need more seasoning in St Paul when injured players return. But he'll be back.
  3. You neglected to mention Duran making the club and being impressive out of the pen. He converted his first save opportunity last night during Miranda's debut.
  4. Anybody miss James Rowson yet? Jeter and Mattingly sure wanted him badly enough to lure him to Florida. I still wonder how hard the Twins tried to hang on to him. Duran's debut was exciting. Maybe some more of these young guns are close to ready.
  5. Paddack's low-grade UCL tear is concerning, otherwise the deal makes sense. I wouldn't rule out Paddack becoming a two pitch bullpen weapon once the Winder/Balazovic/Sands et al rotation entries start. I think the Twins must really like what they've seen in the spring from their young guns.
  6. Nobody has addressed the elephant in the room: Ursela's unexpected hitting output surge in 2019 was likely affected by the juiced ball. Prior to that he was a utility man with a good glove, could hit a little bit. Meanwhile, oft-injured Donaldson had demonstrated an all star type bat over several seasons. To expect Ursela to return to 2019 hitting levels is unrealistic, unless the lively ball is brought back.
  7. I don't think Falvey's comments were aimed at the fans. They were likely poker bluffs for the GMs at the other end of any in-progress or postponed trade talks. "Naw, we're fine, we like where we're at"... Given that, yes it is disappointing once again to be scraping the dregs from the bargain bin and the rehab center. Thoracic outlet surgery. Hmm. Correa is likely not impressed. How many Shoemaker experiments do we have to suffer through while wasting a lineup that had been primed for post season action? I wonder if a collective morale sag caused so much underachieving last season. Hopefully there is a trade path started for acquiring quality pitching help. And there are teams other than Oakland to match up with.
  8. The point about age was related to potential health, not money or contractual status. IKF is just entering his prime years physically, while Garver is probably on the decline. We have the catching position at least covered defensively with younger guys, but we did need a shortstop. This will fill that hole for now while Lewis, Martin and others are developing. (And, as a bonus, IKF is our 3rd catcher!)
  9. Nice deal. Our AA and AAA prospects were untouched, adding a solid starter plus another depth arm for the minors in exchange for a barely out of high school arm with a long ways to go. I like! Now let's see a package put together for Montas or one of the Miami hurlers to complete the starting staff, and consider signing big Mike for the bullpen or a rotation safety net.
  10. With the thin catching market and the addition of the DH to NL, I do admit wondering what kind of pitching might have been obtained in return for a package including Garver.
  11. The Twins needed to improve defensively - they are no longer the La Bombas. IKF plugs the shortstop hole, also has experience at 2B and 3B (gold glove there) and even C, and he will add some speed to the team as well. We will miss Garver's bat. But he is 5 years older than IKF, and he has had some injuries in recent years. We will improve a bit defensively at C with Jeffers and Rortvert. We also added a minor league pitcher (with middle tier upside at best) to add to system depth. I'd say the trade helps both teams, and in the spirit of fair trading to encourage "repeat business", I'd grade this deal as a B.
  12. If Kepler has a decent first half this year he'd make a nice trade chip. By then, maybe someone like Larnach would be better prepared to take over a corner OF spot. It seemed our OF prospects were rushed after letting Eddie R go last year and injuries occurred. Hopefully this year the corner OF production becomes more solid. Kepler has to rebound before he is of value in a trade, even with that friendly contract.
  13. Lewis and Enlow at least have some upside to look forward to assessing as they recover from injuries. Cavaco, on the other hand, looks like the next Levi Michael. Career rate of 1.3-1.5 Ks per game paired with a miniscule OPS won't get it done. Might be best if he was a throw-in lottery ticket dealt to another team.
  14. Several of the pitching prospects dealt with arm injuries in the minors last year, so I can't see counting on them right away in a major league rotation. Throwing all the kids out there this year could waste a year of a good and proven offensive lineup. Rotation help is needed from elsewhere to fill at least 2 slots. We don't yet have the major league pitching horsepower to keep the team afloat, much less competitive. I'm not a fan of the "throw all the prospects into the rotation and see what sticks" approach. I'd like to see some healthy dominance from them in AAA first. Dobnak will also have to factor into the staff somehow. The Twins had signed him to a 4 year deal and I suspect they will give him every opportunity to justify that investment, whether as a starter or a bulk guy/long reliever.
  15. It may be off-topic a bit, as the following didn't actually become Twins prospects, but I still remember the frustration of the team failing to sign some high picks like Tim Belcher, Oddibe McDowell, Jason Varitek, and Travis Lee years ago.
