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  1. With trading for players in the Majors and close to being there, are the Twins in for trouble at the rule 5 draft? Will the current CBA rules still be in effect in December? Are some real prospects going to be left unprotected? A “loaded” farm system might make for some tough decisions.
  2. Trading pitchers with the Rays is a bit scary. I put the over/under on Faucher’s first Cy Young at 2.5 years. That’s just how it works for the Twins. Best of luck to Nelson Cruz and the 2021 Rays. I will miss him and the long over the fence memories. THANK YOU MR. CRUZ
  3. I had never noticed catching defense more, than I did last year. I would see one pitch and think “Oh, good Jeffers is catching”. Man, he’s smooth! He made Avila look like an amateur. And Astudillo...Are they really playing the same sport?
  4. As long as defensive shifts stay legal, I take Kirilloff. Cody has posted his spray chart previously (a thing of beauty). Players who can hit to all fields with power, are going to be the only way to beat the shift.
  5. So far I haven’t heard any speculations linking the Twins leadership to the cheating scandal. (Fingers crossed). Can’t say the same for NYY. If both Houston and NY hitters suffer a Marwin Gonzalez type regression, the Twins lineup could be far superior.
  6. while they spent their offseason futilely begging “impact” starting pitchers to take their six-figure deals Thanks for taking us back to the 60’s. Six-figures are for rookies.
  7. “Personally, I do like Astudillo as an interesting counter off the bench late in the game against great stuff relievers as he will be unfazed as whatever kitchen sink they throw at him.” Matt, I didn’t see enough ball games in 2019 to know. But is this happening a little already? Any chance his numbers went down because of injury and facing nasty dudes? Nice article. Thank you for posting.
  8. If now isn’t the time to take chances, when is? The Twins need to gamble on catching lightning in a bottle. I think they can add a player to the roster to replace Pineda. IT’S BALAZOLIC TIME!!! What the hell, fresh rookies have tore up the post season before. Why not us? Why not now?
  9. I don’t have a big issue with Castro. But it seems like he’s been given more starts with better pitchers i.e. J.O. Berrios. Comparing era for catchers without considering who’s pitching seems unfair. That being said. Castro is an asset. If all 3 catchers stay healthy and on track, he could be traded for a more needed asset later.
  10. In a perfect world, it would be great, to agree on a long term deal. He is going to be a star for years. And I think it will happen soon. But, would it be the right decision for Byron? The Twins don’t play in a perfect world. They play in Minnesota. He seems to be a nice, hard working, quiet young gentlemen. If he gets a large contract, some fans will boo every strikeout. Some media members will question his manhood, with every injury. Every shortcoming on the team will be blamed on his salary. We can call it “being Mauered”. The FO needs to mend bridges. Buxton Needs to beware.
  11. How about Tori Hunter? To paraphrase him from 13 years ago (I know Gardy is interviewing also, but Moli is my man. We've got to get him as manager.) not an exact quote, but close, to what a young team leader was saying at the time.
  12. I'm not saying I don't like the idea. But I think it will be more expensive than most think. If I have $3million in the bank, I won't play Powerball till the jackpot is huge. They need to make sure this kid loves playing for the Twins and wants to stay. Maybe Gardy needs to tuck him in at night, tell him a story and shine his cleats. Whatever it takes! #1 build a winning team around him. Playing for Twins the last 3 seasons wouldn't have been all giggles. All the signs say this kid is going to be special. He needs to think the team is headed in that direction too. We need to find a way to get him to follow Seth. I know it helps my attitude.
  13. Signing a long term contract early for a sense of security?? A player who gets a $6,000,000 signing bonus may be willing to gamble a little. We've been told his major purchase so far is a Ford F150. I don't think Mr. Buxton is worried about starvation for some time to come.
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