  16. The lockout was inevitable, and that should have prompted some changes in strategy this off-season from the late cycle bargain shopping usually employed. I may be wrong, but it seemed the Twins FO was caught by surprise with the flurry of early FA signings prior to the lockout. And now, with trades and signings stalled indefinitely, we'll have a lot of competition with time on their hands scouring the field for "bargains". The lockout came as no surprise. So I am a bit concerned that we didn't see a bit of a strategy shift to front load more roster activity. Bundy and Cotton so far. We'll see what happens this spring.
  17. I think you pretty much nailed it, although the order could be debatable (I agree with a prior poster about Cruz/Pineda, mainly because of Pineda's surprise suspension). I think a ton of feedback could be generated from an article about the 5 WORST moves, but let's stay positive!. I'm anxious to see how the Berrios trade eventually pans out...
  18. Arraez plays the DH better than anyone else on the roster. His contact skills approach Boggs/Gwynn/Carew territory. When is the last time the Twins had a prospect like that? Mauer likely. I don't know the extent of his knee issue, but I have to believe that at 24 years old there is still some physical development possible to improve his knees and maybe add power in the process. He is a proven hitter in MLB with an elite eye. Too many of the "can't miss" prospects become AAAA players. I'd keep the hitting savant. To shop for pitching I'd prefer seeing JD packaged with a "stud" minor league prospect who hasn't proven anything in the bigs yet, add Kepler if needed.
  19. I'd consider Graterol a top prospect traded by the Twins..
  20. IMO Martin seems to have a more developed pure hit tool than Lewis. It's still early in their pro careers, understood. Also, the primary asset of Lewis, his plus-plus speed, may be impacted by his knee injury. So all of this bears watching in the spring once baseball resumes. Given this, of the two prospects I'd be more comfortable seeing Lewis moved than Martin.
  21. Many of the so called prospects were injured at some point last year - that, and the Covid interruption to their careers, hasn't helped progress on any supposed "plan". I'm not sure if they have a plan for pitching, but I would hope it doesn't rely on major innings from injured prospects from last year. I'm concerned that the timeline for a wave of pitching improvement falls too late to take advantage of where the position player window is. To match these up, either we need to get a couple of short term veteran pitchers while the prospect pitchers get innings in AAA and build confidence and strength, or veteran position players like Kepler, Garver, Polanco, Donaldson will have to be traded for prospects that line up better with expected arrivals of our own prospects. I personally would like to see the team reward the Polanco/Buxton/Garver/Sano service time by getting a couple of short term pitchers via trade and fighting a good fight within the division.
  22. Would love to see Twins target Glasnow in a trade - Tampa won't be happy about paying him while he's rehabbing, and he has the talent to be an ace for anyone. Perfect buy-kinda-low opportunity, although he'll still be spendy. Love to beat Yanks/Dodgers/Boston to him. We could also take Kiermeier as our Buxton backup to give TB more salary relief. Love to get Taylor Walls added to maybe plug our hole at SS - a big package. We could start with Larnach/Lewis/Duran to get their attention. There has been much talk about us lining up well with Miami as a trade partner. But I wouldn't forget about the other Florida team, Tampa. They have some interesting pieces.
  23. Agreed with Greglw3, a revolving door in LF is not a good solution. I wouldn't count on our corner "depth" either, as quite often prospects are actually suspects. Much of that depth, besides aging rookie Rooker, are LH hitters. So I do like the idea of Bryant as a primary and proven LF for us, with the versatility to spell players at other positions. As the article notes, he has been more durable than people realize, so his "injury-prone" rep is not very accurate. His floor and ceiling both seem to be much higher than anything else we could throw out there internally. It's hard to believe that at this time last year we were considered the team to beat in the division, with Chicago expected to contend with us. We end the season with a SP rotation of names we hadn't really heard of. And our former LF becomes the World Series MVP. What a year.
  24. Ok, yet another LH hitting corner OF. Hmm.... He did have some intriguing power/speed skills a few years ago. Best I can guess is the Twins think they may be able to rehab him and rebuild those skills enough to flip him this summer in a minor deal. I sure don't think he's the answer to backfill in RF if Kepler is dealt.
  25. I'd have no issue with Rodon on a 2 year deal with a 3rd year option if the medicals are solid. The guy was a 3rd overall draft pick, behind Aiken and Kolek (neither of which panned out) and he showed last year how nasty his stuff can be. And he threw a no-hitter. I'd love to see the Twins get him, plus trade for another good starter (Montas?), and sign Pineda as well. They need pitching. I believe Pineda would be a good safety net for Ober, Ryan, or the Bundy experiment. If they all do well, maybe Pineda could transition to the pen, as he is essentially a two pitch pitcher who throws strikes. Or we could trade one pitcher midseason if the staff health holds up.
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